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Finished drawing/painting cutscene



Family stuff


Implementing cutscene

Tested windows build and everything works fine on newest 1.6.2 build imho even though I didn’t test out the whole game.

Connected LVL23 event to C34

JUN 10

Implementing cutscene

JUN 11

Implemented cutscene into game

Designed and implemented new Damage icons

Made new loading screen thing if there ever is a loading screen which there shouldn’t be.

JUN 12

Designed rough sketch of new level

Designing new character walk for agro and tony

JUN 13

Designing new character walk for agro and tony

Designing and finalized new characters for NL2

JUN 14

Made walk cycle for a character

Currently working on making character walk assets.


❤️Screenshot from my game “NO LOVE” - WIP❤️

Currently working on making character walk assets.


MAY 31

 Working on cutscene

JUN 1 - 6

Working on cutscene


Currently working on inking/painting a cutscene for my game.

MAY 24

Working on inking/painting cutscene

Adjusted 33 39

MAY 25

Completed cutscene

MAY 26

Implementing cutscene

MAY 27

Implemented cutscene

Working on new cutscene

MAY 28

Working on new cutscene

QUICKFIX C27 SC91 B - Made shoulders appear behind body, cleaned up underpaint

MAY 29-30

 Working on cutscene

❤️In the void. It’s quite sad here.❤️ 

Currently working on inking/painting a cutscene for my game.

MAY 15

Working on inking/painting cutscene

MAY 16

Working on inking/painting cutscene

QUICK FIX C24 SC32 and made lines for eyes instead of keeping it solid for Peter, did it to keep it consistent with Agro powered up

MAY 17-19

Working on inking/painting cutscene

QUICK FIX C20 SC40 - I can see a little bit of the BG under nose of a character

MAY 20-23

Working on inking/painting cutscene

Made adjustment to C13 script and added one line of text. Implemented it.

FIXED C28 18, 25, 34 underpaint

❤️Clip of a cutscene from my game “NO LOVE”❤️

Currently working on inking/painting a cutscene

❤️ Demo:


C27 sc68 needs change in blood on mou

C30 k1 needs fix, pink dot left side of screen

Working on inking/painting cutscene

MAY 5-10

Working on inking/painting cutscene

MAY 11


MAY 12-14

Working on inking/painting cutscene

Quick fix on C34 SC24 and drew a line for agro arm


❤️Game I made within my game “NO LOVE”❤️

Currently working on inking/painting a cutscene

❤️ Demo:

Thank you! :-]

Thanks to the people at Bit Bazaar, I have a table at their event on June 22, 2019.

This will most likely be the only time that I’ll show the nearly complete version of NO LOVE in public.

If you like RPGs and are in Toronto then come and try it out. It will be interesting.

Cool game! I enjoyed the overall experience. It was nice.

I'm just making an assumption but the game kind of feels like the devs are from the 80's and they recently met in uni/college in some game dev program that they were in. They became close because of their age. They came to the realization that the other people, who are all younger, that they met in their program are just going to be acquaintances. 

The seats needs seat belts!

Np! I didn't think the story was "meh." I thought it was good. I just felt like I knew where it was going and that's ok. I would still like to play the final game. :-]

Cute game cute story :-]

The box with the lines part was scary lol.

APR 30

Working on inking/painting cutscene

Made small adjustment to script for c20

MAY 1-3

Working on inking/painting cutscene

❤️💙💛Glimpse of the game I made within my game❤️💙💛

Currently working on inking/painting cutscene

❤️ Demo:

I thought this game was really cool. Love games with choices. I just wish that there was more reasoning or a description for why things happen.

Anyways, unique game with cool art and originality.

I thought this game was amazing. I was really just amazed at what they did with the engine considering that it's rpgmaker. I was just blown away.

The story was alright, kinda what I've seen done before from what I'm already seeing. Music was good. Gameplay was pretty good.

Personally, I liked how the game was easy. There were parts where I was stuck but once I figured out what to do it got easier. The whole unlimited tries was great.

The only cons I would say is that there was a black bar that appeared when you go back outside. And, I got stuck in a wall when leaving a room. Luckily the phone was right under me so I teleported to floor 1.

❤️💙💛APR 27-29 Working on inking/painting cutscene❤️💙💛

❤️ Demo:

APR 24-25

Working on cutscene

 APR 26

Fixed underpants on c20 sc30

Working on cutscene

Updated script for 35, added a couple more sentences

❤️💙💛Working on cutscene!❤️💙💛

❤️ Demo:


Working on cutscene

Adjusted reimported C33 SC45, 47, 48, 54, 55

APR 9 

Completed designing cutscene and painting it

Implemented cutscene into the game and it works great

APR 10-15??

Working on cutscene

APR 16-18

Played video games

APR 18 

Mac in for repair

Played video games, on break

APR 23

Got Mac back

Working on cutscene


❤️ Demo:

I'm glad that the game is still on your mind! I'm sure that when you play the full game, it will leave a lasting impression. Thank you! :-]

I haven't been working on the game for a couple days because my mac is in for repair. I'm currently roleplaying as a cute girl who can time travel. It's quite good.

🌹🌹🌹Working on cutscene! Agro shooting a fire being!🌹🌹🌹

❤️ Demo:

I don't like crime irl so I didn't think I'd like the game but I thought it would be funny game so I tried it out. I enjoyed it once I figured out how the game worked and how to farm money and had some sort of idea on what to do. I liked the art and some of the music.

Some of the transfer to other levels objects/events could be a little better but for a first game, I think it was good.

SPOILER: I got the bad end and I'm ok with that. I just feel like, I think the electrical box was a one time item in the game and I sold it... If it was an important item to do a quest, I think it should have been a "key item." I said no to be the big cheese. :-]

🌹🌹🌹Working on cutscene!🌹🌹🌹

🌹🌹🌹Working on cutscene.🌹🌹🌹

If you're reading this and you like action packed scifi fantasy adventure stories then I think you’d like my game. 🙂

❤️ Demo:

(1 edit)

Just some thoughts about witches back in the day that I think about from time to time. I dunno, it makes me sad sometimes to think about. :.-/

I honestly just put the thought in my game.

❤️ Demo:

MAR 23

Updated and reimported lvl 20 houses tilesets

Added new book events to lvl 20

Added new skill to take away mana

Made new icon for said new skill

Adjusted bg of battleback 

Theres an small image that shows up when a move is on, I do not know how to fix it, its small but its wierd

Changed last mana potion to just recover full MP, increased price by 20 so it’s $50 now

Changed last potion to recover full hp as well, increased price by 20 so it’s $50 now

Increased “Embrace Everything” cool down by 1

Reduced“Xeno Wraith” state var damage from 100 to 50

Increased “Xeno wraith, All my love, and I love you” to 25 from 20

There may possibly be a bug with Agro but w/eeeeee

Increased loving revive by 25 dollars so its $125 now

Completed battle tests or a fight

MAR 24

Implemented dialogue within battle sequence for a fight

Added new line to script to C27 and implemented in game, checked word box

Updated and implemented new lines to script for level 19. Checked word boxes.

Updated C33 script and cutscene with some new lines.

MAR 25

Made script for new cutscene

Designing cutscene

MAR 26 - APR 3 ?????

Working on cutscene

Spent time with family

🌹🌹🌹Some dialogue when talking to a rock🌹🌹🌹 :-]

❤️ Demo:

(1 edit)

MAR 12

Ive completed some animation tilesets



MAR 13-15

Working on animation tilesets

Adjusted and updated C33 SC5

Completed tileset designs

Removed TP skill thing that I called SP from menu screen

MAR 16

Made icons for new skills

Up’d duration of “oynx buddy” by 1, it was at 2 for some reason

Took out the word “darkness” from the Anadromous skill’s description

MAR 17

Made new animation

MAR 18

Made 3 new animations 

MAR 20

Made new animation

Adjusted some classes and made them use hand as it wasn’t on

Fixed word box status description for spirit of the lost because some of it was cut off.

Proof read some word boxes.

Tried to bring back berserker animation but it’ll continue to not be used in the game.

Removed berserker from a character. I thought they’d use it but it feels to strong.

Updated a character SV tileset. Forgot the “use of items” sprites.

Ive honestly finished so many animations that I’m not even counting :-[

MAR 21

Updated and added sounds to some animations

Readjusted sprites tileset for “My Energy For You”

Make new animation and skill

Increased the chance of drop rate of stuff/potions for all enemies except octokiss’s and possibly made the game harder in doing so

Adjusted description of two high lvl skills for tony and agro

Removed vehicle restrict script

Removed swap enemies script

Removed event chase player

MAR 22

Made new battleback

Made an adjustment to C33 SC56

Set stuff

Updated “Jolly Jelly” animation and took out screen flash

Added a sentence to an event in Agro’s house

Deleted all objects with money and items in old levels that helped me test. Forgot to delete

🌹🌹🌹Updating an old bg tileset right now🌹🌹🌹I’m so tired.

❤️ Demo:


This tileset is actually done.

I really want to continue making rugs after this game. I don't know if I should continue using rpgmaker though because I’ve had gm2 for so long and never actually used. I would like to make an rpg on that engine but I feel like it would take too long to figure out how to.

FEB 23

Completed tilesets

FEB 25

Made snow particle effect

Made new animation that sparkles, I think it’ll work

Updated bg tileset 1 for lvl23

Updated bg tileset t3 and t4 for lvl23

FEB 27 


FEB 28



Completed new lvl

Designed two new enemies

Designed a new skill tileset


Made three enemies

Made new animation for a skill

Made new skill 

Made 4 new icons

Made new battleback


Added face

Added troops

Walk distance for a battle to start seems good


Made two new skill tileset design

🌹🌹🌹Designing new skill tilesets which take a lot of mental energy🌹🌹🌹

❤️ Demo:


🏗👷👷👷Building level👷‍♀️👷‍♀️👷‍♀️🏗

❤️ Demo:


FEB 2-4

Working on cutscene


Working on cutscene

Adjusted faces png

Made small changes to script for lvl20 checked to see if they cutoff in the word box.

Adjusted and reimported C31 SC3, SC4, SC6, SC7, SC8, SC10, SC12, SC15, SC16, SC17, 

FEB 6-??

Working on cutscene

FEB 23

Cutscene was done a couple days ago

Working on tilesets

❤️ Demo:

(1 edit)

I thought it was a pretty cool game. The written dialogue of Jack didn't feel right. Jack didn't really talk much and when he did, it wasn't like how it was in the game. Then again, this is just my memory of the show.

Visually, I liked it. Some areas looked like it may have had the same tileset, just recoloured but it looked nice and fit the samurai jack theme. Music and sounds were nice.

I didn't really like the jumping in an angle to get to the other side. The clouds in the falling through the sky level didn't look right. The enemies were easy, all you have to do is not fight them head on and swing your sword while running in angle, making the last level really easy to just run through till the end. One other problem that I had was that the game didn't tell me how to attack during that part when the controls came up.

I honestly thought that the end would lead up to Aku being the final boss.

Overall, this game was well done and I liked it!


FEB 2-4

Working on cutscene


Working on cutscene

Adjusted faces png

Made small changes to script for lvl20 checked to see if they cutoff in the word box.

Adjusted and reimported C31 SC3, SC4, SC6, SC7, SC8, SC10, SC12, SC15, SC16, SC17, 

FEB 6-8

Working on cutscene

🌹I made the steam page. :-] 🌹

❤️ Demo:

JAN 26 -31

Working on cutscene

FEB 1 

Completed rough sketch designs of cutscene

Updated splash screen to match my hair :-]

I have to shovel snow!

JAN 19

Completed characters SV tilesets

JAN 20

Adjusted C8 SC1, left eye underpaint on statue

Did stuff for steam page

Made images for steam page that doesn’t spoil much on the game other than a weapon and items that one can get. I’ll try to get the front page approved tomorrow on a business day.

JAN 21

Decided that I should probably make trailer and didn’t want to try and publish the steam page yet

Designed two new sideview enemies

Designed enemy attack skill

Made icons for a skill, drops, and a plant

JAN 22

Made 3 new items

Made new skill and animation 

Tested battles

Designed and completed new battle back

JAN 23

I adjusted one of the enemies and move them lower on the tileset

I made the script for a cutscene

I accidentally got super glue on my glasses lens and took it off using toothpaste :-0

JAN 24

Adjusted troop encounter 

Adding music

Need to apply them tomorrow and implement an event

JAN 25

Applied music events

Updated a tileset

Updated one line of dialogue

✍️Working on cutscene 🌈

❤️ Demo:

JAN 13 - 17

Building level

Adjusted C27 script and dialogue ingame

Added line for lvl 20 script 

Cleanup on C27 SC250A-C, and 252 underpaint

Updated chars 12 walk tileset

Updated chars 15 walk tileset

JAN 18 

Finished building lvl

Making character SV tileset

✍️Currently making a battle sideview tileset 🌻

❤️ Demo:


Completed all the dialogue trees

Updated and adjusted script


Working on bg tilesets


Working on bg tilesets


Updated C20 SC15 AND 16

Completed BG tilesets for new level

JAN 10 

Building level

I dunno did stuff

JAN 11

Building level

DEC 29

Working on cutscene

DEC 31

Working on cutscene

Fixed C27 SC164 and added outer glow of white to beam

Adjusted C27 SC259, adjusted Elles head

Reimported C27 259

Adjusted C27 SC276 and C27 293, added Elle 

Reimported C27 276 and C27 293

194, 195, 196 flipped cut to top of arm not bot

Adjusted C27 SC 257, 258 and 266, Added cut on arm

Adjusted C28 SC45, 50, 52, 53, 54,  added bandage cloth on arm


Working on cutscene


Working on cutscene


Finished cutscene

Implementing cutscene


Implemented cutscene

Added more dialogue to game

Adjusted word box for one amor

Currently implementing more dialogue to villagers

Too scary to play. I know it's a recreation of PT but still. :..-[

(1 edit)

DEC 20 - 21

Working on cutscene v

Just action packed stuff

Switch which songs play in what level

DEC 22-26

Did nothing but play video games. Spent time with family.

DEC 27

Working on cutscene

DEC 28

Working on cutscene

Something big needs to be sent to the graveyard!  :-0

Merry christmas! 🎄🎄🎄

DEC 15

Finished making the battles

Reduced heart shield skill to 3 states

Fixed exposed weakness state, it was too low of priority. I think it’s better now.

Increased cool down of heart shield from 8 to 10

Increased stats by heart shield life gain by 250%.

Adjusted boss and I feel like it’s good

DEC 16

Updated some things in the game and added more music


Reduced dark health by 300

Adjusted cutscene and linked things together because I forgot to

Made poison be removed at the end of battle

DEC 17

Made battle for boss and evented stuff

Reduced potions from 350 to 250 and another from 550 to 450

Reduced mana potion 50 to 30, 75 to 60, 100 to 90

Removed a song for a boss battle and replaced it with a song that I liked more and was more in tune with my mood

Adjusted boss battle more and I think it’s good now

Reduced exposed weakness from 5 to 4 turns

Adjusted description of exposed weakness and status description 

Updated the first tileset of the game and turned off inked line for blood 

Thought about adjusting the first 3 levels and adding in areas of empty patches of grass but decided not to change anything that related to tile setting. Will add flowers though.

Added flowers to tileset 1 on first lvl, updated and adjusted the tileset a tiny bit

DEC 18

Adjusted walk cycle for Laura and made her face sad

Updated Thomas 

Updated Alice 

Updated chars 13

Updated chars 15

Added more dialogue for Laura in game, checked word boxes for it.

Updated script

Made ok eventing for one character even more complex but its done!

Updated dialogue in past level swamptown, Updated script.

Added tiny dialogue to lvl 7 again

Adjusted line dialogue for Sumia and added more if the. Players chooses no. Basically, even if they say no, it will still be a yes because doing more work to make it so that if you say yes that it will be the only way to do the quest is a bit too much work for me right now as I just did a complex eventing and I’m exhausted.

DEC 19

Tested frequency of random battles and I feel like it’s ok

Cleanup on C28 SC51, removed overpaint

Drew new cutscene rough sketches

Working on cutscene

DEC 20 - 21

Working on cutscene v

Just action packed stuff

Switch which songs play in what level


Building lvl

Made adjustments to tileset 2 again


Building lvl

Made adjustments to tileset 2 again

Made new animation for finding stuff

Built level

DEC 10

Updated and added entrance glow to tileset 2

Updated Octakiss visually and added kiss spots

Made 2 enemies side views

DEC 11

Finished another enemies sideview

Made 2 new skill tilesets for enemies

Made a ton of new icons

DEC 12

Made event walk to the door. I have never done this before so it was very new to me. I always just made people just vanish before. ;-]

I’ve optimized the current lvl I was working on by deleting wasted tiled space. I hope it helped. ;-]

DEC 13

Made busts for Thomas and ANGL

Updated what gets a visual indicator when mana is being taken away by a skill. Gave poison to ionx. Gave curse to mana ghosts.

Made 4 new animation skills

Made one icon darker 

Implemented enemies and their stats

Made several new items/drops

DEC 14 

Reduced gold of phohoy and refen which inherently reduced the two new enemies

Fixed animation that was not linked to weapon

Made some enemy battles

Made two new battlebacks