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thanks very cool


Now that the jam is all said and done, the game page and game is 100% yours to do as you please with. Update away!

yeah I have a bug - THE GAMES TOO GOOD

It's extremely impressive you managed to make a Metroid Vania in these restrictions - wonderful pixel art and great work on the sound design.

Game is short and sweet - in a good way.

I do think it was a bit linear and maybe could have used some basic enemy AI but regardless, you did a great job on this!

fun puzzles and great music/sound design! Great job!

super fun, great work on the sound design and art work!

This is a wonderful little arcade game, gives me OG Mario brothers vibes in the best way possible (the one where you had to kick things into the sewer)

Sound work is excellent, transitions, animations and the menu designs are all very well done.

Top notch work on the cut-scenes/text work and I love the art style - good work with the dithering and the meat physics are good fun to play with.

Really good job on this one - Love the attention to detail with the controls and top notch job explaining everything on the jam page.
also especially love the sprite work.

Really cute! great work.

Really, really, good work on this one! One suggestion I have is make the "aim direction" dot a line so it's a bit more clear what direction the ball is headed.

really cute! love the sound design

really good implementation of your idea - though I would say it's very hard!

The main menu & sound is top notch, great work!

great work!

innovative take!

Loved this one - the concept is clearly hard to pull off with the restrictions - but I really respect how you went for it anyways.

Great work!

Hi, admin of the jam here - this is a very normal message to come accross while playing unverified software (such as, you guessed it, jam games)

I can confirm this software isn't malicious. but we do STRONGLY recommend you play the browser versions of games only to minimize your personal risk.

love the music!!

A very good polished, finished product, you did a phenomenal job!!

over all a pretty neat game - I really appreciate the concept/theme of it. A few thoughts I had while playing: The "rocks" look very similar to the "dirt" which makes it difficult to play, also I feel that the store was a bit unintuitive (hard to tell what is what). Also the game could have used some sound effects -- that all being said though, it's absolutely a cute little game. GREAT WORK!!

Definitely an interesting game - great work!

incredibly charming game - love the game page, the game's intro cutscene, the sound track.


Loved the music.

this was absolutely delightful! Unique, fun, short, and to the point.
Great work! 

love this - the atmosphere is wonderful.

i understand this on a spiritual level

yo the reflection in your demo draws over the terrain elements which kinda breaks the illusion.
10/10 asset tho

There really is a lot going on here!

The movement is grid based, and therefor feels a bit static for my tastes, but works well enough.
dialog requires you to walk in front of people to talk to them, which kinda sucks.
I also suggest something that tells you when you can press enter to interact with things as I found myself point and click style mashing everything I came across.

The enemy sprites were very well done, but the battle system was a bit flat. You start out with very limited options and I found myself mashing enter to make battles end.

Overall it needs polish, but there is quite a bit of game here considering the jam time frame.
Good job!

This was was pretty neat, I've never played anything like it.
It's a nice little story, and the in-between scene has that really cool shader to it.
The music is also a bop.

This was really wonderful, loved the music and the little people's screams.
gameplay was fun, though bullets are a bit unfun to dodge due to how low-key they are.A
and some method of healing would be cool too.

The upgrades system was really really well done.

is this all object based? How did you build the "level" for this?

you really did a great job on this one, it's fun to explore.

yooo this is adoreable. props to you

I guess I don't totally understand, this is a gun sprite maker?

It doesnt look like it has much gameplay (other than building guns) 

Kinda like a cross between an asset pack and a tool?

What if I just want the sprites without the software?

same :(

it looks like you copy pasted someone elses jam page and made a few changes.. please proof read what you are posting on the internet, especially something you expect people to dump time into like a gamejam.

Also im not even sure if you  /can/ download gms1.4 anymore. I think you need GMS2 to be able to download it for legacy reasons, meaning that this jam is very exclusive of people who didnt use GMS1.4 and still have it installed. (Unless it isn't??? The jam page says you dont need to use GMS1.4)

This is awesome! Thanks!