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This has got to be one of the coolest mesh generators I have ever seen. Could we get a source code?

Hey man, I remember playing a game that was very similar to this in a recent LudumDare jam. Is this an expanded version of a submission to, if I remember correctly, LD37?

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Hey man I'm glad you like it! I'm re-writing it from scratch right now so I can port it to android when I finish.

The thing with the scores, is that the scoreboard is actually only local, it only saves the scores to your computer and unfortunately there is no online scoreboard so you can't see other people's scores, only previous versions of your own. When you play it the first time on your computer and see that the scoreboard is already filled out, they are just preset, as a sort of goal-making system.

I'd love to hear what your high score is though! Mine is   141080, although I'm not really sure that counts since I'm the developer :P

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Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed!! The page is here:

however, the voting doesn't actually start til Friday because the new LDJam website is having issues

edit: Sunday

glad to hear you like it! I'm working on a patch right now that should be out soon, I'll be sure to add that in.

You updated it! This was my favorite game from the jam, glad to see the extra levels and boss [:

Okay I figured it out. It's just really difficult with a trackpad

Its cute but I have no idea what to do