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I think the initial boss needs a bit of polishing. When I just over this things it looks like I am easily avoiding it while I get hit.

Also, as the kickstarter campaign has ended and the game is available on steam, maybe this page needs an update?

Does this game include local coop?

Does this game have local-coop mode?

408 MB of a pacman game. That's interesting. How about a video to show off all this content?

This is a very good game, it would be great if it had some more levels.

Is there an English version? I know it is lazy but I am asking before downloading.

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This is a very well made product. The graphics, sound effects, music, timing, controls - it all works together very well. And on top of that - it is an interesting puzzle game.

I tried it on my phone and I'm not sure if swiping works so well to move. How about just tapping left/right/over/under the hero?

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This game is pretty fun.. but is this project alive in any way?

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Problem with AI armies - they keep standing next to their dwellings. As they spawn every week - when I reach them I need to fight multiple armies on one square. This is my wild guess. It feels like attacking an army which does not disappear.

BTW do you have some public repository of bugs / TODOs?

Last but not least - fun game! Keep up the good work.

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I like how it looks but the fonts are really microscopic. It is hard to see anything on the city screen. Also do you plan to give more control in combat?

Walk right, walk right, walk right, night, die :/ I think I need some instructions.

I completed it and really liked it. Thanks for making it! Some things I'd like improved:

  • the spawning animation takes too long :) I am an impatient person, I want to restart as soon as I died.
  • don't force players to take fights for doors they opened in the past, the map is quite big, there are many places to come back to and it makes navigating the world a bit tedious
  • taking damage moves the character around, if there are a lot of enemies it is hard to move away and restore health, this along using your own health to shoot further promotes fighting slowly and strategically (avoid contact, restore health, shoot only when low risk) I don't want to say it is necessarily bad but at some moments I felt like I could enjoy more action and less "positioning myself in known safe spots". Maybe the fights could get more dynamic if the "damage cooldown" was removed or reduced?
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Well, it certainly gives more insight into the complexity of this maze. I can now see when I get to a new floor. Once I cover the floors with the yarn it gets similar to floors without it. How about different colors of yarn?

Nice, it is interesting for sure. I think it should give some more hints to let the players work out where they are. In its current form I personally find it too confusing.

I surely enjoyed it, Grat work!

Nice little game. I went through it and I want more. How about a level editor :) ?

The game did not take ages to load and it doesn't seem to lag the computer. That made me cusrious - what technologies were used to make this game?

The way the hand and the mouse were pictured was just excellent. Brilliant idea.

I like this game. Thank you for creating it. It has some potential. I have some comments though:

  • sometimes I have no idea why the score was not 3 stars ( and I am programmer! )
  • recursion can be tricky and surely is confusing, I believe kids would be better off learning loops instea

Anyway, I will try it out on my kids to see how well they do. Thanks again!

It is pretty fun to play!

Cool little game!

A note on the UI - I needed to use the mouse and the space-bar. This is not convenient, it would be better if I could use just 1 thing. Also the messages do not indicate it is space which needs to be pressed. 

Chrome says I do not have webgl support. The download gave a warning from chrome "" is not commonly downloaed and may be dangerous. I guess chrome really doesn't like your game :|

Sleepways is cool. It would work great on a screen bigger than PICO8.

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Would it work to fill the entire land with "dirt" first and then just cover it with other terrain types without using any special rules? You might end up with some dirt between other types of terrain but this is what HOMM I and II we doing too. And I'd guess they did if for similar reasons.

Also - how far did you go with auto-tiling? Can the effects of your work be seen somewhere?