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Updated and removed the left shoulder crystal from

C1 SC2, C1 SC4, C1 SC6

C2 SC2, C2 SC4 

C4 SC3, C4 SC5, C4 SC7, C4 SC13

C5 SC7, C5 SC8 HAP, NORM, OPEN, C5 SC9, C5 SC10

C8 SC3, C8 SC10

Cleaned project files of cutscenes by getting rid of things that don’t need to be in it any longer like ref folders. I used to scan my drawings from paper then use it as a ref for drawing in photoshop or bring in a bg asset so I can use the colour of something that I was referencing like a vehicle. For example, the scan refs alone in one file caused it to be a bit over 500 mb for some reason. When I took out the ref it went to 20 mb. I feel that taking out the refs would be a good thing because in future when I try to put it into public domain, it’ll just be easier for someone to download. Some refs will be left in.

Some of my first files are hard to navigate. It’s disgusting. It’s atrocious.

Updated the end for cutscene 27 script and just tried to make it have more of a flow. 

Working on cutscene

Working on cutscene.

Fixed cutscene 24_35 missing crystal on David and Tony. Cleaned up overpaint on the cloud as well.

I would say that I’m 85% done the cutscene now.

Working on cutscene.

Working on cutscene

bg colours

Working cutscene.

Interesting game. I got bullet ant. ;-]

Working on cutscene.

A little bit of action. I feel like progress is slow. Yay! :-]

Working on cutscene

A little bit of talking and some action sequence.

Working on cutscene

Slow day

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Working on cutscene 🌹

On some talking scene now.

Working on cutscene ;-/

Interesting game. I personally love that all the blocks in that one maze section said something different, I really wasn't expecting that. Well done!

Working on cutscene

Just colouring. Its quite boring and monotonous. Drawing little mountains like this is zzzzzzz.

Working on cutscene

Just colouring nothing special.

Nice little honest game that feels lighthearted.

Working on cutscene

The picture I just finished looks cool and it will be animated in game.

I’ve got the idea to make some kind skill tree-like system for NL2. It would be my shitty attempt at making one but it would be simple and quite interesting. I honestly think that it would be pretty cool.

Visually nice. Too hard for me! ;..-[

Working on cutscene

The game looks great and it's kind of scary.  I suck at the game but oh well. I like the menu screen.

Nice looking game. I don't like the story .

Good game. I'd like to see what happens next.

Interesting game. It looks great, just wish there was more to it.

Nice little game. I wish some of my questions were answered in the ending but they were not. 

Touching game. A must play.

Working on cutscene

Working on cutscene.

Working on cutscene

ESRB is too complex. I feel that it should be simpler.

Everyone (All ages)

Teens (13+)

Adult (18+)

You’re right that someone will pick the young age option as a joke. I think if there is going to be a rating system then they should take it seriously when choosing “Everyone”. If not then strike for misuse? And, if they get 3 strikes then they get banned??? 

I think your content descriptions is good.

Working on cutscene

Currently working on cutscene

I feel like I should put what I did yesterday. Hopefully, I will only do this once. I may have babbled on about stuff.

My windows laptop had a black screen with only the cursor being visible. I connected a lot of cords to it and a fan cooler to it. It looked like it was on life support. I had to let it die because it would show/do nothing when I tried to enter recovery and restarting tricks didn’t work. When it finally died I gave it a quick 5 min rest before I put in the power supply and restarted it, hoping for me to at least see the logo. The logo did show up and I got into the recovery mode and restored it to an earlier date. This labtop has really gone to hell and back with me and I like how the computer still works even though I’ve had to restored back to factory settings in the past. 

This particular black screen session happened because of some windows update. I downloaded the witcher games because they were on sale. I launched the witcher 3 and saw that same update that messed with the computer try to install and canceled it.

I haven’t played any witcher games before so I thought I’d try it out because people say good things about it. I’m playing the first game and the dialog system that they built is really intricate. Like so many things can be asked to certain npc’s judging by what you find or who you talked to about stuff. There was even something that happened at the beginning of the game where you had to make a choice and a bit after in the game when you get into a fight on a bride, it gets brought up that this could have been a different situation on the bridge because of the choice that you made in the beginning. The last rpg game that I bought was final fantasy 15 for pc when it was released and that game was a shit show. I’m truly amazed at the witcher 1 game and I could only expect it to get better with the newer games.

Put holy songs on some mp3 for the mother

Yeah, it's quite odd that I can't port to Mac. That's really cool that you're making a unity version now. I think you're smart and that's cool too.

Working on cutscene

I think I’m taking a break for today

Working on cutscene

I tried to make an executable on my Mac but it didn't work. I also looked for help online and no luck. I honestly have no idea what to do.

Working on cutscene

Working on cutscene

Working on cutscene

Updated one of the scripts with a more descriptive sentence.

Working on cutscene

Working on cutscene