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What a surreal and fun game. You really came out of left field for this one, but it pays off. The table mechanic is one neat, and two funny - your interpretation of the comic is - priceless. I love the art, and the death animations are well made from the player to the hostile ... cats. The length of the game was ideal as well for what it was mechanically.

Well done! I like you how just made your, own, thing. Nice. 

Also the water temple sign was funny joke. I smiled, but it was a good smile.

Thank you so much for the kind words and having the patience to play to whole thing through! So glad that you enjoyed my lame water temple joke, it is my favourite bit in this game. I realised quite fast that the mechanic itself isn't that fun/deep so I really focused on the visual aspect of the game instead of just cramming samey content in it.

Your most welcome, and I agree - in this case I think the polish was the logical choice. Good work.