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 Sergey, the programmer, just finished game code optimization and I made marketing plan along with youtube, journalist and streamer lists, 

within this week we go to next stage

it is custom engine, might be hard but we can try after we finish the critical stuff

I have no ideea how the coding is, my partner does the coding, but I am testing the game on a 2007 generation laptop and works perfectly so I asume it is good .

Thank you for the motivation boost!

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The Late alpha test session is now opened for most active soldiers with @Die Hard role in our Discord room, soon we will open Beta for everyone only on our Discord.

You can join our Discord here:

First elevator is going dooooooownnnnn

I love how I saw your game starting out with some rough mockups and screenshots and turning out more and more polishd. Very good progress & serious development!

Order of priority ?

- baricade

- loot

- defense pozition

- explore

Thank you for the motivation boost!

Thank you for the prompt response, strange because it happens to other 3 severs at the same time just now

What happend to the discord room ? I get an error when I try to conect

Order of content on current build version
- intro story (done)
- starting quiz (done)
- the 3 tutorial maps ( pending )
- intro cutscene with vehicle conversation ( pending )
- tutorial map area (work in progress 60% done, can be explored but may be bugs /missing content)

- mechanics ( all done but some of them need adjustments and bug fixes)
- content ( 90% is done but only 5%-10% is implemented)
- Ballance (pending)

Id say we are now on a thin line between late alpha and early Beta

And some random tests in getting my squad killed 

Since I had a medic in the squad I thought it was a good idea to visit the hospital in order to have my medic interact with medical equipment in the hope of making more progress for a vaccine - on the downside a door after it's opened it stays open, might want to add a barricade door mechanic in the future

Good retro feel, welcome to itch


what kind of games would you like to make ? shooters, racing, strategy etc >?


I love it

Can I asume you are a contra hardcorpse from sega genesis fan ? 

I like the overall design of it, creepy and retro just on my alley


the final game screen is the path choosing a screen, basically, after the player exits a zone he can choose which zone to visit next during his journey, each zone will cost him one day, after all, days are finished he will only have the option(also he will unlock) final zone.
Note that during city travel he will use fuel.
With this design, I think we can extend gameplay time to as much as we want with the condition to have enough random pool content not to become repetitive

the art looks nice but other than that there is not much I can give feedback about

Promotional update

Our Discord is up and running:

More open space maps

exo armour :D

Also the stats are going to be invisible in final version to increase the survival feel

and small adjustments on travel map

So, big update.

Working on jungle map enviroments and travel map system

Thank you. I am not yet sure I want to release a Demo but surely I will have a closed beta
More SciFi/horror movie reference
I tried to create an environment based on the movie "The Mist" more exactly the pharmacy encounter.

So far I got the layout and the eggs just that in my version instead of spiders are worms.
Hope you guys enjoy

Fantastic visuals

UPDATE: We added an eye made of flesh which got a telepathic attack that stuns soldiers, does not do damage but combined with zombies or other monsters this can increase the difficulty by A lot, I am thinking of using this only on infested maps.
The mechanic is simple, it got a target that chases soldier and when on top of them it stuns them for a couple of seconds (inspiration from Ehterial alien from Xcom)

And heavy environment/plot updates
this map is heavily inspired from movie "ALIENS" were the colonial marines had the first encounter with the aliens 

Hope you guys enjoy and if you have any suggestions from other classic movies environments/situations let me know and maybe I can add it

Right now I am making maps and programer is fixing bugs and after Ballance part I -> travel map adjustments -> some extra features(maybe, depends how much time) -> Closed Beta for people on this Discord -> Ballance part II + bug fixes from Beta -> final version adjustments -> DONE
Then comes marketing, PR, setting up a steam build, setting up an itch io and Gamejolt build and so on

 This week was fast because I had a vacation from the day job so I worked full time on the game but next week I start day job again so it will be a bit slower.
5 maps left, this last 5 are the hardest, here are infested buildings with some sort of bosses heavy inspired from aliens

I work now on a chemical plant from the industrial district and I want to do a humble re-cap of some of the features:
- each map got its own personality, for example on industrial maps there are high chances you find fuel and components
- we got a minimap, available only if you do a certain upgrade to the vehicle electronics, this is good for big maps but optional
- chemical terrain does chemical damage but some armours like for example the one that medic got and engineer in the screenshot offer immunity from chemical damage and fire damage
- each character got his own speech lines according to certain events, this is nice for increasing the game feel depth 
- the pipe layer is on top of everything, they are not interactable just for visual effect, I think they also provide a nice depth for the environment

Just 10 more maps left to finish and then -> ballance -> travel map adjustments -> final tests -> bug killing -> DONE

Character equipment menu

Seems like a very thriling experience

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More updates

Now we only got left:

- map making

- ballance

- lots of bug fixes

- some tweeks in travel map

And here is some enviroment progress:

Hope you enjoy :)

Hey ,

Out topic has just been unlocked so here are a few updates we did during this time


We now work on saving the game system.
Here are some general characteristics:
- save game costs food
- the cost of save game is determined by what characters you got in the squad and if they got a certain skill upgraded
- the player starts with 1 save game slot but can unlock 2 more save game slots via achievements
- save game can only be made during travel map

We want to take "save game" in a different direction then what is standard but also we do not want to go fully "perma-death" so I believe this will be a nice in-between mechanics


We also are adding part of content now, NPC`s and random encounters and I also started work on the tutorial, just that our time is very limited with

#UPDATE 3 (this was during first days of 2020)

We are tired... its been around 3 years of constant work(2 updates each week), the pressure is getting in our bones and more personal problems occur in our lives but the results are coming and working on this game holds me on a floating line and also makes me happy, this year we want to release "Chromosome Evil", I don't know the exact date but we estimate around 5 months of work left.

With this been said we are now doing final tests for outdoor environments.

And also I started working on story art & text, here is a small preview, don`t judge too harsh, all this is work in progress

#UPDATE 4(now)

We are now at that point were I just need to make map & tests and my pertner only needs to fix bugs and help with ballance

Hope you guys enjoy

Looking good Oscar !

Trailer is out :D

Only took 3 years.... still 1 more year of development ahead

That would be very nice of you.

I can give you a text file from the game to chek it out if you want.

Can you contact me on discord?

Thank you so much for the kind words!

We will try to make words/sentences as fluid as possible but since neither of us is native english it will take some time

As soon as we got a free short version we will post it on itch IO same as we did for TAURONOS and before this we hope to have a alpha or beta for our discord fans but we do not know any actual dates for this, our only set deadline is to fully release the game by May 22 2020.

About trailer, small spoiler warning: the captain of this team its his brother

Meantime trailer visuals are done.
We now work on implementing sound effects made by Alin Enesca(Delysid sounds)

What do you think that the squad will find beyond the door? 

hey guys, new update, trailer scenes are done, we now only must polish them.
Meantime I finished the design for random encounters.

Hope you guys enjoy!


We are very busy with the day job and working on the game and we disappeared a bit from social media but the game is growing solid, we also just finished the development plan for this year and by our worst-case scenario calculation we should start building the campaigning maps from December, and no promises but if all goes according to plan we should have a Trailer release next month and a first beta build on Halloween.

As for this exact moment, Programmer is fighting to bring the trailer to life and I just finished the design for the New Game options, there will be 4 questions at beginning of each new game which will let you choose the starting bonuses, staring team and resources.

Also, I am working on achievement, each achievement will give New Game some more starting bonus resources and unlock more gaming modes, so we aim for achievement with rewards

Meantime ...
We had a major update, we finish the AGGRO/Difficulty design and spanners in the editor

*6 levels of difficulty/aggro and they are based on player choices from random events, map travel decisions options and exploration/combat strategies
*6 types of monster spanners (we can create modes with just clasical zombies outbreaks or going full dark and turn it into a nightmare Lovecraft theme)
*level up system main balance
*level up popups and menus all work now
*Xp rewards

Thank you!