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Prince Charming's Gets CannedView game page

Small Game Made for Paint Jam 2021.
Submitted by nolootingbox (@LootingNo) — 6 hours, 51 minutes before the deadline
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fun little game

i don't know if its intended

but the fact that the controller isn't made in a usual way actually give the player a few neat movement trick , you can go faster by pressing right wait a second then left than just pressing left.

and if you do it the opposite way you can slide left while facing right.

these let you play the game with both direction inputed and releasing the direction you want to go (more closely ressembling classic left right control while being faster than the normal speed(if not intended)).

still this is a neat game .

ps: why so many games end with people in soup i dont get it , is this some classic horror story i don't know ?


Thanks for the feedback. I have no idea about the controller bug, I guess it is a nice feature XD. Why soup,  since it is a horror story, I decided the character ended being a soup due to the theme of the JAM.


Judging with the limitations in mind, the game looks quite good, in my opinion! The multilayer background especially impressed me. The gameplay, though, is incredibly slow and it was a chore to just get back to the spot where I died when I got a bit further. The mechanics are good in concept but excuted in a mediocre way, which is unfortunate because just tweaking some numbers would have helped a great deal.


Thanks for the feedback. I knew about the shortcomings. Sadly due to problems with unity and RL errands, I could not place as much time as I wanted. I had plans for 2 - 3 small levels and one boss and better gameplay. I am glad you like some parts and the honest feedback. The game is 3D there are no layers in a 2D space.


Haha alright if you say so ;) I would definitely describe this game as 2D because the player moves through a two dimensional space and the third dimension is purely cosmetical, making a classification of "3D" quite misleading but yes, you are technically correct.


Well yes, but actually yes