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Elohan Chronicles Devlog 1

A topic by leon sandstone created Dec 29, 2017 Views: 125 Replies: 3
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Week 1: created objects and tiles and controls, no sounds.

Week 2: created a fort, added music made in Finale 2014 make music. added a radial menu, created a simple mechnic for dialogue to test some ideas out.

added concept for a tavern/inn

Week 3: created a character sheet, added rolls and stat/skill checks as well as a simple loot system. added hud. 

on the todo list for next week:

create an inventory system and tabbed character sheet buttons.

create button in hud for opening character sheet.

save and load player information character sheet system begin framing.

create a barracks for the town to the east and place near the tavern/inn.

add static image of an npc for groundwork for a communications mechanic example.

overall goal right now: Demo release in March around my birthday.

the inventory graphic has been made, needs some more assets to make it all work, but will hopefully have inventory in game functional by next weekend if all goes well.

got the inventory up and running, will work on adding items tonight or tomorrow.

ran out of time, but got more going :)