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Wow, Thank you! wasn't expecting to be compared to a game of that level of quality! Our team currently is not planning on expanding on this game, because we are hard at work on making our jam entry from last year, Galactic Gunsmith, into a full game! If you're (or anyone is) interested in checking out more of out stuff you can find it at page or on our discord server!

Happy to hear you enjoyed it!

The game wasnt designed for sequence breaking, so try to follow the objectives best you can!


I went ahead and made one, if jam admins want to administrate it i'll happily hand control over.

Recycle bin!!

gifs or no ones gunna play it

Oh that's fair then,  didn't realize your were in the middle of crunch.  Best of luck to you guys.

Cool game, but when the levels started moving i started to feel sick

why is this page so barren? the theme hasnt even been changed from default? It just seems to really undersell just how awesome domina is.

hey, cool game!

Hey there Evacoon! Glad you enjoyed the game. The trees waving in the "wind" effect is just a slight rotation via a sin wave. The transparency effect is applied when a line between the player object and cursor collides with the leaves. This effect also happens when a bullet or an enemy goes under a tree's leaves.

Also ~~ I made a video featuring this game.

Also ~~ I featured this game in a video, if anyone's interested :D

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Also ~~ I featured this game in a video, if anyone's interested :D

A fun little game, the mechanics used are really unique! I really liked how crafting, item management, etc are all done by simply moving around! Super cool idea. The game no sound what so ever, which is a bit of a bummer but fine. The art is functional, gets the job done, but no more. I had to go to the game page twice to figure out how to play and what the recipes are, the game could have really used this in game. Moving rocks around is bit of a puzzle because if you arent careful you get into a position where you can't push them anymore.

Overall i really enjoyed this one, it has interesting mechanics i've never seen before and uses them quite well.

By the way, if you'd like come check out my entries!

I had a lot of fun playing this game! I liked the art styles and how the different scenes tell the story of what happened. Combat was simple, and you're given a dash ability that allows you to just skip all the enemies. Despite this it is still fun to run through the levels, theres also a very nice end cutscene which i enjoyed a lot. Also-- theres the option to change keybinds, which is always a plus in my book.

Overall a fun little game, not for the combat or gameplay, but for the art and story. Would reccomend!

By the way, if you'd like come check out my entries!

This was a fun little game! I really enjoyed it! The art is quite low quality and there is some weirdness is places but i don't think it takes from the fun. I'm not sure if there is a level two but it didnt look like it to me? Also i don't think health was implimented, but maybe that was planned for level 2.
The tetris minigames were fun, but could have used quite a bit of polish. 
The resource gathering minigame was gun, but i feel like the way attacks were designed encourages machine-gun-clicking. Which isnt really a problem but strikes me as unintentional.

Overall i really enjoyed this one, despite the low-quality art and lack of polish, it offered some fun mechanics and i had a good time.

By the way, if you'd like come check out my entries!

This game was really cool, The art was minimal but worked super well, I loved all the little effects and sounds. What stars are made of is a very charming little game. It has a great tutorial that explains all the different systems of the game. I especially appreciate how things like audio bars exist in the pause screen.
Overall i really enjoyed this one.

By the way, if you'd like come check out my entries!

This game really impressed me! Moving around felt great, the crafting and upgrade systems were well put together but could have used more polish. The puzzles and progression felt good, though i was able to jump off the guys head at the start to skip a portion of the game. hehe pretty sure i soft locked myself from beating the game by doing this oops.
When first starting the game i noticed the settings do not work, no big deal. The game ran at a solid 25 fps which isnt great but not bad. The motion blurr was a bit jarring but again, not a big deal. 
Overall this game was lot of fun, professional, and polished feeling. This is favorite submission (that i havent submitted, hehe) so far. You did a great job Lewis.

Hey thanks for the reply D3fCHiLD! We had to cut a lot out last minute (because we totally ran out of time) in my entry, Galactic Gunsmith, Check it sometime if you'd like! :)

Hey Yuri, thanks for the in-depth reply! I'll have to make sure to go back and give things another go. Tutorials are hard and take time, I know that for sure! In my entry , Galactic gunsmith,  The very last thing done was the tutorial! We ended up finishing it 20 minutes before the deadline (5:40 am)

I appreciate how there is music. The art is alright, not bad but also not amazing. This game could really use a tutorial. I read through the instructions before playing and then jumped in. Tried once, i think i wasted my resources on putting a couple drills in the wrong places and then couldnt figure out how to dissasemble them. So i restarted, but again, placed stuff wrong and couldnt figure out what to do. There's a lot going on in this game, and i love that. But i feel like a lot of different things are thrusted onto the player all at once and it's just too much to take in. I'm really bummed that i couldnt get past this. If i have time later I might come back and give this annother shot. 
Overall i think it's clear a lot of work went into this game, and theres a lot of cool systems. But the lack of a proper tutorial severly hurts the entire game. 

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I've never seen an art-style like this before. I think it's really interesting and unique, but could have been done better. I like the dark fuzzy asthetic. The lack of sound was quite jarring. Running around from the shadow monsters is scary at first, but wares off. Didnt dig into much else, but vverall i'd say it's an interesting game worth a quick play.

Reminds me of all the flash games i used to play as a kid. Shooting/impact sounds look and feel good. Lack of music is a bit of a bummer, but fine.
I like the robot sprites/animations but felt like there could have been more art, backgrounds etc.
Overall i think it's pretty neat!

Hey Supersmashjay! Glad you enjoyed it.


Is this still supported? I'm very interested, but I don't want to buy a dead program.

i love this.

i like this

i mean, its just not very good.
Performance was p good, blood system was cool.

hows the theme being chosen?


couldn't get it to run. :(

Really liked the music, some really nice tutorials on the inventory to get me started. The inventory and such all worked quite well. I really appreciate how when your character walks under ui the ui fades a bit. Good job!

This one was genuinely a lot of fun. It was nicely difficult and had a good learning curve. Art was good enough, sound was good enough, Music was lacking, game-play was superb!

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Tool tips were offset when I fullscreened the window!
I like the sound track. Had to go the store page to learn important controls.
The battle system is fun, and i really like how i can spam space to speed through.
Pretty cool how when i grew my plants to full they turned into buddies.
In the end, for me anyways, the battle hung infinitely and i was stuuck.

Overall i had fun with it, good job!

I'd love that! just post a link here when it's up! 👍

v nice