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Some music didn't work but it was an interesting set of games. The one where he was talking about the mean streets was nice but hard to navigate. The one with the family and crops was sad and good.

Yeah, no problem! It was fun. I just like to play games at my own pace haha. That's cool that you named characters after games. :-]

I don't know if you'd be interested in seeing a playthrough of your game, but I did actually record my first time playing the game. I played it a couple times back to back in one sitting. There's no commentary but hopefully it might help you to see how it was played?

I record pretty much every game that I play, so I have a youtube channel where I upload those videos. I run out of harddrive space so I try to upload everything.

Anyways, here's a link to the playlist your game.

I liked exploring and reading the dialogue in the game. It felt like a personal game. I liked that the background art was digitized and looked more pixelated. The only thing that I didn't like, was that the game quits itself at around 30 mins.

Thank you!

I want to say that I enjoyed the game. I really liked the graphics and how old it looked.

Okay I sent it! Enjoy! :-]

Ah I see. No the warning wasn't there before. I had forgot to put it like on my other game. Sorry about that. Could I send a link to your email so that you can play the game on your browser?

Sorry about that. I don't know why it's crashing for you. My macOS is on 10.12.5. I don't know if 10.15.7 is on catalina but I don't think the game works on that OS.

Space funeral is finally on Probably because gamejolt sent many devs an email recently in december of 2021 stating that they are deleting games that are mature. Gamejolt then proceeded to take down everyones pages immediately then backtracked in January 2022 after emails of complaints and gave everyone more time to dispute such a claim or make an update to fans that the game will be removed.

Anyways, space funeral is one of the best games that I've ever played. I highly recommend. Give it a try.

You didn't miss anything cause there's no backstory in the game so it's not your fault. It's in the art book for the game for just one sentence, I believe. But I've talked about this in my other works somewhere. Possibly my new book? I'm not sure, I don't remember. I'm sorry.

I feel like I've said enough about the cure ending. Although, there is one more thing to say about it. Maybe when I feel like it, I'll talk about it in the future. If you have seen the uncensored image of the dog then that's just it. I felt it was part of the joke and made me laugh.

Cool  👍

Thanks!  🍁

Aw, thanks man!

Aw thank you! Yeah it totally is wholesome but tragic. Thank you again lol :-]

Thanks! What a great way to end the vid.

Hey thank you!! :-]

Thanks! :-]

Thank you, I'm glad you had fun.

Hey, thanks man!

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Why rate my game 2 stars saying you tried all the choices and couldn't get any of the true endings? When 1, you know there are 2 special endings, and 2, you watched a video seeing those endings which is essentially a walk through to get to them?

The middle goblin path is a dead end. You need to take the left path or the right path for the true endings. Both paths have secondary dead ends once you are in the castle, but they also have unique art and story.

Thank you very much! :-]

Never heard of henry stickmin but I do know of happy tree friends. Thank you!



Obrigado e sem problemas!!

Yeah, it’s ok. Thank you and I want to but I feel like I could get it done faster myself. If the translation does end up being bad and people don’t like it then I’ll ask for your help for sure!! 

Thanks for telling me about the price thing. Personally, I feel like this year has been a bad year so I think I’ll leave the price the way it is for now. Maybe next year I’ll increase it to 16 reais. Have fun with the games!!

I made that mistake at the pond several times as well when testing. Thank you for noticing the differences in the paths. I think there is a way to do a gallery thing but I also think it will be too much work for me since I've never done it before and there's already too many versions of this game that It's just not going to happen since I have other projects to work on. I appreciate you wanting to look at all the endings though cause I did spend quite a bit of time making each of them. :-]

Ei, obrigado por tentar todos os caminhos! E obrigado pelas amáveis palavras.

I'm sorry, I can't. But I'm pretty sure I put both of those games for $1 or $2 dollars, from what I remember, on steam if you're from brazil. It will also be on sale in november. Have a great day!

I am actually. Thank you for offering to help! I have to ask but if you do it, will you be doing it for free?

Good good  👀 lol

Hey, thanks for the kinds words! :-]

I'm not sure lol. :-]

Hang in there.  🙏

Cause it's great! lol


You make progress with each death by remembering which path you took and which ones not to take.

It's true that there's a lot of deaths, but the deaths are also great parts because I did spend a lot of time making the art for those specific and unique deaths.

You're right. I really should since there's no reason not to. I'll upload it later tonight if I have time.

Aw thank you!! :-]