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Join the discord Sticky

A topic by leafo created Nov 03, 2017 Views: 2,053 Replies: 9
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Admin (1 edit) (+5)

We have a discord and you can join right here:

Not sure if you want to join? Here are some channels we have

  • Share your work: show off what you're working on and get feedback
  • Game development: talk about game development topics like coding, game design, art, sound, and marketing
  • Game jams: learn about new game jams, and share any game jams you might be hosting
  • discussion: got a feature idea or a bug? chat with the people who run to help make it better



Awesome! It's always nice to have tools to connect with other devs. 

Admin (1 edit) (+3)

A quick bump for something new we're trying in our chat.

We've recently started a daily check-in in the #show-your-work channel. Essentially every day around the same time we call for everyone to share updates on what they may have got done since the last time they checked in, and what they're planning on working on that day. There are no strict requirements to participate, you don't need to give us updates once a day, but I think it's a nice way to have some light accountability for making progress along with chatting with others in the community. 

If that sounds interesting then join the chat! Hope to see you there.

You can sign up for daily notifications by using the command ?rank daily dev after you've joined, and our bot will assign you the role.

Deleted post

Great tools. You can ask or answer some queries on the tools. I like it.

What is the rank for Dev?

How have I only just seen this?


Me too :D :D :D

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Just thought I'd add, racism and lgbt phobia isn't cool. And that's what Pepe The Frog images represent.

Seriously, if it's so weird political channel, there are lots of servers I can join.


If you mean our default avatars, it's an unfortunate choice. I assure you hate speech isn't welcome here.

Not just a post earlier. Thanks.