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Did little to nothing

Went over to brother and his wife home

Watched a show

Working on cutscene

I would think that I haven’t been very productive

Might see some friends tomorrow

Working on cutscene

Working on cutscene

Even though I have the thought process of what needs to happen is in my head, the in-between parts have pretty much always been made up on the spot, sorry.

Working on cutscene

I feel very tired

I can’t find a picture that is subtle in spoiler territory so I will not show a pic today

Working on cutscene

Updated and changed a line from cutscene 25

Working on cutscene

Working on cutscene

Finished script

Wrote a little bit more for the script

Organized refs for cutscene

Going to start drawing the cutscene

Designed fear ani, silence ani, and poison animation.

Didn’t actually do much.

Working on script.

Moved yellow follower a bit to the left

Did other stuff of course

I feel like the fight is good the way it is now

Going to work on a new cutscene and combine all the dialogue scripts I’ve made for this scene into one concise script and add new stuff at the same time. I dunno, I’ll just do what I have to do.

(Edited 1 time)

Changed how effective “exposed weakness” is and made it stronger

I’m not even going list everything I’ve done because it’s pretty much been a lot of back and forth

Balancing battle because I can break it

Removed something from blood rose because it gave an error and I believe it’s fix

I wrote some dialogue for a cutscene in the future

Debuffed “Gather The Fishes”

Adjusted “Telly Rabbit” animation

Updated “Telly Rabbit” tileset by making the lightning effects thicker because they looked like lines before and it bothered me when it looked like lines

Cleaned up/Updated “Blinded by the Moon” Tileset because the grey colour went beyond the inked lines

Finished balancing the current skills

Fixed “embraced everything” skill because it wasn’t showing up

Fixed word box on “Heartless heal” because it cut off from word box

Debuffed “I love you “ and dropped it to 500 hp from 2000 hp

Made animation for Kabu’s state

Made animation for Birdation’s state

Adjusted some enemies stats

Testing a battle

(Edited 1 time)

Animated a new skill thats like a beetle

Balancing skills for characters

Balanced enemies and made the game easier

Adjusted “Mana Balloon” and made it stronger 

Almost done

Picture above is not readable but that is pretty much all the skills in the game.

Designed “Kabu” animation

Made “Kabu” icon

Designed “Birdation” animation

Made “Birdation” Icon

Animated “Birdation” skill

Basically what happens in this skill a bunch of birds just hit each other until a single one hits the enemy.

Changed grass colour for “OYNX BUDDY”








Designing new skill animation

Designed two animations

Debuffed “Fire Buddy”

Finished animating 4 skills but 2 need sounds

Changed colour of of rock things on 16 4 tileset

Finished a couple animations, basically two

Finished two animations and their states “Agro’s one” and “Dark Spirit”

Updated one of the tilesets


Currently working on 1 animation, just need sounds so I have to make em

Adjusted most skills so that they appear longer

Adjusted “TOO MUCH LOVE” sprite and updated it so that the chain isn’t connected ( it was messing with the enemies on the ground who are big )

Completed 2 animations “I’ll Protect You” and “Binding Love” and “Oynx Buddy”

Made sounds for animations and implemented

Adjusted 3 of Tony’s skills and lowered the damage that they can do

I want sushi

Added states that will be removed when a skill is used

Completed 2 new animations “Xeno Wraith” and “Mana Balloon.”

Animated Rain rain go away

Animated another skill

Animated embrace everything

Animating new skills

Pic above is a glance of embrace everything.

Cleaned up the 12 new skill designs

I’ve been really tired for 2 days. :_-o

Made 7 new icons for new skills and updated oynx buddy icon

Updated window for game and added a heart

Updated Paul dialogue in first town and added more text

Currently animating skills

Picture above is some skill icons

Finished designing two detailed skills

Finished designing a very detailed skill

Finished designing a dark spirit skill

Currently working on another detailed skill

So many skills to design

I added more to a past skill

Im currently working on this skill

So I’m going to try and explain it because I don’t want to show it

Basically what’s going on is, Agro pops up and uses his ultimate then the Agro in the box image disappears. His ultimate is a god like creature that has a skeleton for a head and bandages around it’s body and has a baby and it’s arms are out like it’s holy. Theres a heart in the middle and sword like crosses appear in the sky and form while the heart bleeds and then the enemy gets attacked.

Finished designing “Binding Love” and “Oynx Buddy” skill

I’m basically just designing the rest of the skills in the game.

Designed a new skill. I’m not sure what to call it.

I’m currently drawing a new skill.

I'm tired.

Renamed “Bandage shackles” to “Binding Love”

Finished designing one skill

Currently designing a skill that I call “Mana Balloon”

Finished designing the skill “Embrace Everything”

Updating “Xeno Wraith” and adding more stuff

Currently designing a new skill as well 

Picture above is a glimpse of cut content in the game that I originally wanted to be in the game.

Finished designing new skill animation

Changing Tony’s “xeno buddy” skill to “Xeno Wraith”

Currently designing the skill “Embrace Everything”

The picture above is one of the creatures that appears in the “Embrace Everything” skill

Made all busts for new characters

They talk before battle so I’m doing that right now

Finished sideview characters

Adjusted an items stats 

Made new skill

Designed new skill animation

Updated agro passive state and made it so that when he has lower than 70 mp, he powers up

Finished 2 more sideview characters

Need to do one more

Working on sideview characters

(Edited 1 time)

Implemented cutscene and wordbox checked

Finished new battleback

A battleback is a battle screens background

Finished drawing/painting cutscene

Need to implement

Pic above is of a bg

Made script for future cutscene

Working on cutscene

It’s very hard drawing lots of characters in a single screen doing things

Working on cutscene

You are most likely looking at this in the future because of what you’ve already seen and you probably want to see the process, so I’ll say something.

You let things flow and go into your butt and then into your mind.

Cutscenes man, tango.

I will again crop images after this and keep things vague.

Working on cutscene