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for me it's steroids because I can use two guns at the same and every weapon is automatic and I play best as him although I can't decide if I like crystal better or steroids

You are welcome, if you have gamma guts you can kill bosses fast like Big Dog you can kill him in 3 seconds also what's your favorite character?

really like the bosses just the sniper he's pretty dum he throws the grenades too far and you need to just zigzag around the shots and also why can he see through the walls I spawned he directly saw me and broke every wall between him and me the maggot doesn't go for you just jumps around and the big wolf I have nothing to say about him

thanks and yes

ok but to make sure if I wanted to change the game sprites is there anyway.

looks cool

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I am bad at explaining I meant am I able to change the game skins to the ones in the mod without applying (loading) it and what link

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I used a mod to see all weapons called cheats if you hold 1 you will see the ammo things turn into bars if you click on a weapon you can choose the weapon that you want so I click one then keep clicking it so it changes, on top of the thing where you choose the weapon it shows you its skin.
and in the second question can I change the weapon skins to the ones in the mod?
(I am  RedFox98 if you remember)

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I really like this mod everyone that worked on this keep up the good work
(question1: are there weapons left or are there missing files?)
(questions2: and can I just change the weapon sprites to the mod sprites?)

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Me and my cousin and my brother wanted to play together but we lag when trying to play together, my brother and I play locally and my cousin is online so we have input lag when online anything I can try or a solution?


this game  i remember  was free and i had it but now after i  reinstalled windows i cant get it now because its for moni :(

well see if it's good or not after i get a keyboard

no, they were not spawning until i turned the /hatchance to 2 then they started spawning

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thank you so much

it works now

I want it to allowmod on startup it just says couldn't find GEL.mod at the top then says GEL.mod loaded

i renamed the commands in the startup to GEL.mod.gml

and i changed the mod name to GEL.mod.gml

what spaces and its when i type it it works but the 

/allowmod GEL 2.4.mod.gml

doesn't work in the startup .txt it just says couldn't find

GEL 2.4.mod.gml

and when I create a file name startup.txt and put in it:
/loadmod GEL 2.4.mod.gml

/allowmod GEL 2.4.mod.gml
it just says couldn't find GEL 2.4.mod.gml

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Hi, can I make it so when I open nuclear throne it automatically loads GEL?

Great mod BTW

I thought that they spawn naturally so they were not spawning and then I read the description and use the command (/hat),then I felt stupid, and great job man I love this mod.

I am having the same problem I tried the swift shader and it didn't work.

helo from algeria