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NO LOVE (RPG, Action, Adventure)

A topic by WallaceLovecraft created Sep 25, 2017 Views: 19,618 Replies: 509
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In this game you follow the character named Agro who leaves his home town for something new. On his journey he finds new friends. Together they try to fight the darkness within their world.

This game is for MATURE audiences only.


  • A rich story, in my opinion, as story comes first for my creations
  • Original art from the depths of my mind
  • In my opinion this is a casual game meant for casual players like myself
  • Dark humour but also funny game
  • Nice music single handily picked by me
  • Lots of sad parts
  • Lots of blood and swearing
  • Unique attacks and animations with unique sounds made especially for each and every one of them
  • Special attack that will have OP moves
  • Every character has their own unique passive and set of abilities  as well
  • You can play with one hand or a controller
  • Animated bosses and enemies
  • Made for 1920x1200 res
  • I believe my game is fully hand drawn by me of course
  • Bring any party member into the fight whenever
  • Simpler items so no light armor, medium armor, and wizards can only use wands bullshit. Everyone can wear and use the same shit!
  • Change controls whenever you want with keybindings option ingame or at the start menu



It will be on all platforms for PC. RPGMAKER MV has recently been updated to support linux distribution.


Only me, Wallace Lovecraft! ;-]


My main site

My twitter


I feel like I should be doing this. :..-[

Inking cutscene

I'm digging the character designs. Since you are delving into heavy stuff I hope that it is well thought out and well executed with respect. Looking forward to seeing more.

Thank you! :-] I hope that I do it right too.

Almost finished colouring cutscenes. Need to do two more then I'll need to do the bg for the boss battle.

- This is an image from a cutscene. The guy is teasing the main character.

- I have finished the cutscenes and implemented them into the game and played it.

- I went back and made a quick fix on a characters sprite and cutscene who is wearing a bandage.

- The boss battle is giving me trouble with the battle back.

I may have to go back to  school again and I think it would be great cause I love to learn but I really don't know what I want to do. Also I may have to end up paying for the tuition in the long run which I don't want. I just really want to make my games,

I could stay on my current plan and try to finish my game and hope for the best. I could try to Kickstarter it but I don't really want to do that. I could also move away and just work on it.

I'm really stressed out and it has been affecting my work all day and will most likely affect me the whole month.

I need to fix the battle back thing! :.-[ The demo should be done by next week.

There wasn’t a problem with the battle backs. I just have little knowledge of the engine.

Added darker red lines in the bg of cutscene frame 9

Quick fix on cutscene frame 10 where there is a little white spot not coloured in

Quick fix on cutscene frame 12 where there is a little white spot not coloured in

Coloured in overpaint on a cutscene frame 16

Quick fix on cutscene frame 16 and inked in lashes

Went back to a character sprite of the boss because he had 3 spikes on his chest when it should be 2. I made the sprite first and used one of my drawings of him as reference. The drawings for the cutscenes though, have only 2 spikes on his chest so I went back to the sprite and changed it.

Going to make it more immersive by making more bust pictures for the characters. This was actually something that I want to bypass/ not do because of added work but I honestly feel like I have to because I’m somewhat of a perfectionist. Things just need to be close to perfect.

So I made the busts and implemented them into the game. 

In battle if you or the enemy dies by a punch you get a zoomed in version of a conversation. It's ok but I wish it would scale to screen. I gotta keep it in though cause I feel like it needs to stay that way.

I will need to do some balancing tomorrow and start on a new set of cutscenes.

Didn’t balance boss fight, might do it tomorrow

Quick fixed details on the red boss guy cause of his flipped sv sprites, which means I have to quick fix the cutscene, busts, and his sprite on lvl 5 :.-[

Adjusted attacks and skills cooldowns and when people get certain skills

Going to make two new skills, a moon skill and slap skill

Made sky glare sprites for lvl 5

Currently inking a cutscene, it’s becoming a bit more complex than intended because I want it to look cooler. Basically it’s going to be animated 

I don't think today was that productive but I did something which was continue on the cutscene that has become a bit more complex. One more frame to go.

"Look at the dot of purple to the left on the green guys head. Yuck!"

Even though I haven’t been updating, I have actually been working on this everyday. Here are most of the things that I’ve done.

Went back to FRAME C5 SC4 and C5 SC5 1  though 4 and changed little details on BANDA’S BODY like adding a spike on his back and leather strap at the bottom part of his body

Went back to FRAME C2 SC13 to remove the mountain in the bg and I did a quick fix on a small bit of orange on the leather strap where it should be just full brown. Perfectionist 101

Made two new skills and implemented them into the game, BITCH SLAP and BLINDED BY THE MOON

With the blinded by the moon there were lots of trial and error kind of things happening because the limitations of the engine are real. So the first version of BBTM just couldn’t work for me because upscaling the moon to how I wanted it to be on screen would mean the it would look kind of shitty. Basically had to do the animation a little different but I think it turned out good.

Did the after boss fight cutscene, lots of trial and error on this because of the animation, just constantly going back and forth and trying new ways to try and get it to be smoother.

I believe I couldn’t make the animation smooth because I couldn’t use decimals like 0.1 or 0.2 for the wait command so the animation just looks kind of choppy. 

Basically what I mean is, when I put the number 1 for the wait command and it goes to the next picture, when I play the cutscene in game it just skips some frames of the animation so the lowest number that I can use for the wait command on these scenes had to be 5. 

Also if an event is too big it starts to chug so I had to simplify it. Everything is as good as I can get it. I think it turned out well and is pretty much my vision of it. Because of this I will try and keep cutscenes even simpler by just using pictures.

Quick fixing dialogue on the end cutscene as well as some words get cut off. Basically because of the 1920x1080 size of the screen that I’m using for the game it makes the engines message box not work for me so I have to manually adjust it. I think there is a word wrap option on yanflys script but I don’t trust it.

C5 SC2 and C5 SC7 need to have a quick fix because I forgot to put Agro’s crystals on him.

Made the game over screen and it looks great. Wish it could be animated but I don’t know how to do that.

Made quick fix on C5 SC4 where you can see a small pink dot on Davids head.

Added two new images to the demo.

Went back and cleaned title screen and splash screen to be crispier.

I actually enjoy playing my game even though what I have is quite short.

I am currently making passive skills.

Might run some more test on the boss battle tomorrow but I believe it is done. It’s not too hard but easy if you do it right.  :-0

I’m thinking of releasing the demo next week.





Change eyes of David on the walk cycle

Added bot crystals on Agro's body C2 SC19

Cutscene 2 SC5 quick fix,  David had a small bit of green overpaint

ALL Cutscene 5 SC8 images AND FOR SC6 Agro’s crystal had a quick fix

Added in credits and made adjustments to how I want the status menu to look like.

Added in all the details for the passives so you can see what they do in game

Added profile for characters

Manual is finished.

Finalizing demo


C4 SC11

C5 SC1

C5 SC3

C5 SC4

BG FIX ON C5 SC5 1 - 14

Need to also change DAVIDS crystal which is missing on cutscene 2

Adjusted C2 SC2 Agro’s crystal and rectangle

Adjusted all Agro busts

C2 SC6 sand debris overpaint fix

C2 SC7 clean up on spots that were bothering me like a little bit of red on his finger where it should be fully white

Fixed grammatical error for the blue character inside a house where he says “you” and it should be “to”

Finished the demo

It was hell

I plan to release it in the evening of tomorrow.

I have finished the demo and have released it at



Have fun!

Finished bg tilesets for level 6.

Started making new party members.

Placing tiles for level 6. 

Finished busts for the two new characters. 

Also finished face images.

Finished the two new characters walk cycles.

Made a new level to introduce the new party members

Basically 90% done another level which is bigger and more designed

Made new Gabe bust (green guy)

Started on level 6 cutscenes

This character art is dope! Are you using Photoshop or tablet or some other mystical contraption? The art style is so ... crunchy, like cereal for your eyeballs! 

Thank you! "Like cereal for your eyeballs!" lol. So yes, I'm using photoshop and an old medium sized Wacom intuos 4 tablet. 

Slick stuff! Keep up the good work! (the world needs more eyeball cereal.)

Will do. Thanks! ;-]


Finished cutscene 6 

Need to make items and stuff

Made new items and some animations for them. It’ll only show the item that you have that has the highest priority though. If I knew how to show all the items that you are carrying, I would.

I feel like I may being doing more work than I actually have to. I do however think it would be pretty close to an rpg that I would want to have because all the items and moves are so random.

Implemented cutscene 6 into game

adjusted all of tony busts because some spots weren’t painted in

Went back to a bg sprite to make a sprite darker because I believe it should be more visible

Started making new tiles for a level

Added in something for gameplay

Added in a new item

Added in new bg sprite to lvl 6

Made new animation for a skill

Added more dialogue for lvl 6

I've been working on a lvl for like 10 hours and it's not done yet but its one of the coolest looking levels in my game.

(1 edit)

Finished level that took 24+ hours to finish. It looks great and is a unique experience. There are some parts where it visually makes you think the game is running slower but when you look at your character he is walking at the correct speed. I also looked at fps to make sure.  Anyway, I literally got lost in my own level. :.-[

Changed minor things in past cutscene. There were grammatical errors. I felt like my grammar could be a bit better so I went thorough it again. It should now be perfect or close to it.

Retiming cutscene 5 a little and 6

Adding 2 more sentences to car level when talking to David.

Adding more content to lvl 7

Changed name of guy on bus. Added more dialogue to his conversation with Agro.

Changed dialogue with Paul from hanotown.

Went through all of the dialogue for lvl 7 to make sure they fit right and have no spelling errors.

(1 edit)

Went back to cutscene 5 to fix the underpaint on Davids head for 3 pictures. I saw the dark blue sky coming through.

Almost done a new cutscene 

Finished cutscenes 

Added enemies for lvl 7

Made a new animation and skill for the new enemy

Going to make bg tiles for the new town

Chucked doing new bg tile sets out the window, for now

Did side view battling tile sets for two new characters and implemented them into the game

Wrote bio about them

Made new battle back for lvl 7

Minimized pillars in bg for this battle back 

I hate doing sideview battling tile sets and I hate doing walking sprites

I watched some stream of baby animals

Was mostly looking for just puppies during the stream

Then I wanted to make a puppy for my game, like right now, so I did

I removed the skill “I am no giant” and replaced it with “Scary Bark”

Made animation for Scary Bark skill

If only you could hear its bark. It’s so cute

Might add more puppy skills if I have time

Also made “Look at me, I’m fabulous skill” which is a merman dancing

I have implemented animations into the game

Made new icons for “Scary bark” and “Octa meat”

Started working on BG tiles sheet for LVL 8


Working on bg tileset for lvl 8


Finished bg tileset

Finished new doors tileset

Adjusted dialogue in first town for one character where potato had an “e” at the end. :-0

Need to make new characters :-[


Made new BG SKY  for lvl 8

Finished template of new character walk cycles



Finished towns people walk cycles

Finished new character walk cycles

Inked a character bust

Finished other character normal bust


RE inked Tony and Gabe C6 SC8 

Finished most busts of village characters, need to do two more

Finished normal, sad, mad, and beaten bust for a character

Finished normal, beaten for another character

Adjusted Character walk tileset 6 and 7 to match their bust better for some characters

Finished all busts for the new village

Currently working on the interior for the houses

Finished all interior houses

Adjusted walk cycles for Tony and Gabe and Agro and David so they pop out more

Added in two new icons for items

Added two new items

Added unique dialogue to each plant in LVL 7.

Implemented a scene into the game 

Put a little over 1k of words into the scene

I currently have to build lvl 8

Adjusted scenes dialogue so they fit better and don’t get cut off

Fixed some tiles in bg tileset

Adjusted tiles 3 for LVL 8

Adjusted C5 SC 11 to match how I built lvl 8 better

Made 3 new item icons

Adjusted colour of a sprite on LVL 8 tileset 1

Made 3 new items

Removed item from a level

Built LVL 8

The entire level is built and I need to start eventing stuff

Adjusted LVL 8 tiles 3 and added more trees

Adjusted inside houses tileset 4 and 5 for LVL 8

Added wood item

Added one more interior house because I forgot about it

Adjusted interior tiles 3, 4, and 5 because I saw little dots that needed to be coloured in on the left side of the house

Added content to interior houses

Made two more busts for LVL 8  characters because I forgot to

Currently placing and implementing text into the towns people

Evented some stuff

Adjust doors with black outline

Trying calculate how much exp should be given out

Adjusted Elle left side bust images so that it looks like she’s actually on her left and not just a flipped image of her right

I didn’t do much text for the towns people because I wanted to a cutscene before you even enter the town

Currently finishing up on the cutscene

The picture above is from the cutscene


Finished a cutscene

Adjusted Agro left side busts so they appear like he’s on his left side and the image is not just flipped which meant redrawing stuff

Fixed grammatical error on testament 

Proof read script for Desert Town

Added a shop


Implemented all dialogue into characters in the town and made sure none of the words cut off

Adjusted Agro left side happy and sad busts because I saw a little bit of his eye wasn’t coloured in

Wrote script for new cutscene

It’s a big scene…  ;..-[

I really don’t want to spoil anymore things in this village because I want it to be an experience. Some of the stuff in this village is sad and really funny.

I started working on the a cutscene

Adjusted cutscene 8 SC 3, put Agro’s bottom crystals in, I believe before I thought I didn’t need to with the added fact that I didn’t want to do it but I need it to be consistent

Still working on cutscene, I’m almost done


Adjusted ELLE’s entire walk cycle to match updated bust

Need to do 2 more pictures then I’m done the cutscene

This cutscene was a lot of work. Fuck me.

Adjusted cutscene 8 SC 5 AND 7 because Games crystals weren’t placed correctly 

Adjusted one of Gabe’s bust

Adjust some cutscenes for Gabes crystals

Fixed cutoff dialogue on one object in lvl 7

Added music for battles in LVL 7

Finished a character sideview battle animations

Added in character face for new character

Finished another characters sideview battling animation tileset

Made three new skills, need to implement the assets into the game and animate them

Made another dog skill

Implemented skill into game

Made new icon for dog skill

Implemented new character assets into game

Added info for the new characters passive state so you can see it in game 

Added info for new characters bio

Made passive state animation for Berseker

Removed Berserker state animation since it wouldn’t work the way I want it to, It still works but just won’t show an effect

Made passive state animation for DMG stagger

Made icon for the Staggered DMG passive state

Implemented You’re too slow into game

Removed “SPECIAL” type skill from game

Specials can still be used but will be found in “MAGIC”

Implemented Staggered DMG into game

Implemented “Spark shit” into the game

Implemented “Too Much Love” into the game

Had to do a work around with some code because I believe things got buggy but it looks good now

Finished another character sideview battle animation tiles

SV tilesets are a witch and I hate doing them

Adjusted cutscene 8

Added a tiny bit more content into lvl 8

Implemented cutscene 9

We are getting really close to seeing the first appearance of Darkness 


Download the demo at the link below if you’d like to play the demo ;..-]


Still working on cutscene

It’s kinda like a fucking novel 

I was very sick yesterday

Threw up then drew

Threw up again then drew

Threw up again then drew

I pulled something in my right arm but it feels better.


Almost done cutscene

Have one more part to do

Image result for bee-lieve in yourself

Thanks Mark! You aren't gonna believe this but I actually had a bee-lieve in yourself pun cross my mind a couple hours ago. It is very weird. Thanks again. Lovely drawing.


That's odd, and no problem!  And thanks I found it on google images (i'm not  that good at the draw)

Finished cutscene and implemented it, still needs to be word box checked

Wrote script for small scene 

Started on lvl 9

Adjusted a little bit for cutscene 10 in colouring a dot and making some lines crispier

Finished level 9 tiles

Built level 9

Implemented dialogue into game

Made sequence

Made a note of how the very end of the game should be 

Currently drawing new cutscene


Still drawing/painting cutscene 11

I am very tired

"Square Onix". Heh.

BTW, checked out your preview/trailer video on YouTube. While I really dig your visuals, I have to say, I think I'd play it with the sound off if that's the music you're using in-game...

I know there will be people who won't like the music and that's fine. Do what you gotta do! 

Anyway, every song in the game is pretty much only heard once throughout the entire game.  I have a ton of music for the game that I even have a spread sheet to keep track of what's being used. I'm very strict on only using a song once. 

Thanks for your comment! ;-]

Adjusted the body of a characters bust so that it matched the right side

Added one more picture to cutscene 10

Have to colour cutscene 11 and I’m done.


I finished the cutscene

I am currently drawing the animated skills for the boss and a character

Drew 4 new skills

Animated the 4 new skills

Made 4 icons for the skills

Added a little bit of content to lvl 9

Made 4 new skills

Made a new battle back 

Up’d cost for magical worm by 10

Need to run couple more tests on boss

Adjusted wording on “Too Much Love” because it gets cut off in the word box

The boss is ready

Made new icon for provoked

Changed an NPC’s name from “Arthur” to “Kyle” in Town one “HANOTOWN”

Made Happy bust for Ed and implemented it into game 

Made new bust for a character

Made new mana and hp potions

Organized items

Implemented what items that you get from the shop in desert town

Applied scenes within boss fight into game

Went back to lvl 8 and fixed text on two wordboxes 

Fixed some doors exit placement in lvl 8

Added small bit of content to lvl 9

Implemented cutscene 11


Working on cutscene 12


Still working on cutscene 12

(1 edit) (+1)

Still working on cutscene 12 but I’ll be done it today.

It honestly takes a lot of time to draw these cutscenes and I could only hope that people who buy the game would appreciate it.


Made small adjustment to Agro body and Tony crystal ink at the bottom by making it cleaner for C10 SC1

Finished drawing/painting cutscene 12

Made tons of several small adjustments on cutscene 12 pics

Implemented cutscene 12 into game

The cutscene looks great imo


Drew and painted LVL 10

Implemented LVL 10

Added 4 new icons

Made 3 new items

Added content to LVL 10


I really don’t want to show the new enemies but I don’t know what to do. 

Drew 2 enemies

Implemented these enemies into the game

Made 2 new item icons

Implemented 2 new items

Added more content to LVL 10

Drew 2 new skill attacks

Made two new skill animations

Made the skills and implemented them into the characters

Made two new icons for the enemy skills

Made new battleback

Working on a new cutscene

Made small adjustments to Agro right busts happy, mad, sad, beat and Agro left busts happy and sad

Made small adjustments to Elle right busts happy, mad, sad, beat and Elle left busts happy and sad

Still working on new cutscene

Finished cutscene

Implemented cutscene into game

Made tileset 1 and 2 for new level

Currently making the interior for the new houses

Finished interior for houses

Working on bg for new level

Adjusted level 11 tiles 1 and added more stuff

Made new character template walk cycle

Finished character walk cycle tilesheets

Finished NEW character sv battle tileset

INKED/PAINTED 4 busts for characters

(1 edit)

Finished inking and painting all busts for characters in new town

Made minor changes to past levels and added change formation option.

Made adjustments and additions to tileset 1 for new town

Updated doors colours 

Build new town

Added characters and dialogue for them into game

Added content to lvl 11

I dunno I did stuff

(1 edit)

Made several new icons for items

Removed/changed some icons like “May’s Hammer” and changed it to “Nickle”

Removed passive states from weapons

Drew and painted 12 new animations for different items so they are unique

The picture above is one of them called “Nickle.” It’s just one of the frames.

(1 edit)

Adjusted "Ellie's touch" item animation 

Made all animations for items and implemented them

Wrote all details for items

Updated item list

Updated what items to get in shop 1

Changed some items placements

Lowered happy revive item to 50 to make it easier to get revive item

Did other stuff, don’t remember

Added one scene to cutscene 11

Adjusted one scene in cutscene 11

Adjusted cutscene 11’s placement 


Updated all of Agro’s busts

Adjusted his eyes and made lines more cleaner

Finished cutscene

Working on tileset for new level

Made more tilesets and finished them

Added a characters walk cycle

Did cutscene

Implemented cutscene

Built some levels

Doing cutscene

(1 edit)

Quick fixes on some word boxes in lvl 10

Adjusted all enemies variables like their ATK and stuff and basically weakened them

Adjusted all of LVL 8 interior houses because the bed sprite wasn’t placed right

Updated LVL 11 tilesets too

Did other stuff, can’t remember

(1 edit)

I want to show you the cool animations and items that I’ve done but I feel like I shouldn’t because if you play the game, everything that you use will feel like a Christmas present cause you don’t know what you’re going to see when you equip it and it’s a cool feeling.

Adjusted boss fight from before and gave it more DEF

Fixed word box clipping

Finished new tileset for new level

Built new level

Made scripts for dialogue and cutscene

Made some animations

Im going to change “Armpits End” weapon to “Hand up my ass”

Making new animation attacks

I started going through my old sketchbook drawings for these new ones

The picture above is one of the newly drawn animations, it’s a drawer.

Drew/painted all new animations

It was quite fun because I was just creating art for fun again even though I used some of my old sketchbook drawings.

Drawing for fun was actually how I created the first inception of Agro.

I did a lot of stuff for the new items

Updated some busts

Updated one cutscene scene

Finished all items for SHOP 2

Adjusted exp gain

Working on cutscene

Working on cutscene

Almost done

(1 edit)

--Can't show picture for some reason. Oh well!--

Cutscene will be done in 1 or two hours.

I will then start working on a boss.

will you be replacing the battle sprites that are rtp?
I really like this project concept :)
looking forward to seeing your world come more and more to life :D


Hi! ;-] If you look at the second page, you can see that I already replaced them. They were place holders. My whole project will have no assets from what the engine gave me. 

Thank you for your kind message.

yes I noticed after I posted :P I like your artstyle, it reminds me of a friend's that uses ace. really great work man.


Ah ok! Thank you!

Finished cutscene

Cleaned up “Furtron” skill

Made new boss

Drew/painted 8 new skills

The picture above is one of the new skills. The other new skills are too cool to show.

Drew/painted 7 or 8 more skills

Made new icons and adjusted some old ones

I will be animating them today, of course I will be making the sound for them too.

I was drawing for fun for these new ones. Except one which was inspired by something from my childhood in the 90’s.

Completely changed some past animations items and skills appearance, they are truly from my mind now.

I went back and changed some stuff.

Made new animations and sounds for some of the new skills

Did all sounds and animations for new skills and stuff, fuck

Made descriptions for all statuses that will appear on the character in battle so that the player can read them in the status menu if they want to. It took a lot of time to do this.

Made new battle back

Updated FACE's file for updated Agro face

Made two new detailed busts of an enemy

The above picture is part of the new battleback.

Implemented new cutscene

Updated one of the items colour

Quick fixed one cutscene picture

Quick fixed “Too much love” skill

Adjusted items

Working on new cutscene

Honestly, I’m working on the new cutscene and it is so much work. It’s more work than your typical, talk to some person, then a bust of the characters show up or a couple still pictures show up for a cutscene. This cutscene is also action packed. I’m trying really hard not to think about how much work that I have to do.

Still working on cutscene

Updated one picture from cutscene 12 and basically just made Elle and davids lines cleaner

Still working on cutscene

Finished cutscene

Programmed levelling changing stuff for game

Adjusted script for lvl 13

(1 edit)

Implemented cutscene 17

Removed weapons with abilities that I felt were too complex

Did so much shit that I don’t even want to say like balancing

Also did boss

Updated some animations

Made script for new cutscene

Updated icons

Updated all busts for David 

Quick fix on all Agro busts

Working on new cutscene

Finishing drawing/painting cutscene

Working on a new cutscene

Quick fix 2 pictures from cutscene 13

My old wacom is literally dying and it makes it hard to work with. If it keeps disconnecting, doing the future cutscenes are going to be quite a challenge for me.

Finished other cutscene

Working on new cutscene

Working on cutscene

Made new busts

Working on cutscene

Made new busts

Darkness is here

Made new busts

Still making cutscene

Deleted 4 years ago

Those were placeholders. ;-]

Deleted 4 years ago

I don't know what show that you're talking about. I'm not going to draw you designs or whatever for your game. I use pretty much all my time on my game. 

Still working on cutscene

Still working on cutscene but almost done

Updated town 1 locked entrances dialogue and added one line for “Ed” dialogue

Finished cutscene

Implemented first cutscene

I have to proof read the word boxes so it doesn’t clip or fuck up words in the boxes

I typed around 2100 words for this cutscene

I have a ton of animating to do.

I had no idea that it would take this long to do this stuff. I wanted to get out of the next town this month but it looks like that is not going to happen. 

Quick fixed C18 SC 3, 9, 11, 12, 14, 15 , 18, 20, 23, 25, 27, and 41

Fixed all dialogue word boxes in cutscene

Implemented 2nd cutscene into game

Implemented new cutscene

Made new script addition to this cutscene

Typed a lot

Checked and fixed word boxes, spelling, blah blah

Quick fixed some scenes like a small part of the sky wasn’t coloured in 

Currently making tiles for new level

This new cutscene may need slight adjustments on the movement of certain animations

Working on tileset for new level

Working on newer level

I feel like I haven’t been working as hard as I could for the past 2 days. Lots of noise in the bg.

Finished tilesets

Implemented tilesets

Finished building level 14

Have to proof read word boxes for this level

Working on new tilesets for new town

Finished tiles for town

Making interior houses

Built level for new town

Adding stuff to level still

(1 edit)

Finished adding objects with unique dialogue to new town 

Made new doors  images for new town

Built interior house levels

Implemented all door level transitions 

Making busts for new characters

I’ve had to force myself to sleep for the past 2 days

Did little work on the busts

Had a panic attack again and decided to just lay in bed

(2 edits)

I have completed the busts of the new characters

Currently colouring character walk cycle animation tilesets

I decided to sleep in today


So about the panic attacks,

I kept thinking that another panic attack would happen and today I felt it was coming again because my heart was starting to beat faster but listening to some guy talk about it and some girl doing some tapping exercises, it has actually pretty much removed it. I breathe regularly now. Like, it kinda blows my mind. It took less than 5 hours of just listening to him and just knowing that he was right. He kept calling out all the symptoms that I had. I kept worrying about a spike of pain that I’d feel or having another episode or if I was breathing correctly. I doubt that I will experience another panic attack while I’m awake again. I should note that had a nightmare and didn’t wake from a panic attack.

I will put the links of the vids that has pretty much made it completely go away, for future reference for others. Some of the views are low but it has honestly helped cure it.

The girl tapping exercise thing  video

This is the video that I watched first, her method actually helps

The first video of Dr.Harry Barry that I watched that helped me understand it

The second video that I watched that helped me understand it more and think about it

The third video that I watched and it calmed me down a lot 

The fourth video of Dr. Harry Barry that pretty much removed it midway through watching it, my heart started to pound again it just turned off and I felt pretty close to normal again 

So, I still sort of kept thinking about it  for the rest of the day because I couldn’t sleep but when I woke up I felt completely normal again but I would say that I’m still healing. I seriously don’t think that working on my game for 12-16+ hours is a good thing which is why I have force myself to sleep.

I’ve downloaded the vids above so that if they are somehow not online anymore, you will just need to find my email and send me a message for them. The reason why I’ve downloaded the videos is because it worked. If a doctor actually wants to help the patient and not have them take meds or something then its a good thing. It’s like how I feel that the medical industry would rather you stay sick because they make money off of people being sick. I’ve been reading the comments and people are talking about how they’ve been dealing with it for years. It’s quite sad.

Like, I literally lost a days worth of work because of it. Time is of the essence for me so I had to find a way to fix it since the panic attacks starting happening daily 3 days ago. If you haven’t experienced a panic attack before then you have no idea what its like.

Completed walk cycles for new characters and implemented them into game

Implemented new character busts into game

Adjusted script to a past cutscene and added more dialogue 

Currently writing script for new characters in town

Completed script

Currently implementing it into game

Implemented whole script into game

Proof read and checked word clipping from word boxes

Made decisions where exp should go

Made new enemies

Made attacks for new enemies

Made new battleback

Updated an animation for a skill 

Made new skills for enemies

Made animations for those new skills and added sound

Decided to give more chances to get potions from enemies so player can heal up after battle

Added dialogue to objects in new town

Put more music into game

Changed victory and defeat songs

Designed 7 animations for items

Made icons for enemy skills and items

Made icons for the 7 items

Put one more item in the first shop

Implemented an Baggy item into game

Made all the animations for the new items and weapons

Image above is part of the story.

(1 edit)

Currently making a level, decided not to follow my original design

Updated tileset 3 for LEVEL 16 and added more stuff

Built new level

Currently working on cutscene

Quick fix Tony crystal on the right side of his body in cutscene 12 for 3 scenes

Working on cutscene

Finished cutscene

I’m going to make a bust for the new boss and make moves and stuff

I've made over 460 scenes for the cutscenes and I haven't even done the most complex ones yet. :..-O

I finished the busts and started working on the part that I hate most which is the battle animations for the boss

Finished two sideview battle animation tilesets

Need to do 1 more

I know I said boss before but its actually bosses. I keep doing this thing where I just don’t want to talk about the other stuff that I actually do because I don’t want to spoil the game. But, I have decided to show the other character this time only because I’m probably going to show them in the final trailer when I get around to it.

(1 edit)

Finished another SV battler tileset

Been playing around in gm2 again, it’s addicting. I have to try harder to not open the program.

The above picture is a sneak peek of an item

Finished a characters walk cycle tileset

I made 4 new skill designed

I animated 2 of them

When I animate, I also make and implement the sounds into them.

Please note that the above gif is the bosses skill and that enemy is not the boss. I only wanted to show one of the skills.

(1 edit)

Adjusted battles before second town like making the drop chance for “goo” 1/3 to 1/4

Completed 3 skills and animated them

Implemented those 3 skills

Made 5 new icons for the new skills

Made bosses and set their skills

Adjusted and made more icons

Made an OBJ in characters tileset

Made cutscene images

Made 2 new bg tilesets

Made more sparkling water sprite tile sets

Finished cutscene images

Made a script for a scene

Made new item

Implemented cutscene

Did some stuff for the game other than the list below

Adjusted LVL 14 tileset 1 and made the holes in the ground how I originally wanted it to be

Implemented cutscene

Added new rock sprites to a tileset

Made script for new cutscene

Working on new cutscene

Working on cutscene

Still working on cutscene

Drawing/painting images the size of my screen takes time

Still working on cutscene

Quick fix on Agro left shoulder crystal for C20 SC12 cutscene

Completed cutscene

Implemented cutscene into game

Created new skill that looks like a dinosaur

Made animation for new skill

Implemented it into game

Made new icon for skill

Fixed letters for “Too much love”

Adjusted the bosses sv battler tileset when they are in crisis

Adjusted all enemies MATK AND ATK 

Testing plains level for how many steps until random encounter

Did other stuff that is so minuscule and boring, I hate doing it.

Above is part of the cutscene

Implemented new faces png

Fixed bug I believe in game for “Blood Rose” that basically like a vampire skill

Implemented dialogue within boss fight

Tested boss fight

Adjusted blood rose position

Put more hp and mana potions drops into enemies

Changed passive states for game and Elle 

Removed one passive state from Agro

I’m currently working on a new cutscene.

The above picture is part of the cutscene. I don’t think I’ve ever shown an action sequence cutscene in full without cutting it off, so here. ;-]

Working on cutscene

Working on cutscene

Working on cutscene

Working on cutscene

Working on cutscene

Working on cutscene

Basically the picture above is a first person view of punching

Working on cutscene

Working on cutscene

Working on cutscene

Finished cutscene

Need to implement into game

Implemented cutscene

Working on bg tiles for new lvl

Implemented new picture to last cutscene

Drew new level design on paper 

Currently making more bg tiles

Finished bg tileset for last lvl

Currently making bg tileset for newer lvl

Finished tile sets

Currently building levels

Finished one level but still making adjustments to tile sets if needed

Added more dialogue to one town

Currently building the bigger level right now

Building level

Doing last touches to level

Made new icons

Made new items

Basically populated the level a lot more. I don’t think that anyone should actually try and collect everything since the level is big.

Updated first town objective event and added something

Implemented more stuff into new lvl like transferring player and items

Adjusted one of the cutscenes so you just press something to go to the the picture, it used to be timed

Testing stuff so everything works as I wanted it to

Created new enemies

Created new enemy skill sprites

Made new icons and item sprites

I need to make a huge script

Made slight adjustments to last lvl 

Adjusted two past battlebacks

Made new battleback

Made more dialogue for a text box in a past level

Made adjustments to dialogue for some items 

Made new sounds

Made new animations and skills

Need to test new enemies

Battle tested/testing enemies

Evented stuff

Made new icon for a skill

Added music to lvl

Boosted hp of a character a little

Made 2 scripts for cutscenes

Started working on new cutscene

Did some stuff in the game

Working on cutscene

Made a colour adjustment to one picture in the last cutscene

Worked on cutscene a little

Adjusted crystal on all of David busts

Working on cutscene

Working on cutscene

Made adjustment/additions to one script

The games story is very text heavy because it’s essentially about the characters. Action sequences are very straight forward because it’s linear.

Adjusted a past script and added a little bit and removed a sentence then made the change within game

Working on cutscene

Working on cutscene

Working on cutscene

I’ve finished inking/painting the cutscene

Doing boring shit, implementing cutscene into game and then will proof check all word boxes

QUICK FIXED 49, 51, 53, 66, 67, 68, 70, 71, 72, 76, 79 images that aren’t fully coloured







I’ll be gone for 2 days. I’ll see if I can still do stuff.

Added a little more dialogue to a character in first town

Animated item and implemented into game

Put character obj into game

Changed unique passive state for Agro

REMOVED TP gauge from game to make the game more simple by just using MP

I made adjustments to the hit animation

I forgot what else I did

Adjusted hit animation again and updated it

Designed new character object

Adjusted chests and made them even more forgiven

Adjusted prices for the potions and made them more forgiven

Designed hp and mana heal animation

Designed revive animations

Implemented hp and mana animations

Made 2 new animations for 2 new skills

Made new icon for a skill

Made animations for revive items

Implemented revive items into game

Started on new cutscene

like your artstyle 

Thank you! :-]

Working on cutscene

Working on cutscene

Working on cutscene

Thought of a new scene for this cutscene and added it to the script because I thought it was funny

Designed new characters on paper

Working on cutscene

Made a script that could be used for a future cutscene

Working on cutscene

I don’t want to show anything because I don’t want to spoil the game. There’s just too much going on in the pictures.

Made script/storyline to be used in the future

Working on cutscene

Created part of a script for next cutscene

Working on cutscene

Working on cutscene

You are most likely looking at this in the future because of what you’ve already seen and you probably want to see the process, so I’ll say something.

You let things flow and go into your butt and then into your mind.

Cutscenes man, tango.

I will again crop images after this and keep things vague.

Made script for future cutscene

Working on cutscene

It’s very hard drawing lots of characters in a single screen doing things

Finished drawing/painting cutscene

Need to implement

Pic above is of a bg

(1 edit)

Implemented cutscene and wordbox checked

Finished new battleback

A battleback is a battle screens background

Working on sideview characters

Updated agro passive state and made it so that when he has lower than 70 mp, he powers up

Finished 2 more sideview characters

Need to do one more

Finished sideview characters

Adjusted an items stats 

Made new skill

Designed new skill animation

Made all busts for new characters

They talk before battle so I’m doing that right now

Finished designing new skill animation

Changing Tony’s “xeno buddy” skill to “Xeno Wraith”

Currently designing the skill “Embrace Everything”

The picture above is one of the creatures that appears in the “Embrace Everything” skill

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