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This tileset is actually done.

I really want to continue making rugs after this game. I don't know if I should continue using rpgmaker though because I’ve had gm2 for so long and never actually used. I would like to make an rpg on that engine but I feel like it would take too long to figure out how to.

FEB 23

Completed tilesets

FEB 25

Made snow particle effect

Made new animation that sparkles, I think it’ll work

Updated bg tileset 1 for lvl23

Updated bg tileset t3 and t4 for lvl23

FEB 27 


FEB 28



Completed new lvl

Designed two new enemies

Designed a new skill tileset


Made three enemies

Made new animation for a skill

Made new skill 

Made 4 new icons

Made new battleback


Added face

Added troops

Walk distance for a battle to start seems good


Made two new skill tileset design

🌹🌹🌹Designing new skill tilesets which take a lot of mental energy🌹🌹🌹

❤️ Demo:


🏗👷👷👷Building level👷‍♀️👷‍♀️👷‍♀️🏗

❤️ Demo:


FEB 2-4

Working on cutscene


Working on cutscene

Adjusted faces png

Made small changes to script for lvl20 checked to see if they cutoff in the word box.

Adjusted and reimported C31 SC3, SC4, SC6, SC7, SC8, SC10, SC12, SC15, SC16, SC17, 

FEB 6-??

Working on cutscene

FEB 23

Cutscene was done a couple days ago

Working on tilesets

❤️ Demo:

(1 edit)

I thought it was a pretty cool game. The written dialogue of Jack didn't feel right. Jack didn't really talk much and when he did, it wasn't like how it was in the game. Then again, this is just my memory of the show.

Visually, I liked it. Some areas looked like it may have had the same tileset, just recoloured but it looked nice and fit the samurai jack theme. Music and sounds were nice.

I didn't really like the jumping in an angle to get to the other side. The clouds in the falling through the sky level didn't look right. The enemies were easy, all you have to do is not fight them head on and swing your sword while running in angle, making the last level really easy to just run through till the end. One other problem that I had was that the game didn't tell me how to attack during that part when the controls came up.

I honestly thought that the end would lead up to Aku being the final boss.

Overall, this game was well done and I liked it!


FEB 2-4

Working on cutscene


Working on cutscene

Adjusted faces png

Made small changes to script for lvl20 checked to see if they cutoff in the word box.

Adjusted and reimported C31 SC3, SC4, SC6, SC7, SC8, SC10, SC12, SC15, SC16, SC17, 

FEB 6-8

Working on cutscene

🌹I made the steam page. :-] 🌹

❤️ Demo:

JAN 26 -31

Working on cutscene

FEB 1 

Completed rough sketch designs of cutscene

Updated splash screen to match my hair :-]

I have to shovel snow!

JAN 19

Completed characters SV tilesets

JAN 20

Adjusted C8 SC1, left eye underpaint on statue

Did stuff for steam page

Made images for steam page that doesn’t spoil much on the game other than a weapon and items that one can get. I’ll try to get the front page approved tomorrow on a business day.

JAN 21

Decided that I should probably make trailer and didn’t want to try and publish the steam page yet

Designed two new sideview enemies

Designed enemy attack skill

Made icons for a skill, drops, and a plant

JAN 22

Made 3 new items

Made new skill and animation 

Tested battles

Designed and completed new battle back

JAN 23

I adjusted one of the enemies and move them lower on the tileset

I made the script for a cutscene

I accidentally got super glue on my glasses lens and took it off using toothpaste :-0

JAN 24

Adjusted troop encounter 

Adding music

Need to apply them tomorrow and implement an event

JAN 25

Applied music events

Updated a tileset

Updated one line of dialogue

✍️Working on cutscene 🌈

❤️ Demo:

JAN 13 - 17

Building level

Adjusted C27 script and dialogue ingame

Added line for lvl 20 script 

Cleanup on C27 SC250A-C, and 252 underpaint

Updated chars 12 walk tileset

Updated chars 15 walk tileset

JAN 18 

Finished building lvl

Making character SV tileset

✍️Currently making a battle sideview tileset 🌻

❤️ Demo:


Completed all the dialogue trees

Updated and adjusted script


Working on bg tilesets


Working on bg tilesets


Updated C20 SC15 AND 16

Completed BG tilesets for new level

JAN 10 

Building level

I dunno did stuff

JAN 11

Building level

DEC 29

Working on cutscene

DEC 31

Working on cutscene

Fixed C27 SC164 and added outer glow of white to beam

Adjusted C27 SC259, adjusted Elles head

Reimported C27 259

Adjusted C27 SC276 and C27 293, added Elle 

Reimported C27 276 and C27 293

194, 195, 196 flipped cut to top of arm not bot

Adjusted C27 SC 257, 258 and 266, Added cut on arm

Adjusted C28 SC45, 50, 52, 53, 54,  added bandage cloth on arm


Working on cutscene


Working on cutscene


Finished cutscene

Implementing cutscene


Implemented cutscene

Added more dialogue to game

Adjusted word box for one amor

Currently implementing more dialogue to villagers

Too scary to play. I know it's a recreation of PT but still. :..-[

(1 edit)

DEC 20 - 21

Working on cutscene v

Just action packed stuff

Switch which songs play in what level

DEC 22-26

Did nothing but play video games. Spent time with family.

DEC 27

Working on cutscene

DEC 28

Working on cutscene

Something big needs to be sent to the graveyard!  :-0

Merry christmas! 🎄🎄🎄

DEC 15

Finished making the battles

Reduced heart shield skill to 3 states

Fixed exposed weakness state, it was too low of priority. I think it’s better now.

Increased cool down of heart shield from 8 to 10

Increased stats by heart shield life gain by 250%.

Adjusted boss and I feel like it’s good

DEC 16

Updated some things in the game and added more music


Reduced dark health by 300

Adjusted cutscene and linked things together because I forgot to

Made poison be removed at the end of battle

DEC 17

Made battle for boss and evented stuff

Reduced potions from 350 to 250 and another from 550 to 450

Reduced mana potion 50 to 30, 75 to 60, 100 to 90

Removed a song for a boss battle and replaced it with a song that I liked more and was more in tune with my mood

Adjusted boss battle more and I think it’s good now

Reduced exposed weakness from 5 to 4 turns

Adjusted description of exposed weakness and status description 

Updated the first tileset of the game and turned off inked line for blood 

Thought about adjusting the first 3 levels and adding in areas of empty patches of grass but decided not to change anything that related to tile setting. Will add flowers though.

Added flowers to tileset 1 on first lvl, updated and adjusted the tileset a tiny bit

DEC 18

Adjusted walk cycle for Laura and made her face sad

Updated Thomas 

Updated Alice 

Updated chars 13

Updated chars 15

Added more dialogue for Laura in game, checked word boxes for it.

Updated script

Made ok eventing for one character even more complex but its done!

Updated dialogue in past level swamptown, Updated script.

Added tiny dialogue to lvl 7 again

Adjusted line dialogue for Sumia and added more if the. Players chooses no. Basically, even if they say no, it will still be a yes because doing more work to make it so that if you say yes that it will be the only way to do the quest is a bit too much work for me right now as I just did a complex eventing and I’m exhausted.

DEC 19

Tested frequency of random battles and I feel like it’s ok

Cleanup on C28 SC51, removed overpaint

Drew new cutscene rough sketches

Working on cutscene

DEC 20 - 21

Working on cutscene v

Just action packed stuff

Switch which songs play in what level


Building lvl

Made adjustments to tileset 2 again


Building lvl

Made adjustments to tileset 2 again

Made new animation for finding stuff

Built level

DEC 10

Updated and added entrance glow to tileset 2

Updated Octakiss visually and added kiss spots

Made 2 enemies side views

DEC 11

Finished another enemies sideview

Made 2 new skill tilesets for enemies

Made a ton of new icons

DEC 12

Made event walk to the door. I have never done this before so it was very new to me. I always just made people just vanish before. ;-]

I’ve optimized the current lvl I was working on by deleting wasted tiled space. I hope it helped. ;-]

DEC 13

Made busts for Thomas and ANGL

Updated what gets a visual indicator when mana is being taken away by a skill. Gave poison to ionx. Gave curse to mana ghosts.

Made 4 new animation skills

Made one icon darker 

Implemented enemies and their stats

Made several new items/drops

DEC 14 

Reduced gold of phohoy and refen which inherently reduced the two new enemies

Fixed animation that was not linked to weapon

Made some enemy battles

Made two new battlebacks

Reduced gold from enemies Refenhad and Pohoy by half. Might knock it down more.

Updated tileset 2 and added 3 more stuff like a Christmas present :-]

Made bg for lvl 

Building level.

I think the level is turning out pretty good. I spent over 5 hours or something just clicking things so things don’t appear to be repetitive and I don’t really feel good about that. Before when making levels it was easier to do but this level is different. It will look repetitive for one tile anyways. Oh well.

Updated and cleaned up bg tileset 2 more

Building level.

I like the art and the atmosphere was great. Game was a bit too hard for me. Unique game. :-]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

I hope you're happy too.

Updated CHARS 15 and added a char

Updated tileset 1 and added one more thing

Updated “It’s My Window” skill tileset and animation

Going to start building level.

I finished tileset 2 and called it one because I forgot about leaving an empty space in the original tileset 1

Tileset 2 was literally just rocks.

I will need to make some additional assets now

Finished bg tileset 1

Going to work on bg tileset 2

Working on bg tileset.

Little no work done today.

Working drawing new bg tileset.

Updated two icons. Added cigarette and smoke to one. Made branches/stems darker for the other.

Designed rough layout of new lvl

Currently drawing new bg tileset

The picture appears to be nothing because the sad fact is that drawing the tileset is actually kind of boring but you just gotta go with the flow.

UPDATED 20 T1 tileset and added one tree thing with ground underneath

I’ve wasted a lot of time today

I’m pretty much done building the level and I’m going to have to start making new tilesets later tonight in the dark.

Jeez your art is so good! :-]

Adjusted lvl 2 and added flowers.

Word box checked for the new dialogue in one of the new lvls. Nothing is cutoff.

Building new level

Added a couple more lines to C27.

I fixed word boxes for items. Some descriptions cut off. Some had to be adjusted. 

I’m adding more to a level by adding dialogue that was never intended. It was just supposed to be a small line but I went on a tangent. Good for the characters.

I’m going to build the next level soon.

I've always wanted to play this game but never had time but maybe you can?

I have reduced all the songs in the game and have saved over 100 mb of memory. Yay! ;-]

I going to listen to some potential music to use

(2 edits)

Still reducing ogg music files. Actually haven’t done anything today. 

Reducing the files is extremely boring.

Reducing the files has saved 500kb and more which is good. Quality of the songs sounds the same to me.

Your game looks cute and funny so I bought it off steam cause I had some money in my wallet. Looks fun. ;-]

Completed two animations

Tested it, looks great.

One of these animations I feel is lacking but it’s ok.

I literally spent hours working on an animation with snow. It looks simple but it’s honestly ridiculous how much time it took to do. Frame by frame sucks. ;-/

I’m going to go through all the ogg music files and lower it a bit to save memory. It will take some hours.

I found some cool music on bandcamp that I wish I could license but I’m scared. The person makes good bangers. ;-]

I found new music to possibly use in the future. ;-]

Finished 2 animations 


Working on animations

Made the items

Completed 3 animations and connected them to their item

They are pretty cool. ;.-]

I have completed the icons

I made the prices and shit for them.

I now need to implement them into the game

I’m thinking about making one part of an area in a past level like a maze to go through with only one way to get to the other side but I don’t think I’m going to do that and just leave the lvl alone. ;-/ It’s the pink lvl bot left.

Making icons, I’ve been slackinggg ;-0