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Thank you.

Thanks for this, it helped me a lot with a problem with the game I am making. Can I use it for commercial usage?

Thanks for the feedback. I have no idea about the controller bug, I guess it is a nice feature XD. Why soup,  since it is a horror story, I decided the character ended being a soup due to the theme of the JAM.

The game is really good made and challenging.

The game is really good made and challenging.

Love it, it was really nice voice acting XD.

Nice game, I had a bit hard time controlling the character.

I will try to rate as many as possible tomorrow. If someone can check mine I will appreciate it:

I played the game, it is interesting, I enjoy tycoon games. Only had a bit of a hard time controller, but this was on my side. 

Thanks for the feedback. I knew about the shortcomings. Sadly due to problems with unity and RL errands, I could not place as much time as I wanted. I had plans for 2 - 3 small levels and one boss and better gameplay. I am glad you like some parts and the honest feedback. The game is 3D there are no layers in a 2D space.

If you can check it out, I would be appreciated:

that escalated quickly!!!