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in 1503 we had the mona lisa by leanardo da vinci. in 1889 we had the starry night by van gogh. and now we have IDPD freak with extra thiccnes 10/10

is there a way to go to yv's crib with /goto  but when your not playing as yv

i don't wana be rube but i don't get it so can you like send me a video of you doing that

is there any way to play nuclear throne  together with a controller i tried it dosen work

thanks i am good at pixel art and i want to get better so thanks for helping me

can you teach me how to draw portaits like that because it's so well done

this mod is so good and so fun and its kindalike spelunky

thanks yellowafterlife your the best

this mod is great keep up the great work

hey yellow afterlife greatmod but i have a question how do i load other sprites like crystals shield or the wall and floor textures it would like to know thanks so much if yo can help me