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This was great, and comedically speaking it's one of the better ones of the jam. The use of the classical music was A+. 

It's funny that you used the In the hall of the mountain king,as I had mentioned that in one of the other submissions that it would be a funny song to use. T

he part with that song and the devils throwing forks was fantastic. It may have been a bit unpolished but I can tell that your younger kids, as the humor is just way too good.

hi, thanks for taking the time to review.

very happy you liked the game, we wanted it to be funny , i hope it was.

we are quite new to making games, if you have any insight about the game i woulk like to hear them. :)


Yep! It was quite funny.

My only advice would be continue to do game jam's and learn to improve on the process of creation, when your young it's easy to compare yourself to multi million dollar studios and defeat yourself before you start. 

Keep going at it! Making Game Jam  games is great way to learn how to accomplish deadlines, and have a finished product out, being young all I can see is you can take this further. Be doing this in your spare time you'll be able to build up a solid skill set, and when your old enough (Like mid-late high school) consider making a full time game. 

You have plenty of time, don't discourage yourself, and continue to do well in school and work on games and you'll do great. 

Good luck Solmir!

i am  but im pretty im older than you think ^^

im already a dev student. :)

Oh, my bad! - my sincerest apologies!!

no problem, nothing offensive in what you said. :)