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Ok here's a stupid question, but me and a friend of mine are trying to make a character and we've been stuck on this problem since the first line of code: whenever we use the draw event and we have outlines enabled, the sprites seem to be drawn only in a specific part of the screen, kind of a rectangle around the player. Outlines are also applied to all the sprites in that area, and some transparent objects are recolored too,  but the sprites that don't fit in that rectangle are cut in half.

 We have made a clone-looking hologram that walks around exactly like the player did 3 seconds before, and we thought using a CustomObject would be a good idea, so we just set the sprite_index to be our custom animation for the idle/walk of the "past player". But then when we both tried to play the character at the same time, the CustomObjects worked as intended, following the player, but for some reason only one of the "holograms" had a sprite, the other one was just empty.

That's why we thought about using the draw event to make things easier, but then we got this result that the "clones" appear only when we are close to them because of this problem we've got.

This is with the outlines enabled (drawn with the draw event)

This is with the outlines disabled (and the "hologram" isn't erased if it goes outside the "rectangle")

It would be awesome if you, or anyone, helped us understand what's going on

Thanks in advance...

...and, damn, you're a genius man, this mod is our life now

Character draw event is for drawing the character itself - with outlines on things get drawn to a little surface and then that surface is drawn 5 times (4 for outline, 1 for actual character). CustomObject is the usual way to go here. I'd suggest to check how you assign and manipulate your helper instance or having a script_bind_draw that would then run drawing code for matching players.

So this is happening. I can't believe you actually answered. Oh boy this is awesome.

Thanks! So basically we just have to create a custom script to handle the drawing when there's more than one player. Got it