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Looking at the screenshot I see a bird in a cage. During my play through of that part of the game I was an octopus in a fish bowl in a blue empty space. Every now and then it would go into wireframe. I was absolutely confused on what I was supposed to do. Thankfully, a timer appeared in the top right of the screen and it ended the level for me, and I completed the world.

Interesting game for sure!

Cool man!

Aw, don't say that. The game looked funny.

Game looks kind of funny but the game broke on me. Said it couldn't find some howl.png. Luckily it broke with only a couple of minutes of playtime. Music was nice. I really like the art style!

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If you have played Magic Wand then I recommend this revolutionary state of the art book html thingy.

It has a ton of the creators thoughts on the development for the Magic Wand. I had a fun time reading it and getting to know about the process and the story behind it was pretty cool!

There’s something about Magic Wand that I love. At first glance it looks kind of messy but for some reason it looks appealing. The weirdness is appealing and I like weird but I guess I’m also a fan of the creators work.


The things that I liked

What I liked the most was the adventure. It really felt unique and fun to play. I didn’t know where to go and just explored the world hoping that something cool would happen. 

I liked the art style of the game. It has that nice pixel look but the freshness of a 3d game. It’s quite wonderful. 

The music was really good. That indie music touch is so great and it’s pleasing to the ears. 

I also liked how easy the game was. HP didn’t matter for me and maybe that was on purpose.

Mac version can fullscreen.

Can’t die from falling off the edge.


Things I didn’t like

I didn’t like how there wasn’t a good story. I would say that the story felt non existent.

I didn’t like most of the dialogue from NPC’s. They just said nonsense.

I didn’t like how there wasn’t a shop to buy cool new things like potions or weapons.

I didn’t like the blocks that you could break as they served no real purpose.

Hard to get/farm money.

Windows version can’t fullscreen so it may be best to reduce screen resolution to play.



I really enjoyed the game even when I was playing on a trackpad. I guess I would also like to say that this game was very relaxing to play. It was a fun time indeed!

No problem and thanks!

I wanted you to know that this game looks funny. The problem with it is that it says that I need rpgmaker vx to play it.

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NOV 30

Worked on art book vol 3


Worked on art book vol 3


Worked on art book vol 3


Fixed ending for kill the dragon game where the ending image didn’t go away.

Fixed cutscene 28 where agro says Tonys line

Fixed word box where text “cutoff” in G town gathering area

Added hint to hint ghost in G town

Changed version number for the game

Changed miss&evasion sound


Changed visibility of fairy to 50

Worked on art book vol 3


I’m done fully working on this game now that I have finished the art book. I will no longer be updating this page. 

Use this devlog as evidence that one person can make a game and keep it updated daily-weekly.  Anyone who can’t is lying and probably should not be trusted with your money and shouldn’t be supported as there is a high chance that they aren’t actually working on the game.


NO LOVE game

The Art of NO LOVE

NOV 22-24

Worked on art book vol 2

NOV 25

Uploaded game

NOV 26

Worked on art book vol 2

NOV 28

Removed free hint from forest town and brought it to first town because it is essential for players to know about status effects

Adjusted hanotown hint ghost hints and fixed grammatical error

Added hint to desert town

Added more skills to char

Fixed text box cutoff in lvl 9

Fixed cutscene 12 Tony says Arthurs dialogue

Recovered 2 characters HP & MP at their cutscene

Lowered drop rate of tangle goo and havenberry leaf and changed description to say small amount instead of decent, probably should have changed the amount to be higher but oh well

Adjusted swamp town hint

Changed version number to 1.0.2

Worked on art book vol 2

NOV 29

Fixed name at cutscene 18, there was an “i” in elle

Updated credits

NO LOVE is a hard scifi, fantasy, hand-drawn RPG with a unique original story that’s mainly about the characters and delves into topics regarding the human condition from the perspective of one person, Wallace Lovecraft.

It will be on sale for one week at 15% off!

That is all thank you

NOV 16

Figured out how steam works and uploaded game

NOV 17

Updated credit name

Reuploaded game

NOV 18

Working on art book vol 2

NOV 19

Working on art book vol 2

NOV 20

Updated OS support in read me and steam

Updated database

NOV 21

Working on art book vol 2


I will try to release the game on Nov 25, 2019 at 4:00pm PST. I think this is an okay day to release the game, I dunno.

Anyways, I am currently working on volume 2 of the art book.

That is all, thank you!


Adjusted event text in level 20 2

Adjusted text for event in level 20 3

Changed 3 text boxes in lvl 20 yellow house from Game to game

Changed 2 text boxes in lvl 20 green house from Game to game

Increased volume of spark shit a little

Add one more text box for ghost in hand town to talk about what matk and mdef is

Adjusted text for well in G town

NOV 10

Did a lot of testing to see which version is the most optimized and stuff. For example, the one that ran really good didn’t have accurate colours and looked washed out

Single exe test for windows was a failure. That program breaks the game and brings up errors

Because of the above I am leaving the game as is and it runs fine and I will continue to beat my game on windows 

Adjusted text for ghost in F town to day of

Increased steps for lvl 10 from 210 to 250 

Moved C22 event inside to 20,20

Updated C1 SC0A and replaced

Made spotty horse a body item and changed its stats to def 3 from 5

Moved sword item up above them since its a head item - F town shop

NOV 11

Changed the hp healing on revive to 25%

Reduced todds armor to 8 def

Todd price from 60 to 30

Reduced Christmas present to 3 mdef

Changed Christmas to 20 price

Reduced all my sorrows to 5 mdef

Increased nutcracker to 6 def

Changed raccoon plug description from 10 atk to 2

Pushing only to 4 atk

L letter reduced to 12 atk

Reduced l letter to 105 price

Fixed for level 16-2 where you can walk onto of the water at the top of it

Gave a character a bunch of skills and just reusing them because personally I really like them and I worked hard on them and I can only assume that someone will not use them a lot which is totally fair

Reduced D boss hp by 900

Fixed transparent background for text when “you defeated bat” appears in choices matter game kill the dragon

NOV 12

Increased bur bat heart blast volume

Increased the lvl 21 cave encounter rate from 150 to 300

Moved sparkling goo around in lvl 21

Increased 1 al 2 burbat encounter to rate of 4

Decreased 1al and 1 burbat to 7

Increased lvl 22 encounter rate to 280

Increased encounter for lvl 23 from 150 to 280

Increased d8me item sound 

Increased wick trick item sound

Rewrote some of cutscene 32

Yellow ghost fix after blue man

Fixed red ghost very left side text box of forsake to for sure

NOV 13

Removed I like and so tired items from G town

Removed hoodie love and comfy blanket items from W lvl

Increased angel boss gold from 30 to 50

Increased A gold from 60 to 300

Increased flowolf gold from 10 to 20

Increased ico’s gold from 5 to 10

Made HS enemy in OW and in lvl 26 weigh less cause I didn’t like facing it

Increased OW level encounter rate from 235 to 290 which means less encounters

For all enemies in OW I reduced drop rate of hp potion from 24 to 15

For all enemies in OW I increased their agility to 90

Increased lvl 26 encounter rate to 340 which means lower

Clean up of lvl 24 and 26, four tiles

Removed I like you and I’m so tired from other end game shops

Reduced ring of truth to 1 def

The game is a bit easier now

NOV 14

Changed lvl 26 encounter rate to 300

Implemented recover to all cutscenes that I felt should have them

Increased broken heart price from 15 to 25

Cleaned up lvl 24 and 26 tiles, boring, tedious, and stressful work

Adjusted text for agro when talking to gabe

Made music end later for C37

Fixed forgotten to do tile placement on shop

Fixed actor image change for C37

Reduced hemr to 20 price

Reduced blk cred to 10 price

Increased blk cred to 10 mp

Increased broken heart to 50 price

Increased sock and sandals to 30 hp and reduced price to 40

Lowered cost of steel bottle to 40 price and made it 40 mp

Increased radioactive to 3 def

Increased toilet paper to 3mdef

Increased toilet paper to 30 mp

Toilet paper and radioactive reduced price to 50 from 40

Increased sock and sandals to 1 def

Increased steel bottle to 1 mdef

Adjusted steel bottle description so it can fit with “mdef +1”

Increase the money of the enemy A from 15 to 25

Fix grammatical error for O in lvl 26

Decreased encounter rate in OW to 265 which means higher ECR

Decreased encounter rate in lvl 26 to 265 which means higher ECR

Fix grammatical error for E in lvl 26

Added save point to level 27

Fixed last grammatical errors for last cutscene

Adjusted 3 songs to end later

NOV 15

Clean up of a couple tiles in lvl 22 and 23

Changed one line of text in lvl 26

Fixed text box issue on an event in lvl 23

Readjusted two events

Fixed duplicate event and made a new one

Fixed last grammatical errors for C35 2

For enemy A,  decreased random drop to gig and increased the drop rate to 23


As of yesterday, the game is complete after beating it for the second time. I will not be working on the game other than the art books. I will now be trying to upload the game and figure all that stuff out, that is all, thank you!

NOV 2 - 3

Working on the art book pdf


Completed making READ ME’S and MUSIC credit lists


Completed EULA and updated read me’s

Made back cover for pdf

Working on the art book pdf

Completed pdf vol 1


Updated C39 149 music

Implemented credits

Updated C39 138, 160, 165, 166, 201

Removed fast forward

Implemented credits

Implemented intro png that I forgot to do and removed in engine the text version of it

Playing through Mac version


Play testing game

Made notes of what needs fixing


Play tested most of the game

Making fixes to the things that need fixing

Added last credits

Changed a and t acceleration a to 47

Changed all my sorrows to mdef because I forgot I guess and up’d it +1 in stats to counter act the present

Changed spotty horse description from body to head

Changed spelling error of show to shoe in cutscene 7. I do not know if I left it like that to keep it authentic to the dream journal or if I generally made a mistake

Lowered desert dune encounter rate from 230 to 200

Added one line of dialogue for ghost in desert town

Adjusted text for a quest and said “party gained 20 exp”

Changed text for bed in desert town

Added text for forest ghost 

Updated cutscene 18 dialogue 

Fix text in cutscene 13

Adjusted text for one flower in level 10 and made it a bit longer

Fixed Leigh text in F town

Changed requirement of items for quest from 10 to 9

Deleted a characters text during boss battle because it messes with it in a way that I didn’t want but there’s nothing that I can do about it

Deleted another characters text during boss battle which is unfortunate

Fixed cutscene 17 grammatical error for one word

Changed we’re to we are for a text box C18 in tab 1

Increased like 6 items money or some shit I believe, so the player can have more money

Adjusted event text box in S town because it was on copy and paste text

Adjusted shop event text box in level 15 when you talk

Added more detail to text box for an event in S town pink white house

Changed moon child from ATK to MATK

Changed Pluto from ATK to MATK

Adjusted an event text box with more details

Added wait to cutscene 22

Fixed one word grammatical error when I wrote “thanks you”

Added a space after a comma for a text box in cutscene 18, grammatical error

Increase encounter rate on blood mountain from 260 to 290

Fixed level 15 S town pink house because I could walk on walls. Apparently I forgot to do collision

Fixed tileset problems in level 17, I was appearing below some of the tiles and I knew why

Fixed one word box in level 16 where words were cut off

Adjusted cutscene 25 dialogue for two text boxs

Adjusted cutscene 27-2 dialogue for one text box

Adjusted cutscene 27-3 dialogue for two text boxs 

Fixed party members after 27

Increased level 19 encounter rate from 370 to 410

Fixed transfer for event in level 19

Adjusted text for Sebastian in G Town and made it nicer for one text box

Fixed one event in G town for purple pink house where you can walk onto of it

Fixed grammatical error for sum in G town

Fixed and added more dialogue to an event in G Town

Forgot to change assets for one event so  its fixed now and she looks sad

Fixed event so the a different set of dialogue can appear

Fixed soft lock in G town

OCT 26-27

Working on the art book pdf

OCT 28

Working on the art book pdf

Updated cutscene 28-1 with more dialogue and fixes

Removed chase player plugin from game

OCT 29

Working on the art book pdf

Did research

OCT 30

Removed zoom code from attack motion because it makes certain animations and cutscenes not visible for most of screen. Basically, things while be going on and the image of a characters bust is half the screen and cut off. Also, on my windows computer it screen tears when I fight but my laptops screen isn’t very good but still. It’s just best to remove the zoom code. I was going to anyway for FES.

Working on the art book pdf

Updated C8 SC 7 - Elle missing detail on shoulder

OCT 31

Working on the art book pdf


Working on the art book pdfFixed C16 SC19, C20 SC19, C21 1, C27 SC 21, C27 SC26, C27 SC31, C27 SC33, C27 SC255, C27 SC258, C27 SC272   Elle head detail

OCT 19

Fixed level 20 event where the game can soft lock itself

Placed forgotten transfers to new level, whoops!

Cleaned up level 16 tileset for the ground. 

Updated level 20 3

Changed one little part of dialogue in an event. 

Also updated the script for it.

Cleaned up lvl 24 and fixed transitions for 2 events and added more dialogue to one event

Organizing images for art book

OCT 20-22

Organizing images for art book

Cleaned 1 pix tile that looked like it was missing a piece

OCT 23

Finished organizing images for art book

OCT 24

Worked on art book pdf

OCT 25

Working on the art book pdf

Tested pdf export of the art book on Mac and windows and they both work as intended and are really detailed when you zoom in. The cover however isn’t as detailed as I wanted it but it is as good as it can be.

OCT 12

Organizing images for art book

OCT 13

Made new sprite sheet for an item

Made icon for new item

Implemented new item with it’s animation, The new item is called “Sodoofy”

Updated 15 script with new dialogue 

Implemented last shop stuff into level and updated a bg sprite sheet back to its final sheet

OCT 14

Removed 2 items from a town. 

Moved Love rock to swamp town

Removed love rock from level 27

Removed starbuster and bitetastic from lvl 20 shop

Adjusted items in level 15 and made the armors limited items

Implemented new system to limited items

Redid the entire animation for “Sodoofy”

Moved animation for “hole sock” to the left

Tried to make light highlights on the characters for the cover art book but I didn’t like it so I stopped.

Cleaned up small things in the cover art book where some paint went too far over the lines

OCT 15

Organizing images for art book

OCT 16

Organizing images for art book

OCT 17

Organizing images for art book

Made some tiles in LEVEL 7 to not be able to pass through

Updated LEVEL 7 skies because I noticed that the white sky lines weren’t visible at the top of the level lol!

OCT 18 

Added 2 lines of dialogue to a person in desert town

Organizing images for art book

Fixed transfer of cutscene 12 to 13, forgot to transfer and would have meant that a cutscene was missing from the game


I’m dreading that one scene that’s 300+ images alone.

OCT 5-6

Made kickstarter



sent emails and stuff 


Uploaded video to sites 

Submitted game to gog

Worked on cover art for art book, inking

OCT 9-10

Worked on cover art for art book, inking

OCT 11

Finished art book cover

❤️Process cutscene before & after - “NO LOVE” ❤️




❤️We’re going on an adventure before & after - “NO LOVE” ❤️

My RPG game about the human condition is now on Kickstarter! Be a part of it and help make it beautiful!! Thank you!


Implementing new quest


Fixed first town no collision on the left or right houses allowing you to walk on air in some cases

Implementing new quest, it has gotten a bit more complex code wise even if it doesn’t appear to be for the player

Checked if it works and it does! :-]


Updated 2 quests with the new thing that I learned


Fixed snake on rock 

Recording parts for trailer


Replaced a “kb potion” with “mb potion” in hano town.

Added sound for a person in desert town

Implemented more content in desert town

Added on more line of dialogue to an event in desert town

Increased encounter rate for lvl 14 from 120 to 140

Lowered exp for Sano Cloud from 7 to 5

Lowered exp for Aloha from 7 to 5

Added more dialogue in 1st town for Hint Ghost

Moved forest boss picture at 50% and less from -50 to 0 on X plane.

Researching new programs to buy and use - Clip studio I see you!

Changed word “were” to “we’re” in cutscene 17, bad grammar fix

Quick fix on dialogue for cutscene 18, bad grammar and just added two commas

Fixed Beth text dialogue in swamp town. Some text were cutoff but now its fixed!

Fixed tileset for lvl 15 where you appear below it. Personally didn’t like it looking like it was broken when it’s not.

Also fixed an event in lvl 15 that I probably forgot to do. It now works and is just there to be there for one time use.

Fixed fridge in lvl 15 that wasn’t working

Lowered “burning sensation” sound because it hurt my ears when playing with headphones on

Lowered all sounds for “gather the fishes” because it hurt my ears when playing with headphones on

Lowered all sounds for “anadromous” because it hurt my ears when playing with headphones on

OCT 3-4

Made the tailer for the game

Made the Kickstarter things

Researched stuff

Played some video games


Also, I would like to announce that I’m going to be starting a Kickstarter possibly on the 7th.

❤️Before and After of Agro being hit cutscene - “NO LOVE” ❤️

Np! :-]

Thank you! :-]]]


Cleaned up 39_B_SC32 agros top legs which were coloured red , C39_B_SC24 some inked lines overextended too much

SEPT 23-25

Implementing cutscene

Did many fixes, not going to bother writing them down cause it’s cumbersome 


Implementing cutscene

Fixed transferring to levels for lvl 2 and 3

Fixed some bad events because they were showing the snake on the rock - My early events were quite bad.

Implemented various events and skill to an event

Changed “ikes t-shirt” max hp for regent to work from 600 to 300

Implemented cutscene


Added mystery sound to some levels events


I have learned something new with the engine today. Always amazed at what else I can learn from it. :-0 I going to improve 2 quests now.

❤️Crying boy cutscene Before and After ❤️

❤️Sleepy boy cutscene Before and After - “NO LOVE” ❤️

SEPT 14-20

Working on inking, painting cutscene


Finished inking, painting cutscene

Added some content to all towns

Implementing cutscene

SEP 7-13

Working on inking, painting cutscene

AUG 31

Working on inking, painting cutscene


C35 SC55 added glow to beam

Working on inking, painting cutscene

SEP 3-6

C35 SC55 added glow to beam

Working on inking, painting cutscene

Somewhat tired today.

AUG 24

Updated cutscene 25 with more dialogue

Updated an item with more text “pocket item”

Added a little bit more to script for cutscene 39

AUG 25

Updated and added more to C39 script - This is honestly like a fucking book or something in video game form like fuckkk

Rough sketching cutscene images

 AUG 26-27

Rough sketching cutscene images

AUG 28

Finished roughs and now I’m inking and painting the images

Fixed event error for cutscene 27 that skipped a chunk of a cutscene

AUG 29

Fixed overpaint of 69, 75, 77, 81 bg mountain

Working on inking, painting cutscene

AUG 30

Working on inking, painting cutscene

AUG 17

Added two more lines to a characters dialogue in lvl20.

Working on drawing/inking cutscene

AUG 18 - 21

Working on drawing/inking cutscene

Updated script in LVL 20 script for one object and added more content

Did other things like quick fixes on some pictures. Honestly small things that I can’t even bother to try and remember.

Fix of Agros crystal on right shoulder on C9 SC4, 6, 10, 14, 16, 18, 33, 34, 35, 36, 60, 62, 66, 70, 72, 73, 74, 77, 85, 92, 96, 98

C27 SC256 agro ink on head extends too far

AUG 22-23

Working on drawing/inking cutscene 


❤️Screenshot of cutscene that I’m working on - “NO LOVE” - WIP❤️

AUG 10

Adjusted a power up animation by removing a sprite because it was blocking their face.

Increased “I love you” mp cost from 25 to 30

Changed blood rose hit type from physical attack to magical attack cause it misses a lot when david isn’t even a ask user

Other Heart shield cooldown increased from 10 to 13

Increased raincloud cost to from 50 to 72 mp

Made paralyze animation with unused sprite

Made animation for battle

AUG 11

Increased “blinded by the moon” cooldown from 4 to 6

Decreased duration of Paralysis from 5 to 4

Made new animation and state

Made new icon

Made new skill and changed colour of asset

Tested boss battle

AUG 12

Significantly testing boss battle

Onyx buddy toxic counter changed from 52 to 26

Blood rose dmg hp changed  from 40 to 25

Changed “Im doing my best” dmg from 1980 to 700

Added a remove to rain rain, would have forgotten to add it in if I wasn’t testing the battle

Adjusted other “heart shield” and changed it to 0.70 from 3.00

Made bg for item icon white cause I could barely even seen the damn thing in the icon with bg so similar to the organism

Made another icon for cross attack

Lowered “moon” its duration of turns from 4 to 3

Other Heart shield cooldown increased from 13 to 50

Lowered other heart shield to 0.60

Increased “blinded by the moon” cool down from 6 to 8

Increased blinded by the moon cost from 20 to 30

Paralysis decreased to 10% since it happens a lot or maybe Im playing too much, it can break a move

Lowered Magical worm sound to 65 cause it hurts my ears sometimes

Removed traits from v power up because its not fair, maybe I’m tired of losing??? :-]

I have completed testing the battle since I have beaten it and it is kind of easy to do now. :-]

AUG 13

Writing script for new scene

AUG 14

Writing script for new scene

Working on battle

Changed victory battle song, I would like an artist to get more exposure if possible

Changed one other song and removed it from the game and replaced it

Changed paralysis success rate to 0.05 but it seems like it doesn’t actually seem to work

Changed duration of turns from 3 to 2 for paralysis

Added music

AUG 15

Fixed and completed battle again, the last battle was having some problems but I fixed them and it works just fine now.

I have completed the end script and it is very TEXT HEAVY

AUG 16

Drawing/inking cutscene

Wrote a little bit more into script I think. Yeah, a bit more stuff.

Clean up of underpaint on C27 SC204


I can’t believe that it took days to make the battle work. It still bothers me that for some cutscenes, it took months to do. 

Also, it was really hard too test the battle because I kept forgetting that I was testing the battle and kept actually playing the game. :-0

I don’t know how long its going to take for me to do this cutscene as in ink/paint it but I’m going to really try to make things as simple as I can. 

I hope that at least some of these images for the cutscenes get appreciated because single images sometimes take hours to do.


❤️I want to be better - “NO LOVE” - WIP❤️   

Working on a cutscene


Updated chars walk 18 and added made a new character walk cycle


Completed inking/painting cutscene 38

Completed implementing C38

Made two new busts

Removed C7 SC26

Adjusted images for Agro for lvl 19


Adjusted images on objects for Agro for 8 lvls after lvl 19

Adjusted lvl 20 signs for after boss battle

Adjusted images for objects Agro for lvl 21

Adjusted images for objects Agro for lvl 22

Adjusted images for objects Agro for lvl 23

Made new bust

Adjusted images for Agro  in 2 battles

Buffed “Im doing my best” to be more accurate with how much dmg it should really be doing

increased onyx buddy mp for it to 70 from 60

Increased “onyx buddy” toxic counter to 52 from 26

Reduced “onyx buddy” cool down to 7

Increased “blood rose” state dmg to target hp from 8 to 24

Increased “blood rose” to 9 cooldown from 7

Testing and making the battle

Adjusted “ALL MY LOVE” and took out the green colour on the organic enclosure

Increased “magical worm” cooldown to 5 from 3

Increased “magical worm” mp cost to 40 from 30


Worked a little bit on the game

Worked on possible patreon


Made patreon page


Updated itch store page for NO LOVE

Increased magical worm mp cost from 40 to 50

Increased other oynx buddy duration from 3 to 5 

Reworked the other onyx buddy toxic counter and set it 13 from 26

Added other onyx buddy to “Rain rain go away” skill - Forgot to!!

Added description to the other onyx buddy and checked the word box


Working on the battle and things are making progress and play testing it

Changed the hp of a state

Changed colour for enemies hp, I think red and green is good. Reminds me of Christmas.

Adjusted “Im doing my best” state animation for one sprite for 200 frames

Increased “rain rain go away” mp from 40 to 50


What I adjusted for Agro was going to be what I think was the one mistake in the game because it wasn’t consistent but I decided to go through and fix it for all objects manually for those certain levels.

Also the battle that I’m working on somewhat isn’t working the way I want it to in some parts. It’s kind of buggy but it works.

This game was a really nice bullet hell game! I had fun but it was a bit too difficult at a certain point of the game which forced you to play different and just not try to kill everything. I beat the game but I just thought it was a bit too hard at mid game.

I really liked the art and the Steven universe looking character and the music! I think there was a mob psycho looking character as well? 

The shop is weird because you have to say yes to buy to exit the shop. The game also doesn't tell the player the controls.

Nice game! Worth a play!


Finished 2 animations with sounds

Made the items

Checked descriptions if they fit

Retested battles for lvl 24 with updated items, seems good like before again

Updated script with updated stats

Updated trial of your heart with updated stats

Updated lvl 25 stats for objects

Updated all my love crosses to have blue glow


Finished 2 busts and 1 full body

Removed then brought back c27 sc26 to keep it the way it was always intended and to keep the original content the way it is with no missing page because this may be my first and last game


Finished lvl 27

Made two new sideview enemies


Made 2 “All my love“ sounds louder

Updated I love you because the skills hearts and stuff cannot be seen

Updated Ellie item hearts because it cannot be seen in a certain level

Implementing boss

Making script for cutscene 37


Made script for battle

Tested/making battle

Removed some songs from the game

Replacing the songs


Updated songs

Working on new cutscene

I feel nostalgia from my game

Honestly, a single cutscene picture can take hours to complete. It’s honestly mental. I don’t think I’m ever going to do cutscenes like this again.


Completed inking/painting cutscene

Fixed one forgotten tile that wasn’t finished in a level

Added disabled encounter for one part of LVL 25 other world and enabled, also added more stars

Implemented cutscene 37


Made two weather sprites

Reduced onyx buddy back to 3 turns cause its too op on boss

Increased onyx buddy to 60 mp from 30

Increased blood rose to 70 mp from 30

Made new animation and state

Made new bust for David

Worked on battle script for a bit

Working on new cutscene

Updated script


❤️This is the item called “Salad” attacking! - “NO LOVE” - WIP❤️ 

This battle that I’m working on may look simple and it kind of is but it is a little complex and I’m surprised that the frame rate is still great. I’m going to continue drawing the cutscene now.

Currently making a cutscene. I’m lazy today.


Increased onyx buddy to 4 turns

Changed 6 dialogues in lvl 24

Tested out random encounter in level and I think it’s good and this area is hard enough

Made new power up sprite

Sped up one cutscene animation on cutscene I believe


Disabled saving at one part for lvl 24

Updated CHARS 11 and made a save heart for lvl 25

Updated script for summer because I thought of FUNNY LINES lolololololol

Added save thing in lvl 25


Removed actor 1 image

Writing script and implementing objects and the text into the game at the same time. Pretty much making stuff up as I go as usual.


Completed script for level 26

Updated a script with dialogue that was only in the game. Know it’s also in the script as a backup.


Made new bust


Made 3 new state animation tilesets

Made 4 new icons

Added line for Gabe

Updated script with line 


❤️Nickles attacks “NO LOVE” - WIP❤️  

Currently making bust for character

Cute game. For some reason I couldn't hear the music but I could hear the sound effects. I believe it may be because I played it through the web player thing. 

Don't know if the game was supposed to end or you just keep trying out different combinations until you think that you're done. Good work!


Working on new level

Updated BG LVL 25 T1


Working on new level

Made BG LVL 25 T2


Working on level

Made rough dialogue for a scene in GME

Made new icon

Made more lines for an event


Working on level


Finished level 25

Working on new level

Up’d an armors stats

Removed potential boss design from the game and making a new one

Thinking about making music myself for my next game even though it won’t be good

I made my first song and it sounds scary and it’s not very good imo but I like it

Made sideview battler for a character

There’s just not enough time in the day


Played around with seeing if I could remove action sequence 2 and 3

Removed some unused plugins Title magic circles, Extra enemy drops, Slippery tiles, Region restrictions, Save event locations, Stop map movement

Made new skill sprite

Completed 6 skill animations which are essentially the same as the other ones but I redid them

I thought of a cool way to make battles in my next game. I think I should implement it.


Completed 4 animations

Reduced darkness health from 14300 to 13900

Changed Says def to 25 from 32

Made one new icon for a skill

Changed colour of blood for “Xeno Wraith” because I felt like you couldn’t see it

Updated battleback 26 because agro was too high on it and it looked weird. Still looks a little weird tbh but I can’t do much about it.

Organizing document for which songs need to be remove and replaced.

Fixed its my window animation. One frame was off and moved for the house

Redid animation for two skills, “Blinded by the moon”

Trying to learn how to make music


Been a little distracted to be honest with making a little music right now and using a voice. It doesn’t make sense but once it happens I think it’ll be funny cause it made me laugh. Thought about using a flash screen to show you lose health or mana but honestly, this sound is much better for when you choose what you choose. If you honestly can’t pay attention to your health then you probably deserve to game over. I don’t know what else to say but I’m exhausted.