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it is bad i dont like it theres too much?

feel bad...........................................


whoa this is neat as heck

this is the single greatest mod / sprite / spritemod that with ever exist, thank you for blessing us with such an amazing mod i thank you for this great mod i love this mod.

9/10 - not enough gay not gonna lie

thanks for making this blaac!

this looks really freakin' neat!

sadly, i have been experiencing crashes when attempting to sideload on new versions of the gam, specifically with /loadtext. is there way way to fix this?


isn't there an option to turn it off..?

if there isn't an update then updating it just goes into an infinite loop

until an actual update is there, it won't update

I can give you some basic help if you want it? (


Oops, becoming one of those ignorant people who doesn't read that stuff >.>

This would be hilarious, and it would open up some possibilities for cancerous machinimas

In the settings, near the bottom is a "3D" thing, check that and play

(1 edit)

Just ignore it, it doesn't seem to have any problem in gameplay

Atleast I don't think it does

Sorry for late response

the edited sprites, like lets say you edited "sprMutant6Idle" take your custom sprite into the "override" and then "sprites" folder

after that get up to wherever you meant to and it should work just fine! (areas have a slight problem though)

they're in there and still nothing

(maybe i have some of the music as .wavs somewhere?)

ah okay, i've been trying to get the use new music working (i have all the .oggs installed in the Nuclear throne folder) and still nothing works?

As in, putting the launcher in the zip for the mod

And joao, is it okay if i include custom throne in the download (on thronebutt)?

(of course credit will be given)

there is an override folder and its rather easy to use! :D

just in game press t and type /dumpsprites, after that a "Dumped" folder will be in your nuclear throne folder, now go into that and find the area floor sprites that you want to change, copy the names and then find the floor sprites you want to change it to

next just rename the floor sprites

like lets say you want to replace the sewer sprites, the floor specifically

instead of using whatever name you had it set to beforehand rename it to "sprFloor2"

then put it into your override folder! and you're done! this can also apply to weapons and characters and other things

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I got the secret levels working! but... i am creating the crib and would like to know how to have the "$$" for it and such

*and make specific ultras take you there

and another question, because i know i'm not getting annoying with these, spawning Venus cars with the level editor?

I get that part but how would i do it like y.v's car?

and then make it loop exclusive

Continuing on talking about secret levels, i'm trying to create a level that is always the same, with the level editor more specifically, yet i don't exactly know how to put that into the game without it crashing or something

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Is it possible to have an ultra that replaces your active?

(like making it have steroid's dual weilding?)

Adding onto that, I've created an assault slugger, but how do i make it not super spammy and stuff, but not make all the slugs come out at exceedingly slow and different times

(like if i shot once, and then 3 seconds later it shot again, and does that until the burst is done)

One last thing:

Is it possible to do secret areas?

(is this a glitch?:

(1 edit)

On bootup I get this error:


action number 1

of Create Event

for object CharSelect:

In script scrWeapons:

Error in code at line 1136:

wep_sprt[maxwep] = UberCont.wep_sprt[maxwep];


at position 38: Unknown variable wep_sprt or array index out of bounds

(and whenever i turn on "use new music" or anything related to that i don't get any music at all

(2 edits)

what id do custom weapons start at?

and how do i access the projectiles used in weapons like the ultra crossbow and stuff?

I've created a character that uses sentry guns as his active









And its insane, but the only problem is that after doing this, he gets locked in the stage he is in

Can't help you there, sorry ;-;

So that you don't have to go through the trouble of unlockng said things or soemthing

(Yellowafterlife can explain this batter than me)

do /color (COLOR NAME) and go into a co-op match, upon doing so (if you have outlines enabled) they will appear in a different color

You can type in the name of the color, or you can google the Hex code for said color, both of which work fine

Are you able to view Replays in a file that can be uploaded to youtube?

Ask questions

Are you attempting to code in an active/passive from an already existing character?