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So fun. Is it even winnable?  The idea is so simple, yet golden.

Feedback for expansion:

  1. Add audio, (mutable) like a funny hit sound or car crash sound
  2. New levels. Consider trucks. That explode.
  3. Also add semi's like in the comic!
  4. Maybe add some levels that are easy/scale up in difficulty.

Hardly, it's mostly just blind luck, but sometimes if you go quick enough you'll avoid disturbing the traffic flow too much and won't cause any crashes.

Thanks for the expansion feedback. I was considering the possibility of expanding, I definitely wanted to add semi trucks and other vehicles to this game but as the jam went on I realized there wouldn't be enough time before the deadline. I definitely wanted to add explosions too but I don't think I have the artistic proficiency to do that. maybe if I find a fitting xkcd-style animated explosion sprite somewhere for free.

One of the features that I came up with during development and want to add if I end up expanding is that I'll make the game take snapshots at different times during gameplay (the first time you make a car swerve, crossing the middle, crossing the end, etc), and then at the end of each scenario you get a sort of xkcd-style comic strip with three or four panels that shows the events of what happened while you were playing that round.


That makes sense.

And you're welcome. I understand the jam deadline constraint - that's always the enemy in the end. And I'm glad to hear you wanted explosions. We all do. We all do.

And the snapshot idea is genius, or even (yeah I know this a lot of work) a full replay system. It would be cool to make like gif, and then be able to upload to imgur or something. 

You're on the right track, keep it up (if you want, I'm sure you have a main project to focus on, so good luck on that as well.)