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This is literally the best gaem

I got stuck on the level with all the chads and you had unlimited moves. Tune it down u sadist.
</obvious sarcasm>

This game is SO much fun. One of my favorite VR games out there and it's just an alpha! If you keep adding more content, this is definitely on it's way to be one of the classics! One recommendation would be maybe disable collisions between static terrain and the weapon that you're currently holding. It happened a few times where my weapon would get stuck behind a wall and my character would keep on moving so I would have to backtrack until my weapon flew back into my hand.

Awh stop, you'll make me blush 😊

But nope, scoring system on Coolmath games is the same as it is here! So that's a life well wasted, if you ask me. May I ask what about this version do you think is better than the sequel?

The assets in here are wonderful. 

The mechanics and effects could certainly use some polish, but with some refactoring this demo certainly has potential! Awesome job

High score still holding at 141080. I'd say you've got me beat, but since the only possible scores to get are multiples of 10, I don't think it's possible that you achieved a score of 178,598 ;)


Dang. I figured that wouldn't be a problem since the controls are linked to the onKeypress event, but I guess I didn't think of the fact that the event fires if you hold the key down for long enough.

Hey, I love this! I hope it's okay, I made a post about it on the half life subreddit.

haha, thanks. I enjoyed the review [:

Awesome, subbed!

I liked the gameplay alot and it's also pretty cute. It was difficult to play myself, though I still had fun! Nice job, and thanks for the experience!

One thing I think could be improved is the visuals. The terrain, the characters, and the coins are all completely mismatched and it bugs me.

Hey, I also made a submission for comic #772!  For some reason I thought I'd be the only one, but here I am, pleasantly surprised! 

I had fun with your game but it could use a bit more polish, here's my rundown:


  • Destruction is hilariously entertaining to watch
  • Ambient audio matched pretty well, and the crash sounds were silly
  • Scoring helped you keep track of how much damage you did
  • In-Game instructions!


  • The aiming arrow got skewed when you tilted it up and down at an angle
  • Round sometimes ended before the destruction
  • GUI wasn't very visually pleasing, makes me feel like I wasn't playing a game for some reason

You can cross the road with out causing any accidents, it's really mostly just blind luck though and pretty unlikely.

Hardly, it's mostly just blind luck, but sometimes if you go quick enough you'll avoid disturbing the traffic flow too much and won't cause any crashes.

Thanks for the expansion feedback. I was considering the possibility of expanding, I definitely wanted to add semi trucks and other vehicles to this game but as the jam went on I realized there wouldn't be enough time before the deadline. I definitely wanted to add explosions too but I don't think I have the artistic proficiency to do that. maybe if I find a fitting xkcd-style animated explosion sprite somewhere for free.

One of the features that I came up with during development and want to add if I end up expanding is that I'll make the game take snapshots at different times during gameplay (the first time you make a car swerve, crossing the middle, crossing the end, etc), and then at the end of each scenario you get a sort of xkcd-style comic strip with three or four panels that shows the events of what happened while you were playing that round.

Haha just like the comic. When I played it last night it didn't have the controls posted so I thought you were just supposed to watch as the people kinda toppled around, but now that the controls are posted it is much more entertaining

Usually post-release performance updates and bug fixes are totally acceptable. I'll try it again, when it crashed last time it created a crash dump file but I didn't look at it. I can't seem to find it now.

Haha this game is so troll-y I love it. Could have used a bit more polish though. I almost did my game on the same comic, only a dice roll convinced me to do a different one.

Fun so far, but I don't think I got very far because it crashed whenever I died instead of restarting at a checkpoint. So I kept having to start over.

Yay! I'm not the only one who did a half-assed slime sandbox! 

that's some good shit mang

This has got to be one of the coolest mesh generators I have ever seen. Could we get a source code?

Hey man, I remember playing a game that was very similar to this in a recent LudumDare jam. Is this an expanded version of a submission to, if I remember correctly, LD37?

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Hey man I'm glad you like it! I'm re-writing it from scratch right now so I can port it to android when I finish.

The thing with the scores, is that the scoreboard is actually only local, it only saves the scores to your computer and unfortunately there is no online scoreboard so you can't see other people's scores, only previous versions of your own. When you play it the first time on your computer and see that the scoreboard is already filled out, they are just preset, as a sort of goal-making system.

I'd love to hear what your high score is though! Mine is   141080, although I'm not really sure that counts since I'm the developer :P

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Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed!! The page is here:

however, the voting doesn't actually start til Friday because the new LDJam website is having issues

edit: Sunday

glad to hear you like it! I'm working on a patch right now that should be out soon, I'll be sure to add that in.

You updated it! This was my favorite game from the jam, glad to see the extra levels and boss [:

Okay I figured it out. It's just really difficult with a trackpad

Its cute but I have no idea what to do