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i love this.

i like this

i mean, its just not very good.
Performance was p good, blood system was cool.

hows the theme being chosen?


couldn't get it to run. :(

Really liked the music, some really nice tutorials on the inventory to get me started. The inventory and such all worked quite well. I really appreciate how when your character walks under ui the ui fades a bit. Good job!

This one was genuinely a lot of fun. It was nicely difficult and had a good learning curve. Art was good enough, sound was good enough, Music was lacking, game-play was superb!

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Tool tips were offset when I fullscreened the window!
I like the sound track. Had to go the store page to learn important controls.
The battle system is fun, and i really like how i can spam space to speed through.
Pretty cool how when i grew my plants to full they turned into buddies.
In the end, for me anyways, the battle hung infinitely and i was stuuck.

Overall i had fun with it, good job!

I'd love that! just post a link here when it's up! 👍

v nice

very interesting concept! fun

v good game 4/5 would reccomend

Huh, neat idea! is the link to the game. Was a blast participating.



Want to make a character for the game?
No promises on anything, but if I like your submission I may add them.
I need roughly around 137 characters of flavour text ( who your character is etc ),
a character sprite. Template:
A projectile sprite ( whatever you want 16x16ish )
And some suggested stats.

GravArk 1 community · Created a new topic Bugs / issues
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Find a bug? Is something that probably shouldn't be happening going on? Let me know!

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Have any ideas? I'd love to hear them.
Is one character way too powerful? is someone too weak? Let me know!