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Making character walking tilesets

 It’s boring! ;-]

I’m done building the first level but it still needs events and stuff

I made doors

Currently making character walk cycles

Working on building the levels

I have implemented the short cutscene into the game

I’m going to work on building the level now

Implementing cutscene now

Working on small cutscene thingy, almost done drawing it.

I have completed 20 - 3

I will need to implement it and build the level now.

I’m going to change the two text boxes now in a past level. I will show a glimpse of it when it’s implemented into the game because it will be a very short cutscene. I will try and not get carried away.

Almost done lvl 21 tilesets

I’ll be doing 23 left which is actually 20 -3, I don’t think ill be calling it 23.

Working on tileset 3 for lvl 20

I’ll be doing lvl 21 tile sets next

Working on the bg tileset for the current level, I’m trying to use as much tileset space as I can.

Working on the bg tileset for the current level

Fixed description for two weapon having wrong stats

Fixed grammatical error in one of the first levels, good thing I clicked it. Changed some text boxes.

Made some changes in text for some items

Lowered spark s sounds because I thought it was too loud again

Playtested lvl 16 with enemies and it seems good now

Im going to change two text boxes and liven up the mood and be funny in level 15. One will talk about a fighting game, one will talk a dream and an office.

Working on creating the bg for the current level but I didn’t do much today. ;-]

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Completed battleback

Made new enemies in game

Made new items

Reduced aloha and sano clouds items price 

Made new skills for enemies

Made enemy battles

Implemented songs

Removed the regular attack hit2 sound from the game because I didn’t like the sound of it and replaced it with 2 new sounds 

Adjusted stats for mp on any body armor which there was only 1, wanted to make it more of an incentive to buy it even though I’m sure no one would but it just depends on your play style

Need to playtest the battles

UPDATED LVL 16 3, one of the bushes looked weird and it was outside the grid so I fixed it. I also made the bushes inked lines thicker.

Designed enemies

Designed enemy attack

Working on battleback LVL 16

(1 edit)

Adjusted all characters in games stats again by lowering certain stats even more or certain stats even higher so it’s more clear of everyones strengths and weaknesses.

Lowered an items stats by 1, I believe I was pink hat

Adjusted forest creatures stats in past level

Increased drop rate of items for items on the creatures in the forest lvl

Lowered exp gained from forest creatures

Lowered gold gained from forest creatures

Lowered steps for random encounter in past forest lvl

Made the smallest rocks on lvl 9 and 10 to be able to walk onto of.

Lowered items that you get from enemies from a level to the ones below except for Goron

Lowered boss item drop because I felt the best item drop may be too op to get twice.

Play tested forest lvl, seems good now

Play tested lvl 19, seems good now and it just does seem pretty lenient no matter how much I tried to make it a bit harder but whateverrr

Made 3 new icons, one for cool downs, two for enemy drops, I have not made the enemies yet but I have some kind of an idea for them.

Adjusted agro passive to power up if hp is low, Agro becomes OP is low so I had to adjust the enemies to better fight him because he does kind of break the game a little when fighting normal enemies but it’s still ok. I want it to be a little easy because I really did make a unique story and this game is about the story but then again it’s more about the characters.

I thought the artifacting in the music was my fault but its because of it being exported to ogg files. Makes it sound like listening to vinyl.

I’m thinking of making enemies in a level that I didn’t put enemies in. I’m going to do it since I can’t stop thinking about it.

Updated enemy stats for current battle and made it a bit different

Made sounds for the enemies attacks

Updated MTLBWY sound and removed Furtrons placeholder sound

Implemented some songs

Lowered the “OK” sound in system cause I thought it was too loud

Lowered most of the sounds for the animations in the the game because I felt they were overall too loud.

Removed sound for Pluto from he game and made a new version

Changed some more sounds

Lowered some menu sounds.

Play testing the level,  it’s feels kind of easy so might make it more harder.

Completed battleback 

Currently working on the enemies in battle. I think they are fine dmg and health wise. I think I’m going to be more forgiven for the health drop items.

Made icons for enemy attacks

Made icons for enemy drops

Made drop items for enemies

Adjusted LVL17 battle back and reimported, just moved FG ground up more

Adjusted an animation and removed flash screen because I thought it wasn’t needed

Updated Pink hat by adding two more inked lines

Moved spotty horse to the left

Made spotty horse a head armor

Adjusted stats for an item and increased price for it in 2nd shop

Moved animation of an item to the left

Currently making a battle back

Designed enemies and enemy attacks and currently implementing them into the game.

Completed the cutscene.

I need to do enemies now.

Added potions to one of the first levels. 

Working on cutscene.

Need to fix any broken word boxes.

Working on implementing cutscene into game

Just thinking about animating the scenes is exhausting lol

Reimported C27 SC161

Changed/added some lines to C27 script and implemented it into game


I don’t think ill get much done today ;-/

I’m don’t feel that productive

Some random guy online gave me some choose your own adventure vampire game and it’s quite fun. I just started it.

I guess I’m just slacking today but I’ll try to do a lot in a short amount of time.

Goodnight. 🌙

(1 edit)

Finished drawing and painting cutscene.

I will now begin to implement it into the game. I will also do little adjustments on maybe 1 or 2 past cutscenes by adding 1 or 2 lines of text or something.

I'm glad that you had a good time playing my game demo! Yeah, the rock thoughts are nice but I had to remove the ability to talk to rocks in the later levels. 

Yes, the adventure in the game is really quite random. Thank you! :-]

I really liked your game. I thought it was unique. I'm not sure what the story was about but the presentation of your game was cool and atmospheric. 

I also liked the change in gameplay throughout the game, especially the part where you get to go fast.

Working on cutscene

(1 edit)

Force quit using task manager on windows. Right click it in the task manager process, it will now say end process, click that. Then proceed to uninstall. It's probably a good idea to keep your games in a separate folder once you download them. You really don't even need to uninstall them, just delete them if you know where they are as most games on this site are DRM free and shouldn't even want to to install on your computer.

On Mac just click on the apple in the top left corner of the screen and click on force quit, then click no the app you want to close, then delete the game. If you can, go into your library and in application support and stuff, delete stuff left over by it. ;-/

Working on cutscene

I’m drawing people just standing.

I think this game  was a nice collective art piece. Good job!

Working on cutscene :-]

Working on cutscene :-]

Working on cutscene

Some guy came to the door to give some talk and a paper about some political talk which I didn’t care for. All I could think of while he was talking, was how good his cologne/perfume smelt. So good.

Awesome quick fix! ;-] 

They screen became a bit bigger, thanks. 

Nice little game. 

Now reading your description for the game, I can see that I died by being too annoyed. Awesome game over screen, though! Good job!

I liked how it had childlike drawings.

The music was placed kind of cinematically which was very cool.

There was a tutorial screen with a dark bg and the words were in black??? You should have made the words white so it's easier to read.

Overall, weird game but I kind of liked it because it felt like something I would have played when I was younger. Just a weird game.

(1 edit)

When starting the game and choosing the size of the window, once the game starts it becomes a very small window. I believe it was at 320x320. I could not play it at that size.

I think the game looks great but I found it hard to play. 

At the wizard section, it got really hard and required skill to beat. I suck at the game and just could not do it. 

Good job on the game, though. I think it was well made.

Working on cutscene

I going to have to go over my brothers today. I don’t think ill get much done today, oh well.

Very cute game!

The music was nice to listen to, the art was cute, and the game is adorable.

It's quite short but I think it had a good message and it felt like a choose your own adventure game and I love those types of games. ;-]

Good job!

I think this is a good game. It feels like a game boy color game. And, when I mean gameboy color game I don't just mean by the visual style, I mean it's a hard game. 

I don't really like the jumping onto the platforms collision and the leap of faith sections. Thanks for the option  to continue if you die.

It's a good game but a bit too hard for me. ;-]