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Thanks, sorry if I was sounding rude. I never looked at these dialogs as a stream of consciousness before, maybe because this feature seems a little buggy in my own head.

Have a lovely day too.

This looks awesome but as someone with ADHD I find those "never ending small text boxes" horribly annoying. Give me something bigger, show all the relevant text, if necessary say "1/3" at the bottom. But don't torture me with this infinite stream of slowly scrolled messages.

I will get back to it when I am in a calmer mood as this game really looks great.

I looks really nice and simple. I tried it on windows11 and it hangs. Once it hangs the only way to fix it is to close and restart the game :/

The images are a little dark. At first I thought they were just not loading. I am browsing on mobile though. I think an example of what could be built using this set would help too.

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Just curious - full version is still in development right?

This is quite fun and it looks very good. One thing which I find a bit annoying is seeing all this space behind me and little space ahead.

Game so bad it is actually good. I love the sound effects!

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So I got into what I believe is the second stage - some dark forest. There are bats all around which I just cannot see. I fall into them randomly and die. I tried spamming attacks but it only protects me a little.

Otherwise the game looks really cool and I wanted to play it.

This is the most beautiful 8bit game I have ever seen.

I played it on a 3.5'' handheld (rg351p) and it was really fun. The text was big enough though the artistic font was a little hard to read. The enemies were challenging enough but not annoying. Great work!

I tried it, on the very first stage of my first rubn there are so many bullets I cannot see where to move to avoid them. This is a bit too hard for a start :/

A local-multiplayer version supporting controllers could be interesting.

I think an intro level which would explain the rules by forcing the player through a simplified maze would help a lot.

This was really good but I did not understand what to do during the boss fight. Somehow I defeated it but I have no idea how and why :)

Better than the original :D

This is only 3mb, that is way less than most windows games. What engine did you use if I may ask ?

I love it and I hate it too. So frustrating :D

I could not find any seed to plant, so I resigned. The controls are hard to use with a controller, one joystick used to move, the other to turn around - hard to use. I really liked the style and hoped to play the game with my kids but it would just be too hard to control for them.

Things I like

  • how the game looks
  • the general mechanics

Things I don't like

  • the controls (controller support is messed up, too fast acceleration making it too hard to move "a little")
  • the navigation between levels
  • it is too hard, the enemies shoot too often and are hard to kill

I was considering the game as something I could include in the game collection for my kids but it is a little too frustrating.

I can see the game running but there is no reaction to any pressed keys.

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I think this game is local-multiplayer? If so, I think it's worth adding this tag.

There is this playlist on youtube - Franken OST

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Better than any AAA games I ever played combined.

Also - can I download the sound track?

I only played a couple minutes yet but this is really fun :)

Hi. This game looks really fun but I have some problems running it on Windows 10.

  • I wanted to try it and the game modes do not really explain how they work. I figured "target practice" sounds like something which should run in single player. I tried it and then...
  • When I try starting a game the program just crashes without any error message. It happens right after the coundown. I tried it with and without the fullscreen mode on.
  • Another problem I noticed - the game does not scale properly on my 1920x1080 screen. Until I switch full screen on - in the options menu I can only see a part of the connected device list. More then half of this box overflows the screen.
  • I own crappy esperanza controllers. They are detected and seem to work (in the menus, because the game crashes) but I need to use the arrow keys to "move" between the options. The joystick remains inactive.

Does it have local multiplayer? If so, maybe update the tags?

I watched the trailer and I don't think I understand what this project is :)

The screenshots look somewhat interesting but not entirely convincing. Maybe you have a video showing off this project?

When I was fighting the first boss one of the dogs died. This moved me to the next stage. I am not sure at this point - did I even defeat that boss?

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You thought I was going to make a video? No! I wanted to see a video on this page. I will not download 400mbs of pacman just to see what's inside...

Soo a game where one can twerk a kid's ass... No, thank you.

The art is really nice and the game is not so bad but there are some problems.

  • wall jumping is hard, controlling the character is not "ideal"
  • the game looks like a game for little kids but is definitely too hard for them
  • it is not indicated when falling down would kill the character
  • no savepoints? or I might have resigned before reaching one

Press F4

Does this game include local coop?

Does this game have local-coop mode?

408 MB of a pacman game. That's interesting. How about a video to show off all this content?

This is a very good game, it would be great if it had some more levels.

Is there an English version? I know it is lazy but I am asking before downloading.