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High quality of polish, excellent execution, and solid message.

I love how you took the comedic comic ("He watered the plant's at the base") and turned it into a more serious and realistic interpretation of that idea.

Well done for making the idea your own, and good work on the Menu/Logo, seriously, it's the best in the Jam. The overall aesthetics is very well done, music to everything. If I had to offer one suggestion, make the gun sound more violent, not overbearingly loud, but more bass-ey. It might sell the murder impact more. 

Thank you! Tried to make the game funny and less serious but my personal style edged the game towards the more serious tones.  

I agree, am still finding a deeper gun tone, the current sound was the deepest I could find on the sound library I'm using haha! Would love it to have this deep bass tone but yet with a sharp crack to imply a tense murder.

I think that was the correct choice. By going towards a personal style I think it comes out a lot more genuine.  yeah, I understand, sound design is wonky (And something I often forget about) - and that's a good direction to take it.