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Mark Kennedy

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Loved it. Art style was great, and the writing was sharp. A+

this is fun, and the art is adorable lol.

That's odd, and no problem!  And thanks I found it on google images (i'm not  that good at the draw)

huh. Thanks for your research!

Image result for bee-lieve in yourself

Awesome! I've been a long time subscriber to the road to VR email, that's really awesome!!!

Very nice! I can't think of anything to add, it's calming as is!

Oh, my bad! - my sincerest apologies!!

Yep! It was quite funny.

My only advice would be continue to do game jam's and learn to improve on the process of creation, when your young it's easy to compare yourself to multi million dollar studios and defeat yourself before you start. 

Keep going at it! Making Game Jam  games is great way to learn how to accomplish deadlines, and have a finished product out, being young all I can see is you can take this further. Be doing this in your spare time you'll be able to build up a solid skill set, and when your old enough (Like mid-late high school) consider making a full time game. 

You have plenty of time, don't discourage yourself, and continue to do well in school and work on games and you'll do great. 

Good luck Solmir!

Slower paced games are often scary to make, but I think practically they have their place in development and as a player.  And no problem!

Your most welcome, and I agree - in this case I think the polish was the logical choice. Good work.

I think that was the correct choice. By going towards a personal style I think it comes out a lot more genuine.  yeah, I understand, sound design is wonky (And something I often forget about) - and that's a good direction to take it.

I understand. Jam's are always tight on time. Good work for what you got done.

o. well thanks for responding. we all wish we knew. we all did.

High quality of polish, excellent execution, and solid message.

I love how you took the comedic comic ("He watered the plant's at the base") and turned it into a more serious and realistic interpretation of that idea.

Well done for making the idea your own, and good work on the Menu/Logo, seriously, it's the best in the Jam. The overall aesthetics is very well done, music to everything. If I had to offer one suggestion, make the gun sound more violent, not overbearingly loud, but more bass-ey. It might sell the murder impact more. 

It looks neat. I followed you on Twitter, DM if you need a tester, I'd be glad to do it.

This was great, and comedically speaking it's one of the better ones of the jam. The use of the classical music was A+. 

It's funny that you used the In the hall of the mountain king,as I had mentioned that in one of the other submissions that it would be a funny song to use. T

he part with that song and the devils throwing forks was fantastic. It may have been a bit unpolished but I can tell that your younger kids, as the humor is just way too good.

That's funny yet sad. I own a vive, not to tease you, but it's worth it when it works. Hope you can upgrade someday soon.

What a surreal and fun game. You really came out of left field for this one, but it pays off. The table mechanic is one neat, and two funny - your interpretation of the comic is - priceless. I love the art, and the death animations are well made from the player to the hostile ... cats. The length of the game was ideal as well for what it was mechanically.

Well done! I like you how just made your, own, thing. Nice. 

Also the water temple sign was funny joke. I smiled, but it was a good smile.

Ah neat! Thanks. Do you have the Vive or the Rift?

Very cool concept. Reminds of games like Quadrilateral Cowboy, just in a much slower sense. It is slow, but hey - that's what you expect on a mission to mars. Good work! The visuals, sound, and game play are a solid aesthetic, I can't recommend any improvements as this is 100% solid experience all around. Nice. 

Also I knew I knew your name from Youtube! It was really cool for you do the cross-over with Brackeys. (I'm not rating high because of that - it was a good game without my bias)

I love it. The art, music, and game play is top-notch. You really should be proud of this, this is fantastic work. (There was a drone stuck in a tree in my neighborhood for awhile so I laughed at this) I honestly couldn't offer any suggestions, as it is complete as is. Bravo sir. bravo.

That was funny. The sound effects are A+. Not too violent but comedic enough AND THE TRASHCAN CRASH SOUND. 


That makes sense.

And you're welcome. I understand the jam deadline constraint - that's always the enemy in the end. And I'm glad to hear you wanted explosions. We all do. We all do.

And the snapshot idea is genius, or even (yeah I know this a lot of work) a full replay system. It would be cool to make like gif, and then be able to upload to imgur or something. 

You're on the right track, keep it up (if you want, I'm sure you have a main project to focus on, so good luck on that as well.)

These are my thoughts exactly, didn't feel the need to retype everything said here.


whgere is that gif from.

OH GOD. The movement was so unsettling. I got 10/10. Pretty distrubing yet surreal concept. 

Also I kept hearing this play in my head. Going to need to cleanse my mind of the red spiders. 


As I always say during my projects - if it is broke, and I can't fix it - it's a feature!

I'm not even sure what could cause any of that, but - hey - it looks cool.

I'm having the same error.  Could be an issue with the build settings in Unity.

Loved the music, it fits everything so perfect, adds a nice fun and silly undertone to everything. It's a good little game, however once you understand the loop things get really simple, so maybe adding some other (maybe gags from other comics?) could add more gameplay.  Otherwise it's a solid base for a game to build upon.

Here's a gif of the madness.

I laughed really hard at this, I think you should just leave it in. It's too fun flying upwards smashing the left right arrows.

Neat. If you wanted to expand this you could custom amounts (like input the $ and it = blocks, so we could could our car payments vs WW1) or could add toggable pictures for those of us who are unfamiliar with certain people/machines. I like how simply yet intresting this is. Be curious to see in VR.

So fun. Is it even winnable?  The idea is so simple, yet golden.

Feedback for expansion:

  1. Add audio, (mutable) like a funny hit sound or car crash sound
  2. New levels. Consider trucks. That explode.
  3. Also add semi's like in the comic!
  4. Maybe add some levels that are easy/scale up in difficulty.