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This is a really cute game.

I really like the art and the look of the game. It’s in black and white but there’s some kind of blurriness to it. The music and sounds are good.

I guess I would say that the music of the game is really quiet unless you are by your mom sometimes. It’s kinda weird.

You can find what the child thinks is a fairy towards the end of the game. I was hoping for it to make an appearance at the end since you had to go a little further to get that extra dialogue. But the game stays within reality and imagination which is cool.

Far From Home

Game 18

A unique tale but an extremely slow one. I liked the simple graphics, setting, and lighting. The music sounds like it’s from legend of zelda ocarina of time but I cannot confirm, I just know I’ve heard it before. I’d advise to hold onto e or q when driving at all times

The People’s Tree

Game 17

This game requires you to be connected to the internet in order to play properly.

The look of the game is really nice and so is the music. I kind of waited for little people to come out of their homes and decorate the tree but that never happened. I like the way the cursor moves. It’s like the madvent calendar cursor but more cartoony looking. All the sounds are great too!

I thought this game was a lovely idea and a neat game. Everyone said very nice things. Just didn’t like that one person who tried to shill their merch.

My favourite message was from Vega in SNOLAND. I thought it was funny. They were a golden purple star.

Down in the Dungeon

Game 16

Down in the dungeon is another game that puts in the past of what it would have looked liked in the 90’s. There’s a lot of text to read and a couple of things to do. It seems like this game and the other game have the skull guy from the hps1 art. It seemed the like kid had so many things, like the best things that you could have gotten back in those days and the shelves were stacked to the brim with them. Kinda felt like it wasn’t that relatable to me but it was nice. There’s a lot of functionality like switching the tv channels, the computer games, and the vinyls even though they were just images and really small sound clips. The option to turn on the lights was nice too.

I’m not sure what that crawl space is for and I thought something scary would happen because it kept opening. The snow appears inside the laundry room for some reason. I think the walking is a bit too slow. Didn’t like the political thing on the wall.

I thought a lot of effort went into the game and it was alright.

Six-street serenade

Game 15

This is a find the hidden objects around the map kind of game which aren’t necessarily hidden.

The first things you see when in the game are really nice. There’s snow but there’s also a gust of wind/snow and there’s some kind of tall Christmas tree in the far background. It was really nice. I then saw a fire person asking for help and I didn’t know what to do. I then saw a fireball and touched it. I started to explore afterward and there really isn’t anywhere to go.

What was kind of scary was when I turned around and saw a snowman cause before I went down the road, I didn’t see it there and instantly knew that it was probably following me once it was out of my cameras view, which is a thing that some horror games do. Still scary though.

After finding all the things, you get a nice little unique animation that seems to have been animated on less frames and it looked great. The art for the model is great too. You also get a nice card with nice music. It was all really nice. I believe the car from sauna2000 was in the level as well which could have possibly been there for decoration and maybe an Easter egg as well.

Good little game. I like it.

Also, I didn’t think it was happening and I thought it was just there as another sound file when you are in the menu but I feel like it it is clear now that the girl talking in the background has degraded as I hadn’t heard her in her normal voice for some days now. I don’t know if it will keep degrading, though. Kind of reminds me of some album some girl showed me and we listened to that was made by the caretaker.


Game 14

I loved the first part of this game. There was a lot to look at and the you can use the rc car which was a nice touch. I wonder what purpose going into the closet is for? I like the dust coming in from the window even though they are huge. I like the whole 90’s feel to it.

I was a little confused when you try to interact with the drawers and the character says that they shouldn’t open drawers cause it’s none of their business. Like why? Isn’t it their room? The games dialogue signifies that it is. Or maybe it’s a sleepover and the other friend went to the washroom and the two friends sleep together in that small bed? Highly unlikely, it’s the kids room. The dialogue was maybe written by different people or the writer forgot what they were writing.

This game kinda felt like a hidden object game at some point. I would say that the worst part was when the light came and things became really hard to look at and I wanted it to end. The question marks bothered me as well. I was really hoping to have been abducted and brought onto a ship. I’ve been really wanting an alien game and was thinking of making one myself. Also, the mouse cursor was always in the middle of the screen and that kind of bothered me too. I used a controller cause the game said it would be best played with it but the cursor was still there.

Overall, I’d only play this game for the first part. Feels like a glimpse into an old era.

You have reached the end

Game 13

There’s nothing that I have to say about his game but disappointed.

I did however play RIP again and actually got further than last time which is pretty cool. But in the 3rd level, I got stuck. I tried multiple times to try and do stuff in level 3 but I ended up giving up. The main reason why is because when I get to level 3, there is not enough time for me to explore and then he sneezes and I get thrown back to level 1. Don’t plan on playing it again.

Eyes & Ears

Game 12

So the main gameplay of this game is like dragons lair without anything actually happening and it's very myst-like, where you walk from screen to screen but this this is in 3d.

There are a some animations and lightning in the background that lights up the level randomly. The being outside the window just turns it’s static pose towards you when you look at the fairy glass. There's some kind of small being by the door rocking their legs I think. What I’m trying to say is that there is a little bit of animations and stuff in this game but it feels like an unfinished project. It’s so short, you can beat it in 10 secs and see everything that it has to offer.

What Lies Within the Ice

Game 11

A really short walking simulator. It’s kind of an interesting game. What I really like most about this game is the visual effects. From the snow falling, the dithering, and the graphics, to how the light at the end of tunnel went further away. Really cool but really short.

Oh yes, the glowing effect is most likely the culprit.

I will and I do like your game. It was weird and strange and I like that and the stacking was a great mechanic to use. It's really the laggyness that turned me off though I can see my other points making the game seem worse than it is when it's really just critiques on the gameplay. I'm sorry if I sounded too harsh.

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Paralysis Penguin

Game 10

I have a problem with how slow the parts are when talking to the glowing dog are. The animation looks laggy and the text boxes appear slow. The text within in it appear slow as well. It feels wrong.

Picking up those those things in the pool feels like a chore. Just a little of that would have been nice but not a lot like in the game. Just felt like a waste of the players time. The last part of this level with the glowing dog seemed interesting but went on for too long because of it also being laggy. The story in general still doesn’t make sense or has anything to stand on as of yet.

There’s a second area where I thought the game would pick up and certain characters from a big franchise are there. Not really sure why. This level is kind of frustrating until you figure it out but the stacking mechanic is actually a great thing. Text boxes do not reappear and that’s fine since none of their dialogue helps you. Also, the text boxes in this level are normal now and it’s clear that there was some kind of slow down in the last area for some reason.

Then there’s a third level. The dialogue here still doesn’t give us anything for the story except for the last one that talks about grandpa who was talked about before with the glowing dog. We are then shown an animation that lingers on for far too long and overstays it’s welcome. I had to turn it off. Don’t know if there’s more after that part but I wasn’t going to waste anymore time. You could hear laughing while it’s showing as well. Seemed like a joke but there’s a problem when the joke goes on for too long or doesn’t serve any purpose or have any hook, line, and sinker.

Even though the game appears to be experimental in nature, it's interesting and I would give it a go if it doesn't lagg.

After watching a bit of the 5mg playthrough, it appears that the slow down was just me but I couldn’t have possibly been the only to have experienced the game this way, could I? And if there are some people who have experienced it, would they comment about it? So yeah, I’m not sure what to feel about the game lagging anymore. I guess I just had a bad experience with the game.


Game 9

I just stood in the corner and waited for texts to appear. I think the ringing is annoying but that’s how I feel about such things in real life as well. Same goes for alarm clock sounds.

Only thing that has any relatability with Christmas is that the place where the main character is staying is cold. I think having snow falling outside of the train would have been nice.

The tone of the game is overall kind of creepy and made me kind of scared of the mom. The music helped with this.

In the end I thought it was an original idea and it was great!

So after playing all the games I would say that as an experience, this compilation of games was pretty good. Though I would personally stop playing at specimen #08. The story and games after specimen #06 start to take a turn for the worst and really become individual experiences and not the chronological interconnected single narrative that I believed it to be.

It kinda felt like a drop in quality at a certain point because different people make different games and tell different stories. So even if they had something to work with, it still may not be coherent or fun to play. And you can’t like tell people “What are you doing? Making a game about collecting books again? People have already done that.” Because they did the work and you have to take what you can get. Like at least they finished it and contributed to this work and that’s cool. Making a game is already hard enough.

I wanted to say how amazing the ui is for this game is though. I’m talking about the main menu for this compilation. It’s so smooth and easy to navigate through. The sounds do sound a lot like they came from metal gear and I’m not sure but they sound great! And they way the disk looks and the sound that it makes when it’s spinning is so cool. I think I’ll always remember how cool that is. Oh and I love the whole secret files and stuff when you look at the log notes. Yeah you know what, the sound design for this particular main menu is amazing. Like the log note section has these nice paper sounds and these hands appear as you look down the paper. It’s so cool!

Even though I didn’t like most of the games, I still think that chain is worth a play and one of the best things to have come out in 2020. For anyone who likes low poly, ps1 looking games, and a unique story from games 1-6 and 8, I’d say give it a try!

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195 Hours in the Cold

Game 8

A unique game that I feel told me a little bit about the story of ones past. It has it’s own feel, and it’s a bit dark in terms of lighting. Throughout the game I kept asking myself who the hell is this guy talking about but you find out by the end.

In the beginning of the game I walked through the sliding door, only to be forced to walk out the other door because of some invisible wall. I then walked outwards into the snow until I hit an invisible wall because I thought that, that was what the game wanted me to do. I’m glad that the game didn’t let me walk too far but why are those doors even accessible? And to make matters a little worse, there’s another window/door that you can go into and actually walk around in the place that you tried to walk in before. Like what was the point of that? Anyways, it’s not actually a bit deal so whatever. What you were supposed though was open the front door which gives a cool effect but I feel like being able to walk into those other doors before weren’t needed.

You collect a bunch of things that look like florescent lights in this game. I remember being in his room and going into more rooms which lead to nothing but a sink and toilet. I kinda expected to find a florescent light in there but it’s a waste of time to even explore his room in general.

The text in the game disappears too fast. Hard to read the text when some last way longer than others like the first bit of dialogue that you read.

I dunno, this game was alright.


Game 7

I think this game is one of the best looking games with a unique style. It has music that reminds me of the something that sounds like it could have been from the 90’s and it works well with the game. I thought the amount of story in the game was pretty cool but still hard for me to know what I really liked about it other than it being strange.

The animations remind me of cboyardee or pilotredsun type of animations and style.
I don’t like walking up to a door to only have the door above me on the next level level. It makes it difficult for me to stop running since all I was trying to do when walking through the door was go up. So basically what happens is I go up into the door, in the next screen there is a door above me, I then exit the door that I tried to enter which is annoying. This happens when walking “right” into doors as well. I don’t like it.

The art was really good with the characters and stuff and how they moved. The animations and everything were neat.

Anyways, I felt that the game was pretty cool and the story about the substance was alright. Nice game!

Six & Six

Game 6

You are in some winter landscape in front of a pool with fishes in them and you have a fishing pole. Trying to fish is hard and trying to read the dialogue that’s going on in the bottom of the screen while fishing is hard. Let alone with fishing being hard, I couldn’t catch anything. I don’t know if it’s because the fishing mechanic wasn’t actually implemented but it just doesn’t seem to work cause once it looks like a fish is caught and you try to reel it in, the fish unhooks itself. With no controls, it’s hard to know how to play.

And I had no idea if I was supposed to fish to continue the story and get the true ending. I saw a campfire and I kinda expected to fish to survive to get the true ending but it seems like the fishing was just there to be there and all you really had to do was stand and read the text, wait like 8 minutes and watch the screen go white and let the game end. I get it and to be honest, I prefer the game be that way. It’s just I was juggling fishing with trying to read the story and missing out on it.

Artist of a dead world

Game 5

I’m not exactly sure what I just played and where the theme of Christmas takes part in. I’m not a fan of the huge warping of textures and something about the game feels modern. I would say that it has to do with the textures. Usually when I play old ps1 looking indie games, I want to feel nostalgic and imagine that the game could have been released back in the day. Also, I just love low poly looking games.

I would say that the sound design is really good and the way that they did the lighting was really good as well! It goes from dark to light and the use of many colours was really nice! I think the character art was nice as well and I liked the way that they talked.

I felt that a lot of the game felt cut off and it felt very limited but even though it stays true to what the story was about, I was kinda expecting to open doors and find keys.
I would like to say that I’m thankful for being brought back to life after falling in the pit.

Neat little game.

Godforsaken hole called...

Game 4

Love the look of the game and how the smoke looks like it’s physically going around the ball. I also like the sound of the ball. I don’t like how the smoke feels like it’s fighting with the ball, like there is some kind of wind. Or maybe the ball is a bit slow or troubling to control? The game reminded me of how much I don’t like mazes and how that if I ever make a maze again, I will make it more linear and just plain easy. 

Even though the game is short and easy, it’s a lot of banging into walls and searching. There was one area where there was this little door opening that lead me back to the start and I wasn’t sure what the point of that was. Instead, if you continued going left you would have made progress towards the end of the game, I think. I thought the door was a hidden thing like a shortcut to the end of the game but it wasn’t. The last part of the game was pretty cool and reminded me of that old apple commercial.

December 3rd

Game 3

I loved the physics of this game and the story felt real. I loved how you can drive the boat and turn on it’s light and reverse. I found only one smoke thing with a story that also sat in my boat after reading it. It appeared to me that there were plenty more things to find but I just couldn’t. There’s just not enough time in the day for me for me to play games that aren’t linear anymore. I also just couldn’t continue to drive through snow that blocks your view on where to go. I tried though for over 10 minutes but I kept finding the light house. Even when using the compass to drive in a straight-line for like south and west, I couldn’t find anything. Not even the smoke thing again. I’m generally interested in what others who are better at the game and have more time on their hands would find.

Great game.

Screenplay in Autumn

Game 2

I thought this was an interesting game with amazing music. The set and the way it was shot was really cool. I loved the unique way in how it told the story. It was very scifi. I liked the story and how it touched on the paranormal, really cool.

I would say that I wish the controls were a little bit clearer cause I was confused on what I was supposed to do at first but I guess that’s how it is for most games where they don’t tell you how to play. Maybe having the handle pop out and be it’s own little model would have been nice so I would have known that it was interactable. (I don’t like how spellcheck says that interactable isn’t a real word)

I appreciate not being able to type with just clicking as clicking that many words for it to appear once for each letter is kind of annoying. Using the spacebar and enter felt better and easier to do. I guess it being that way kinda makes you feel like you’re the one writing the screenplay and the slowness of it builds tense but I would have preferred to just see the whole dialogue.

Cool short game.

Game 1

All you do is walk around and get teleported back to where you started when the noise/sound hurts your actual ears. Got bored and stopped. Felt like maybe this game was inspired by PT but I wasn’t interested in staying in the game any longer to find out. I don’t particularly like the texture warping. Things are also pretty hard to see with the filter. I did feel a little tense walking through the cloth, though. I’m hoping that even though I didn’t beat the game, that it’ll still allow me to play the other games on their specific day.

I think this advent calendar of games is a wonderful thing and the people who contributed to it are pretty cool.

I love the look and feeling. I think the art direction is good. I think one of the camera angles in the game was really nice as it makes you see what it wants you to see so that you can progress through the game and when games are done like that, it’s good.

I felt the game was really easy. It was really a fetch quest sort of thing but I like that stuff.

I don’t know what the game is about or why the main character just took the tape without opening the door to try and see who left it.

When I got to a certain point of the game I was afraid that it would be the end of the game cause it had only been like 15 minutes and then it was over. I’m interested in the final product if there ever is one.

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I thought it was a neat game with a unique mechanic. I would say that I enjoyed it but the ending was a bit disappointing for me cause we don’t know if the sheep actually loved their owner from what I remembered. We were just told by some random fairy that we were free. Pretty much I just wanted to know what the sheep really enjoyed their life after the thing that happened at the end. Also the end just ended with game over. Did I lose? If so how? I saved all the chickens.

Oh and I guess I would say that I wished it were custom assets but it did look nice.

Nice little game lol. Love how your garage is clean though.

It’s a very horror-like artsy walking simulator kind of game. Some of the visuals are a bit much with all the flashing. Made me have to close my eyes at one point. The game is short though and there were some cool visuals. I enjoyed it.

I liked it. I thought it was fun going around and doing stuff at the start. I thought all the people at the camp were sketchy. I kinda felt underwhelmed towards the end. You really need to collect like all the items to be able to beat the game, I think.

The last bunch of words we see on end screen was quite long and I couldn’t read everything on top of the filter being on top of it. Like you only have a couple seconds to read it before it goes away. Not enough time to read it.

I liked how the story is separated in acts with nice art.

I didn’t like the filter on the screen even though I thought it was cool when it got worse.

I think the amount of boxes with text dialogue on them was pretty cool.

I enjoyed the game.

I think the game is interesting but I don’t particularly like the controls. Game kinda plays itself before the last level. The art-style is nice.

At a certain moment in the game I was getting tired of being lost in the woods and not knowing where to really go but I kept going. Never really have seen a horror-like game about fairies except for that one vr game but I don’t think that game is horror from what I’ve seen from it, also I’ve never finished that game.

With how this game ended I thought it was a pretty cool short and sweet game.

I think this game looks visually cool and I’ve always liked fog in games. The crystal character and the ps1 feel to it and very nice. Reminds me of a game I never had but would have loved to play on Christmas day.

The story for the game is in the description. It sounds pretty cool though and I wish there was more as I’m not sure why the crystal is even doing what they are doing.

Like the starting area felt empty and I thought there would be more visual story telling, I guess. Tons of levels felt like an empty box. The only level that kind of had some kind of unique look to it was the ones with the columns, with that one boss who could turn their head. I kind of expected more at the end of the game but it wasn’t really much either. Like that column area worked well because the columns could break when the enemy did their move and that was cool. The end boss was kind of a let down. I thought that maybe the end world would be more visually cool for being a place where you could fix the world.

I however did have a lot of fun and the game was easy. That first time fighting that thing that launches at you caught me off guard and that was cool. I would say that this game reminded me of kings field. In the kings field game you would go close up to an enemy and attack them then retreat and attack again.

I think the feeling of the game was nice and I enjoyed it. It was a short sweet and simple game.

The game can take up to 15-22 mins to beat.

I thought it was a neat little game where you pretty much look at the stars but something interesting is within. I love the whole mystery behind these kind of things and I love not knowing but I wish I knew more.

Something that I didn’t like was the whole fake vhs screen scratching. It a bit too much of it happening in my opinion. I don’t remember vhs’s actually being that worn out to do such a thing. The vhs filter-like appearance in games has been done to death as well but it can be done right. I wish more games were just sharp because one day it won’t be as sharp as we remembered. Will people in the future then make 1080p games for nostalgia? I dunno and why am I here? But yes, I enjoyed the game.

Short little game. Has kind of a creepy vibe to it but nothing actually happens and it isn’t scary. I enjoyed it though.

There’s one thing about the game that I don’t like and that’s the filter that makes it look pixelated. It doesn’t look right. It looks artificial even though it’s trying to look like an old ps1 game I think. I would say to just make textures that are low res and make a game that way but who am I to say what the dev should do?

Trying to read stuff is difficult and the movement doesn’t help.

I would say that the camera angles were pretty good so it makes walking in them a bit easier but it’s still difficult to walk through some levels. Especially when you’re trying to open doors.

Was walking through the same wooden level twice really needed?

I think the mirror reflection of yourself was kind of cool cause the character had red eyes. I think it would have taken some time to actually implement that and that’s what makes it cool and stand out to me.

I like the slow pace of the game and the visuals are kinda nice like going outside to get the watering can. I thought the sky gave a gloomy look and the brown walls with some green gave a familiar feel.

I don’t think the second ending wasn't a good use of my time but the game was short enough that I could beat it within 6 mins. I guess I would say that I didn’t particularly like the second ending and I wasn’t fulfilled by it. It was a game jam game so what am I really supposed to say? These jam games are done quick and having a second ending should be a good thing. Anyways, I much preferred the first ending where you did water all the plants. Strange, I know.

Great little demo! Love the watercolour art. I like the dogs facial expressions. When you're in the water their face looks funny. Very undertale inspired. The running sequence was cute and cool.

Everything in the game was very nice and pleasing.

Trying to go into settings menu soft locks the game.

Hope this game gets completed some day.

The extracting process is relatively easy but when you do, there are a couple of files that get extracted.

1st, the file that you first download is a rar file.

2nd, once extracted there’s another surfacing compressed archive folder called surfacing.lzh and a setup.exe above it. So I was sitting there thinking which one am I supposed to use and what is a lzh file? And whats the point of the setup file when you can just extract the lzh file which then extracts a bunch of folders and files, like a typical rpg maker game, into the one space where you are extracting? Like you could just make a folder and drag and drop the lzh file in there and then extract it but why would we have to do that ourselves?

Using the setup is an easy way to extract though. The thing is with the setup file is that if you don’t click on make an uninstall file then you’d have to go and search for it’s location after you’re done playing it to delete it. If you’re like me, you have a ssd and another hard drive and I keep my indie games in the other hard drive that’s on my computer so if I forgot to click "make an uninstall" then I’d have to go in search for it in the c drive to delete it. And why is the exe for the game called rpg_rt?

Not a big deal but would prefer to just extract the file, click on the surfacing folder like in the lzh file, scroll to the bottom of the folder, click on the surfacing.exe, and start playing.

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I thought this game was pretty amazing. I loved the art and how cute the characters were.

Story was good and cute.

The writing was really nice and wholesome. The people in the towns were pretty mean and you feel it. Felt bad for the seal.

The music feels really old but it works. It was alright.

The game itself looks very old school. Perhaps nes-like? Store description says gameboy so I guess gameboy.

I felt the puzzle-like things in the game were pretty easy to beat and I’m thankful for that since I’m bad at those things. It took me a couple tries to get past that grass area. (The bottom last picture on the store page) and a house section cause I got a little lost.

I would say that the random encounters were kind of annoying but it is a love hate relationship. I like it but I also don’t. Like when you’re trying to do a puzzle and enemies keep popping up, it got annoying is what I mean. The good thing is that the enemies were easy to beat for most of the game so I didn’t mind much.
I never actually used all my skills or items in the game which is unfortunate. The only things I used were mainly the 50 hp things and the remove poison skill. You get a lot of money from the enemies and pretty good items from them so that’s always nice. Items from chests were great too.

I felt that the items in the store were very well priced.

I thought some of the enemies were interesting. Like the plastic things being some of the enemies is neat.

There was one section of the game where I felt the tiles looked messy with all the blue. Even though it was relatively easy to navigate and beat enemies, it wasn’t nice to look at but that was only one screen of the game though from what I remember so it wasn’t actually that bad.

Extracting the game could have been easier.

I really enjoyed this game and hope other people do too!

I thought that this was a nice halloween game. Though the story is really predictable, I enjoyed it. There was one section of the game where the music turned off and didn’t comeback on until you left the area.

Love the character designs and art.

I would say that it’s a good game to play for halloween.

This game is heavily inspired by dragon quest which is an rpg that I don’t like. But this game looks old and I find the visuals cool. I thought it was a bit of fun for a little while. I had to stop playing, though. I got lost on what to do.

I think maybe this game took too much from dragon quests design. I’m sure old school fans would love it though.

This game has some really great art and visuals like the water having your reflection and the water-level. There are also some interesting images that pop up. I think I need a more linear game right now.

Good job on the game!

Same thing happens to me.

I love the old school look of the game. This feels like a dungeon crawler type of game. It is however a bit too difficult for me. :-[

Interesting game.

I liked the art and the ui. Collecting things was nice and using stuff was alright.

The writing was ok and was humorous. I felt that there was a little bit too much of the main character saying their own name and saying how they are between the ages of 4 and 17 in a lot of the dialogue in the game. Is Jam full of herself?

Not sure why I couldn’t light the string that was holding the key because Jam was afraid that the house could burn down, but it was ok that I put the painting in the back on fire and the stove??? Doesn’t make sense but I guess it doesn’t have to because it’s supposed to be funny.

I know that there are many endings. I liked the one with the gnome. I still have yet to try a lot of the other combinations but from what I’ve tried, they are alright. Everything is alright.