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Development map status. Done: means the scenario and content is already implemented. WIP: art + design + text + editor map done just requires implementation on scenario path.  Part 1 represents the demo, learning curve, and lore introduction. Part 2 is the core gameplay and part 3 is the endings and final scenarios for the 3 paths.

I want each scenario to have its own atmospheric mood and mechanics and for one of them, I was thinking to make this small experiment for one of the final scenarios and mix top-down with side view to be more dramatic. I hope you enjoy it



The demo is finished, we only got around one week of small adjustments left for it, and after we are going to send it to some YouTubers with exclusivity. And overall part 1 out of 3 is done(you can see the full scope of the game with the 3 parts in my previous post). According to the Demo results we decided upon 2 actions: 1. if the demo gets positive received by the YouTubers we are going to invest even more into the project and maybe we are going to do a Kickstarter for voice acting and custom music 2. if the Demo gets a negative reception or no reception at all, we will make some more adjustments and consider making the Demo public and going on the standard path.


We are both tired af. I feel like I am down on my last battery, My personal life is hard and all my hopes are in this project, 4 years I invested into this, whenever I had a hard time the thought of making this game would motivate me to go on and kept me on the floating line. Now I am approaching the end of this journey and I struggle to milk the last strength from my veins. I am both excited and scared about the upcoming results, And with this said I also want to thank you all for the support, all your feedback was good additional fuel for my motivation.


In addition to the previous list, we also made a tasks list based on time requirements. 

15 story scenarios - 500 hours of work

4 endings - 40 hours of work

Achievements - 10 hours of work

Heavy marketing - 1 month before release

That is around 3 months of full-time work, impossible for us since we both have a day job, I can only allocate between 10-20 hours per week and our main deadline is 15 February, and worst-case scenario 15 March.

This being said I hope you had a good read from this small sneak peek behind the curtain.


Development map of where are we now and what is left.

Thank you for the kind words!

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I recently made an coming soon page for my game "Chromosome Evil" and I was to ask if you please can provide me some feedback on the page layout.

 I added 3 gifs, some screenshots, a description, and a theme background. Are they ok? Should I change/polish any of them ?

Thank you!

I finally manage to make a coming soon page for this game on

Minor news

We finished all art, design, and maps(in editor) content for part 1 of the game plan, out of a total of 3.

This part 1 represents the introduction to lore, mechanics, and feels of the game and we also consider this to be the demo/vertical slice.

So until 20 July, the programmer works hard on implementing them in the game, so far he managed to implement around 70%. After that, we will have 10 days to do testing and final fixes because in August the programmer will take a vacation for 1 month while I will deal with marketing for the demo(mostly a private Youtuber strategy)

I hope we will have the version done by end of the month otherwise we will have one dead month of development in August

Have a great day



If you do any top-down I will be your student :)

WOW, this is high quality.

Do you have by any chance some top-down within this style? 

Thank you for sharing this with us

Very nice art, you are talented


All assets for scenario 06 are done.

I aimed for simple gameplay here, also by this point the player will be familiar with all basic mechanics.

Mainly you must fix the vehicle(doing so you will unlock the workshop menu) by looting components from the map(or if you already have components from the previous exploration even better)and during this time you must also protect the perimeter against the undead. After the vehicle is fixed and you have the key, the exit grid will appear

And a small twist at the end, the player will have a choice. increase Action points permanent + 1 during travel map but get permanent x2 prices in the workshop or do not get the bonus AP and have normal prices in the workshop.

Minor update.


To add a bit more of plot logic and mix it better with the tutorial I decided to unlock:

- Car upgrade screen unlocks after the player finds, repairs, and adds to his convoy the mobile repair truck.

- Research & Development screen unlocks after the player finds, repairs, and adds to his convoy the mobile Lab vehicle.

The game seems very atmospheric and the visuals even though very simple, are very expressive. looking forward to see what you create

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 We decided to split the game into 3 parts

part 1(all this will also be in the demo version)
- tutorial/learning curve
- 20% random generated content
- fixed path
- plot/story/lore introduction
- 8 unique scenarios
- 5 days of travel map

part 2 (this will be the core of the game)
- more flexibility, allow the player to explore
- 60% random generated content
- multiple paths
- 15 unique scenarios
- 30 travel map days

part 3
- multiple game endings
- 40% random generated content
- 6 unique scenarios
- 15 travel map days


Uploaded schematic

3. yes, procedural unlocking features done right, will make it seem like a reward for the player rather than a plain tutorial.

4. That is very nice of you, tnx. 

Looking forward to more updates, please do post some gifs too when you have the possibility.

I did not try the game yet, my feedback is based on your above presentation and screenshots 

3. Sure, there are a lot of buttons and tabs during the game, this can invade players with too much information at once. There is a difference between complexity and deepth.

4. Sure, I am a developer myself and it so happens that I develop/enjoy the type of sim/tactical/strategy games and I like to see how devs create these types of games naturally without me interfering in their creation.

Seems like an interesting concept and I like the vibe from it, simulation/tactical survival.

To answer your questions:

1. yes 

2. first I recommend concentrating on the core pilar mechanics and later you can expand them if you want

3. the visuals can use a bit of polish, the interface can be a bit intimidating at first.

4. I am just curious about the natural process of development

5. from time to time


I really enjoyed the interface design

I like the concept of this, it got a strong vibe of "a dark room".

good luck in your creation journey!

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Since we started the Beta we realized that we have a ton of mechanics that are not explained. so we now work on bug fixes and on making the learning curve more clear & user friendly.

Here is a mockup of the AP system explained.

Variant A

Variant B

We are also going to lock many features from the game and make them unlock gradually to give the overall feel of a reward rather than an actual tutorial.

very solid design.

May I ask, did you take any inspiration from the old Gauntlet arcade game?

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Yes, I can see why usually it got this effect when multiple creatures of this type are on screen.

I was aiming to make something fresh regarding strategy creature design.

And as you can see they are pretty easy to kill if you have more squad members, but if I were to combine these creatures with additional zombies or other monsters then this could be a nightmare scenario for the player

Thank you for sharing your experience, will be fun to see you taken on this journey

Update and tests on the Telepathic flesh creature grown in walls 

Beautiful visuals you have here and the gameplay is fun. gj


Small update

So we decided to add a reset skill button, the twist is in order to have this option you need to first research it in the R&D screen. Mostly of R&D upgrades open actual features, not stats bonuses, another example would be the minimap, you first need to research it in R&D, and after you can build it in Car workshop as a permanent upgrade and one of the most critical features is the active command mode aka (tbs), in order to have this feature you must also first research it and after building it in Car workshop

You made some nice progress sir, I enjoy reading your dev blogs entries, they look very organized but more than that I wait enthusiastic for combat gifs 


This month we will work exclusively on a vertical slice beta version.

Our main goals are:

- have private tests for users who contributed to our Discord with LVL 4 and above.

- send a version to a very small amount of youtubers

If you are interested you can join our Discord room here:

Thank you for sharing

Hey, Thank you for the kind words! 

If you are referring to me and my "Chromosome evil" project (custom engine) then no, for this jam I worked with another Programmer named poorlocke, he made this prototype game during the 5 days of Jam in Game Maker. He is a very cool guy, maybe we will expand on MetalSkin after the jam.


The second Tutorial stage is done.

The first one was the interior of APC where the player learns basic controls + story lore and some character development.

This second one puts player in danger and teaches him about interactions + some lore.

The old tutorial was to standard, it was in a building and we remade it because we want players to always experience new environments and situations, we do not want players to get bored. ALso, all mechanics will be gradually unlocked not all of a suddent, and as much as possible we try to mix them with game lore and story plot.

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I was thinking of a new way of boosting the horror element by adding prelude maps for scenarios, for example, this prelude map is for that huge boss fight a few pages earlier. this map is supposed to:

- offer hints about how can you beat the monster(aka you need long-range weapons)

- offer information about the game lore

- some character development

- tension slowly increases by fear of the unknown and mistery.


We had this script for text speech bubbles from characters:

1. Default (The speech bubble appears automatically when you enter the map, the conversation plays automatically, all speech bubbles coming from vehicle are the conversation between the driver and the commander/you )

- Sir? We've reached the last known position of "Gamma Squad" and from where they sent the distress signal.

- Very well, heads-up people! This was a 30-man platoon, if they ran into trouble, we can only pray that we can make a difference.

- No offense sir, but seeing that other Trojan, in that state, I do not feel too comfortable staying here for long.

- I understand your concern, nonetheless, we must scout and secure the area. If nothing comes up, then we can leave...


Triggers: When you click with a character on these triggers the character will move close to them and do a fast interaction (around 5 seconds). The range of the interaction can be double it's normal distance because this is an investigation, not an actual object interaction. Each will have a speech bubble according to the class interacting with it (Soldier, Medic, Engineer)


If you click with a Soldier, the Soldier will say:

- What the hell happened here? This is supposed to be a top-of-the-line armoured vehicle and now look at it.

If you click with a Medic, the Medic will say:

- Judging by the damage inflicted, I estimate the creature that did this had a large mass and was at least as big as the vehicle itself.

If you click with the Engineer, the Engineer will say:

- It looks like whatever attacked this vehicle did a number on it, slicing through it's armour like a tin can. It's beyond repair.


If you click with a Soldier, the Soldier will say:

- I don't like this at all! I've a bad feeling about this whole operation.

If you click with a Medic, the Medic will say:

- No traces of blood, they were dragged out alive! Judging by this behavior I suspect the creature does not plan on simply attacking - but consuming us!

If you click with the Engineer, the Engineer will say:

- This gives me the chills, are you sure you need an engineer for this mission?


If you click with a Soldier, the Soldier will say:

- There was a fight here! Looks like many rounds were fired, but there's no blood?!

If you click with a Medic, the Medic will say:

- Hmmm... With so many rounds fired and the lack of blood, I assume the creature can attack at range? I recommend switching to rifles and SMGs now!

If you click with the Engineer, the Engineer will say:

- Well, at least they put up a good fight!


If you click with a Soldier, the Soldier will say:

- 'You scared? It's just a scarecrow!

If you click with a Medic, the Medic will say:

- Was that scarecrow there when we arrived?

If you click with the Engineer, the Engineer will say:

- Man! I hope this'll not turn all "Children of the corn" on us!


If you click with a Soldier, the Soldier will say:

- Come quick! I found a... hand?..

If you click with a Medic, the Medic will say:

- This hand was ripped from the body! Guys?! Seriously! We are dealing with a new and extremely dangerous creature here!

If you click with the Engineer, the Engineer will say:

- I didn't sign up for this!..


If you click with a Soldier, the Soldier will say:

- We're sitting ducks here! Let's check out that house up ahead and then get the hell out of here!

If you click with a Medic, the Medic will say:

- If any of "Gamma Squad" survived, they are probably in that house up ahead.

If you click with the engineer, the engineer will say:

- That house up ahead can provide us some cover!


Unfortunately because of engine limits my Programmer partner decided that speech bubbles are to hard to implement at this point but I still keep the prelude map, I just hope I got enough visual hints to show all that text was explaining

remindedr this is the scenario map that follows:


bye - released on Steam,,Gamejolt,Xbox,Nintendo switch

Tudor Vaida was the programmer, I was the artist, animator, designer,PR, marketing and legal Lawyer

Nintendo Switch proof: - released on Steam

Dmitry  was the programmer, I was the artist, animator, designer, PR, marketing and legal Lawyer

Now please stop trolling and harassing me or I will report you :) , bye

Listen, if you want to show how smart you are, make a game and sell it and then you will see that 90% of your statements are 0

I made 8 games and released them via external Publisher on Steam/Xbox/Nintendo Switch, 2 games self-published on Steam/, and more than 20 flash games released back in the flash era. I got actual experience and my post is strictly based on personal results while you just throw random off-topic information at me in an attempt to look smart :))) 

I hope you do not mind but I will use this conversation as a case study and I will probably make an article at some point about it because it is very funny