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some later thoughts about the game.

Is there a protection against someone who would steal all the geocache and disconnect without putting them back or would the world be empty of geocaches until new players came with new ones?

Also a confirmation before teleporting or quiting the game would be nice, i pressed 'q' a lot since its right next to the jump.


the game was really nice, i just spent way to much time on it. 

finding people's geocache is very fun.

my only complaint would be that you cant really play with the compass open since it take a huge part of the screen.

good job :)

ps: there is no ground after (10k , ~600) to the right only platforms, i went very far down and havent  found it , there must be a problem with the procedural generation(didnt go -10k left to check ).

no problem, nothing offensive in what you said. :)

i am  but im pretty im older than you think ^^

im already a dev student. :)

i found the commad "run", "shoot" and "plant" (if you have the bomb).

you have to type them and it will open a list of location you can target the chosen action to.

hi man thanks for the review, 

im really bad at drawing so the thumbnail is , ehm ...  representative i guess,

hopefully you tried the game despite it :D . 

im waiting to see the video you post about the jam ( this game probably wont feature but still).

hello, thank for such a long review. :D

glad you liked the concept, i think most people would agree the loading screen with the devils was the best part of the gameplay. 

sorry for the grammar issue we didn't take time to correct them , we were short on time and awakeness. :(

And for the mario level , i totally agree it should have had a way better feeling to it, doesnt feel mario control at all. i spent too much time on recreating the level .

hi, thanks for taking the time to review.

very happy you liked the game, we wanted it to be funny , i hope it was.

we are quite new to making games, if you have any insight about the game i woulk like to hear them. :)

hello, thanks for the review.

the feeling of the mario playstyle was kinda off i didnt take the time to make it better , :( sorry for the inconvenience.

Hope you still liked the game . if you have any other idea on what could change i would be glad to hear them .

hi , thanks for the review.

we agree the game needs some more work , we did lack time at the end, glad you still found it fun :).

it could have been fun to see a different take on the same comic.