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metal crush

A member registered Apr 10, 2022

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optimize the game for 32 bit pls. (oh and aslo for some reason i made the game run on my 32 bit pc but after i wanted to play it again the game was crashing)

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soooooooooooooooo. What happened? The game is cancelled or what?

damn this game is soooooo cool

sonic CD wasn't that bad. It just came out in a wrong time on a wrong add-on

понятно я просто туториал на ютубе смотрел и по этому поводу ничего не было сказано. Спасибо огромное за ответ

странно. Я просто скопировал нтт на рабочий стол и музыки просто нет. (Причём если я открою мод через папки то музыка есть) 

я установил этот мод и пропала музыка (есть только звуки). Это должно было произойти?

Вау очень круто

please optimize it to 32 bit systems pls (or at least make a mobile port pls)

that's strange but still really thank you man. Your games are top tier

really cool

very good game with charming and cute pixel art

I really need 32bit versions pls

make a 32 bit operating system version PLS

Cool fangame based of a cool games

Now we need it for phone

I know that I'm really late but. Android port, pls

Really cool game

I'm interested, waiting for other chapters