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Timelapse of cutscene artwork

And final with full interface

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More encounters

Context (mockup) 

Animation I made for camp screen

Working now on the camp choices and visuals


I am trying to also integrate the inventory menu within the War room interface.

Each slot will provide the player with a minimum of 2 choices and a maximum of 3 choices for upgrade equipment.
There will be no perfect build and the goal here is to create a unique build on each playthrough providing freedom to the player and more ways to play.

Please bare with me, the main target here is to have low gameplay time, around 3-max5 hours of gameplay but HUGE replaibility value

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I reduced the speeds and added some adjustments.

Also my partner started adding the rollovers and tooltips I made + a mechanical arm for unit selection.

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just added more polish and also additional visuals for different screen ratios

And the first iteration of the parallax effect

Made some more progress

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Some more progress.

I will try to keep all details minimal on the environment and go high-detail on interactive components.

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In the meantime, I start to decide on the color palette and final polish adjustments on the game design.

This is a critical part of the game because here the player will spend half the gameplay time so I try to polish it as much as possible. Community » Game Development » Devlogs · Created a new topic New Game
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I started development on a new game from the Chromosome Evil Franchise.

It won't be a direct sequel but rather a small prequel of sorts with different mechanics mixed with the RTS combat part.
I am going for a Diegetic UI design combined with easy 3 choices per day type of gameplay but all choices must have a big impact.
This will probably also be the final entry from this franchise.

First concept:

Popa Cristian Manuel - artwork, game design, marketing, balance, team management, testing, level design
Sergey Dovganovsky - programming, animation, testing, balance
Developed under 16 BIT NIGHTS studio

Gentlemen  Gentleman

Just use logic

Itch io forums' target audience are hobby developers while Discord and Twitter have a wide range of target audiences such as players, content creators and other developers.

So yes they are better

Yea, I think in current day and age you must have your own established community and fan-base otherwise you are on the mercy of others


Long story short, platformers sell hard, even amazing platformers sell hard(check out MoonScars).

The Indie Game Dev industry sounds romantic but it's cold and hard most of times.

True but Reddit Wishlist don't convert into sales that good

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Yeah, I agree that Itch io engagement is not what it used to be + Itchio visibility algorithm(if there is such a thing) favorizes only the same old established games leaving very little for new titles but don't forget about Discord communities and Twitter.

As for forums, there is also Tigsource.

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Is the game good enough ?

Marketing is good but no marketing can save a mediocre game.

Also what promotional material did you use? was it appealing enough ?

Also are you invested in those communities or you just spam links and pictures ?

Also did you target the right audience?

Oh boy, more lovecraft inspired environments

We decided the release date for Steam release

no skyp button on tutorial, dont waste the player time

Any cheats ? 

Awesome concept, please expand, its very addictive and the theme is solid

Some more work

Well I am a big fan of tremors so I made an inspired boss from it

oh we also added a cat ....

You are talented, keep creating games

Testing some balance

now its time for me to work a bit on travel maps.

SO more maps but these are easier to make

More map work: apartments

We also added scanner

More map work

More map work

More map design

Working on maps

Okay, the first day is over, and we got almost 1k WL.

It was a real nightmare to make the stream on Steam, so much text wall but we managed to pull it off.

Meantime we were also registered in the Dev Play festival and got in the finals for best marketing on a Romanian game  Well, hello there!

Update: tomorrow work will be for marketing on steam next fest

Minor update.

Adding more creepy stuff visuals and mechanics.
All sprites on the map must be placed manually but in the end its worth it.

Heavy Aliens inspiration, this is how the map looks like in the map editor(shadows don't appear in editor but they get generated in the game)


Here is a fast update, timelapse of environment tileset work:


and a test drive in the actual game(I forgot to place coliders for projectiles in vehicles but it will be fixed)

If any of you played XCOM, this above is a similar event to the base attack from XCOM, it has a high chance to trigger if the Aggro is at max level.

So little time for marketing and all that Sad((

We just released the trailer if you guys want to drop some support

And as a bonus, I just had a marathon of Aliens and The Thing movies so I made this scene in the game:

Thank you, currently I just found a sound composer but il check your DM as well for future reference

Found - Topic closed

We can wait a bit more if we have no choice but we definitely just need 1 musician for all