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I guess I don't totally understand, this is a gun sprite maker?

It doesnt look like it has much gameplay (other than building guns) 

Kinda like a cross between an asset pack and a tool?

What if I just want the sprites without the software?

same :(

it looks like you copy pasted someone elses jam page and made a few changes.. please proof read what you are posting on the internet, especially something you expect people to dump time into like a gamejam.

Also im not even sure if you  /can/ download gms1.4 anymore. I think you need GMS2 to be able to download it for legacy reasons, meaning that this jam is very exclusive of people who didnt use GMS1.4 and still have it installed. (Unless it isn't??? The jam page says you dont need to use GMS1.4)

If I give it a stab and get the game to compile (which will probably be some work) would you consider upgrading?

Is this GMS or GMS2?

I do suggest updating to GMS2.3+ if you at all can, since im not even sure people can download new copys of GMS and a lot of the target audience for this will have GMS2 anyway.

That being said this is really really cool and I commend you for releasing it for free like this

This is awesome! Thanks!

My team is considering using this for an upcoming project, i'll update here with our experience if we do.

This is actually pretty cool!

developer is dismissive and arrogant. 

Game is literally unplayable

0/10 stars

This would be great.

Unable to control on mobile


Manually typed out the first script and decided to post here so others don't have to

///@descrition tile_meeting(x,y,layer)
///@param x
///@param y
///@param layer
var _layer = argument[2],
_tm = layer_tilemap_get_id(_layer);

if (_tm == -1 || layer_get_element_type(_tm) != layerelementtype_tilemap) {
show_debug_message("Checking collision for non existent layer / tilemap")
return false;

var _x1 = tilemap_get_cell_x_at_pixel(_tm, bbox_left + (argument[0]-x),y ),
_y1 = tilemap_get_cell_y_at_pixel(_tm, x,bbox_top + (argument[1]-y) ),
_x2 = tilemap_get_cell_x_at_pixel(_tm, bbox_right + (argument[0] - x),y ),
_y2 = tilemap_get_cell_y_at_pixel(_tm, x, bbox_bottom + (argument[1]-y) );

for(var _x = _x1; _x <= _x2; _x++){
for(var _y = _y1; _y <= _y2; _y++) {
if (tilemap_get(_tm,_x,_y)) {
return true;

return false;

Definately a hidden gem, suprised its not more popular!

probably not, i think its kinda against the spirit of the bundle to be able to give out the keys, hence the no steam keys from it exception.

did you finish it?

this is awesome! wow!

Thanks for posting, an odd bug for sure!
We'll be sure to look into it.

Playing it was a pleasure!

Hey Sophia!
I run the Decade Jam Community Discord server, and we recently began doing a podcast. One of the segments on this podcast is the hosts playing a Decade Jam submission and sharing there thoughts. Here's a link to the uploaded recording of the podcast:
(We talk about your game in the last 15 minutes if you aren't interested in the rest 👉😁👉)

6/10 i burned my hand.

Extremely charming! This one was a lot of fun to play. I appreciate the music and sound effects, as a lot of entries don't have them. The animations were fun and reactive, way more professional than what I was expecting!

Overall definitely one of my favorites!

If you'd like, come check out my game!

a lot of the restrictions were being violated unfortunately. overall a fun little demo.

I know i'm sure late to the party here, but this game was something I enjoyed a lot years ago. It was an inspiration to me to make games myself, to the devs of this, thank you.

What are the rules?
Can i start making a game right now?
What engines are/aren't allowed?
Are pre-made assets fine, so long as they are freely available?
Am I allowed to use code/assets that I own/have made prior to the jam?

good work

sounds difficult to pull off but could be quite cool, what would you be bringing to the team? Coding? Design? Modeling? 

Thanks! Neat little game, by the way. I had fun with it. ^-^

love this.

care to elaborate further?

where'd you get the art.

Discord invite invalid.. :(


Man, you're awesome! I love this, this is awesome! Will definately throw you some bones ($$$) if i use this. 🙏 ✝ You're a saint!

Are any of these fonts monospaced or are there monospaced versions?

Tempted to grab the just because I need a monospaced pixel font. Turns out they are hard to come by!

we just reached 100 members!

Hi everyone,  

#decade jam is coming close! Get ready!

To celebrate at the discord server we've decided to do a mini kickoff jam. This mini kickoff jam starts January first at 12:00am, and ends January 10th at 11:59pm both times in your local timezone.
The theme for the mini-kickoff Jam is 10.
Rules are the same as decade jams rules.
Submit your games on the official decade jam page as regular decade jam submissions.
So far 8 people have confirmed they are doing it!
Have fun!

Join us at the decade jam discord server: