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Laptop, 2 GB ram

Hey, app dose not crash it just frezes laptop, very low performance when i am in fullscreen, i scroll a bar and it scrolls after 10 seconds. If i pres F to return in window mode again then the interface is again to small and i cannot see nothing. I am using windows 32 bit resolution 1366x700

thank you! good part: yes if i go in full ccreen i can see all, bad news: if i go in full screen it frezes my laptop

The interface is very small i cannot see nothing, is there a way to zoom in the interface ? thank you

Multumim !

Versiunea de pe itch a avut un development time de 3 - 4 luni, luna viitoare speram sa facem  release pe steam si un update pe itch

Thank you so much ! We will full release soon :)

Thank you kind sir !

Replied to esp in TAURONOS comments

Thank you esp !

We hope to finish it next 2 months

Thank you very much for the kind words RoyEXP

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Hi itch.io ,

I love retro games , my partner loves Greek themes , we are indie devs so we added in this project what we love most.

As for what will player find , hopefully themselves, their mirror , flashback about their own personality and their struggles with the inner beast, a conclusion , an evolution , defeat of inner fears. We hope to concetrate more on this in the upcoming updates .

And upgrades, treasures , easter eggs, secret rooms, reflex traps, puzzle traps , psychological challenges, tension moments , adrenaline moments ,satisfaction moments and a minotaur .

Physically, you're exploring the labyrinth, avoiding traps, solving puzzles, evolving the game avatar, while the minotaur is always getting closer.

Philosophically, you're re-enacting the fight with the inner animal, through story and overcoming of psychological limits.

Inspired by the greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, but you're mainly playing your own story (bonding with the game avatar).

Game features:

- Stat upgrades (armor, light area, stamina, speed, interaction, hidden ones)

- Traps (automatic & triggered)

- Puzzles (intuition-based & psychological)

- Interaction objects - healing herbs, all-seeing eye, obstacles , minotaur lair and more

- Easter eggs

- Enemy that becomes more aggressive in time

- Semi-randomly placed enemy and level start / exit points

- Minotaur chaser AI

Unique elements :

- One enemy - invincible until the character evolves enough to face it

- The only currency for upgrades is time, time in which the beast gets closer

Thanks everyone !

I think you allready found me on FB

Art was made in windows paint and code was made in unity

Replied to Krax in TAURONOS comments

Thank you !

Nice to see you here ! :)

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THank you so very much !!!! If we get the greenlight we will make the HUGE version

Thank you so much !!!!

THank you !!! ( inca nu am inceput munca la Flesh Eaters 2 , sper sa strang fonduri acuma sa-mi permit developarea la el ca e un joc mai complex )

Thank you kind sir !

Thank you Lynda !