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Oh, that's cool, but unfortunately it wasn't very obvious how the bullets are designed, I was just trying to help :)

I love how everything is done with the main mechanic. I'm also glad that you put that the player stops when you try to change the direction, otherwise it would have been so much worse.

I've always seen your game everywhere whenever I checked some other submissions, Anyway, I finnaly tried it...  it looks really nice, and I checked litterally everything :). My opinon would be to reverse the actions(jump = space x1, attack =  space x2) , cause It took me some time to adapt to it...

I really love the jump animation, idk it just gives the player kind of a ninja fell which gives of like that the game is a mix of like ninja Aikido and karate, which is by the way so awesome.

 I think there is a lot of room for expanding the game as well (you could add like different throwing weapons , more bossfights...).

I'm in love with this game, especially bossfights, which I thought couldn't be done with only one button, well I was so wrong, This game is freaking awesome, and you should probably continue working on it.

I really like the concept of different  attacks changing on time limit. The game on itself looks awesome and is so much fun to play, and it's so easy to understand what each attack does as soon as you get it. Really well made game :)

Wow, how many levels are there??? I really love the game, it's so much polished :)

Adding ground is a really great idea. I think I might update the game after voting period finishes :) (since a lot of you really liked it)

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I really wish I could do more  but I found about the jam kinda late :/

I really like the idea of this game, but I think with these powerups and traps it goes a bit into puzzle-like game, so it would make more sense to control a player with like moving the mouse in direction you want to go in or arrow keys(if you want to continue with puzzle aproach), for now it's just fine.

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I really enjoyed this game, I think it would be better if bullets flew away further. I think that your bullets get destroyed as soon as colliding with a tank, so you could give a monsters a new tag, and check in code for collision if bullets are colliding with monster tag (so the tank's collider doesn't kill the bullets).

I think more downloadable jam games should have this button :)

Really great game, I love the visuals so much. It could use some more polish, but it's already an amazing game.

Really awesome aproach to the theme. The game was so much fun :)

Wow, nice!

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This is really creative game idea, but gets repetitive at some point. Here's some suggestions to reduce that:

-Having 3 or more colors

-Increasing the game speed over time

-Changing game background over time

-Changing the set of colors you play with from pink and purple it could change to B&W

-Making the rocket move a bit left and right

Really great game, and I just love how the rocket has an explosion damage I managed to get a triple kill really close to an end :) The graphics are really nice, and that calming music fits very well.

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Really creative game, The music is really satisfying and it has really nice pixel art. I think that the pickaxe throwing mechanic could be used a bit more, but great game overall :)

Really interesting movement mechanichs, but I think you should point the player in last direction he moved, like if I moved left or down, he will face up as soon as I release the space key.It's kinda bad that the game isn't finished, but hey that's what game jams are for (experimentation and learning new things) :)

Really cool game :D The music fits really well

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Wow, such a creative game idea, I think it should have some bonus points for bumping into platform and rotating the cube. But really interesting game so far :D. And also I got 67.4 as my best

This game looks and sounds really amazing; I love the creativity of using one button for a car racing game, and it's implemented really well. I tried to play with holding down space I could win first 2 difficulties with ease, but from there , you just need to Tokyo-drift atleast once to win and it's really interesting mechanic :). I had a lot of fun playing this game.

I think you could add enemies like goomba in mario or you could have the movement as a dash so like you're dashing throught them

This idea is brilliant, the game is challenging, but I don't mind it cause with this idea you have so much possibilites, And the sounds are also great :)

Really great artstlye, and level design was so neat, i think that the controls would make more sense with a LMB instead of space. 

Very cool puzzle game, after a bit of struggle with how to play the game, it turned out great, A bit of confusion happens with an insruction of "clicking"  to move the detection area. even thought I opened the second game and I tried dragging the area that also didn't work because the arrows were pointing out to the direction of detection area, and I thought it should be dragged in that direction. Despite the struggle of learning how to play the game. the game is actually really great :)

You can explain the game better by saying "DRAG the arrows to move detection area" insead of "click on ... "

This is really cool idea. With some more levels and types of platforms it would make a really solid mobile game.

This game is awesome, but the audio was kinda late for me; I was playing for a good minute or two and music started playing out of nowhere. Which sounds AMAZING, btw. IDK if it's intentional or a bug :/ Anyway the game is really fun to play :)

Really awesome concept but kinda hard :/

You can, just download WinRar first :)

You need to install WinRar, and you can then open the folder

I managed to play it, And your idea is absolutely hilarious, and I love it xD.

This game has such a relaxing music and looks really nice :)

Really interesting game, but you should inverse controls, It will play more natural, but it's not bad. 

Great button clicker game, I thought there would be more games like this 

Wow, such a great movement and shooting mechanic, This game has really brutal soundtrack, you did an amazing job! 

I absolutely enjoyed this game, The movement is brilliant, but it It took me a while to figure out I could turn myself with a mouse. Really creative aproach to the theme :)

Really great game, I struggled with window size at first , but I changed to higher screen resolution so I managed to play it, you made a super simple and enjoyable game 

Really awesome game, well polished with a great idea and level design.