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leon sandstone

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immediately after unity spalshcreen, an error says the program is unresponsive, force kill or wait. waiting causes the error message immediately.

I tried running your game but it did not work. I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 with a cybertron i5 1050 ti machine

I tried to, but itch won't make the download public so I gave up for now.

yes I am a game developer solo. but also an artist on a canadian based unity team.

I was trying to make more platformer templates, just animations are burninng me out. those weapons took 4 days oof.

Armors are next though, and then some kitchenware.

that I did. 

you know this inspired me to make my own animated icons. :)

thank you sir.

ran out of time, but got more going :)

got the inventory up and running, will work on adding items tonight or tomorrow.

the inventory graphic has been made, needs some more assets to make it all work, but will hopefully have inventory in game functional by next weekend if all goes well.

yes I noticed after I posted :P I like your artstyle, it reminds me of a friend's that uses ace. really great work man.

will you be replacing the battle sprites that are rtp?
I really like this project concept :)
looking forward to seeing your world come more and more to life :D

Week 1: created objects and tiles and controls, no sounds.

Week 2: created a fort, added music made in Finale 2014 make music. added a radial menu, created a simple mechnic for dialogue to test some ideas out.

added concept for a tavern/inn

Week 3: created a character sheet, added rolls and stat/skill checks as well as a simple loot system. added hud. 

on the todo list for next week:

create an inventory system and tabbed character sheet buttons.

create button in hud for opening character sheet.

save and load player information character sheet system begin framing.

create a barracks for the town to the east and place near the tavern/inn.

add static image of an npc for groundwork for a communications mechanic example.

overall goal right now: Demo release in March around my birthday.

I think it would be nice if you included credits in your description of the game. I can see a lot of hard work went into this game. Keep up the good work :)