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Looks very cute, only thing that I dont like is that font near the zoomd pixel art

hey guys, new update, trailer scenes are done, we now only must polish them.
Meantime I finished the design for random encounters.

Hope you guys enjoy!


We are very busy with the day job and working on the game and we disappeared a bit from social media but the game is growing solid, we also just finished the development plan for this year and by our worst-case scenario calculation we should start building the campaigning maps from December, and no promises but if all goes according to plan we should have a Trailer release next month and a first beta build on Halloween.

As for this exact moment, Programmer is fighting to bring the trailer to life and I just finished the design for the New Game options, there will be 4 questions at beginning of each new game which will let you choose the starting bonuses, staring team and resources.

Also, I am working on achievement, each achievement will give New Game some more starting bonus resources and unlock more gaming modes, so we aim for achievement with rewards

Meantime ...
We had a major update, we finish the AGGRO/Difficulty design and spanners in the editor

*6 levels of difficulty/aggro and they are based on player choices from random events, map travel decisions options and exploration/combat strategies
*6 types of monster spanners (we can create modes with just clasical zombies outbreaks or going full dark and turn it into a nightmare Lovecraft theme)
*level up system main balance
*level up popups and menus all work now
*Xp rewards

Thank you!

 I added the comic popups as a mockup in the screenshot, we will do the text lines system after we finish some of the main tasks.

Reference to "Aliens - Hudson: its game over man, game over"

The editor is working now at 90% capacity, could use some small fixes and polish but it does the job.

and here is the actual screenshot after I hit play straight from the editor(as I said above the only mockup are the comic text lines which we will implement a bit later, rest is all actual in-game footage)

We are a few weeks away from Beta, we have lots of small fixes we must do... and we hope we will find some serious testers among our fans

Hope you guys enjoy !

And now the traveling vehicle(mobile base) also heavily inspired by ALIENs 

Meantime we also added an active pause mode feature which can be unlocked from travel vehicle, in other words you can put game on pause , issue orders for all team members and then hit play to execute

Thank you so much!

I fixed discord link

My partner can answer that question, I deal with visuals & game design

Very contra inspired, i like it, you can polish grafix a bit more , paralax background, enviroment animations etc


Evacuation zone

Evacuation zone mechanic is implemented, during each building exploration map there will be exit points, to evacuate simply move character on top of it, will take a few seconds for character to evacuate during which other characters can cover him, if he got reflex skill the evacuation timmer will be lowered, in some situation is best not to be greedy with looting while monsters come closer last characters evacuation will be a problem, or you can set automated defenses with engineer to cover evacuation if you have engineer in squad, many MANY possibilities, and gameplay approaches tactics.

The character may evac map at any time he desires but he must take in consideration that each evac will increase aggro(overall difficulty, awareness of monsters) every action got a consequence.

I also added some testing resources in the gif for fun.

And now current stage of development, most mechanics are done, soon we will start working on campaign

Now ... like in all RTS/Survival games there will be resources and this post is dedicated to them.
Each resource type can be looted from specific objects.

9 mm
It is ammunition used by soldiers with rifles, pistols and engineer turrets. Mostly ammunitions can be found in abandoned police stations or military outposts
12 GA
Ammunition used by soldiers with shotguns
Ammunition used by soldiers with RPG's and grenade launchers
Usually found in abandoned hospitals and clinics, antibiotics are used by medics to heal, cure and buff.
Found mostly in industrial zones, tools are used to upgrade engineer items, build traps and repair and upgrade the car
Fuel is one of the most important resources from the game if you remain out of fuel its basically game over. Fuel is used to travel from one location to another
Food is used to negotiate in some random encounters, used also to save game, yes saving game costs, and in camp options
Is used to upgrade soldiers protective gear
Weapon components
Is used to upgrade weapons
Wood & Nails
Used to build baricades

Some other stuff we added:

Destroyable enviroment

Some parts of the environment can be destroyed and some have different damage, for example, fire damage and poison damage in the gif under

And traps combinations, for example, if you barricade windows with wood barricades and then use old tv electronics you get an electric upgrade to the barricades which not only keeps monsters out but also does damage to them

Now, I want each one to be able to develop his own playstyle, either going slow and solid, either fast hit & run, either smart and balanced so most of what is in-game is optional to a certain extent.
And now ...
Let us see who the enemy is ...

Flesh Eaters,
 this are people who had their brain devoured and replaced by demonic worms activating the evil Chromosome in them, fancy description for something that behaves like a zombie

Special Flesh Eaters,
Similar to above but these ones got special traits, my fav one is The Butcher

Game Over Flesh,
These are squad members which got their brains devoured by the worms, poor souls

And now some with a high inspiration from one of my favorites: LOVE CRAFT
The Brute
In short its a flesh tank

The Lich
This creature gives a powerful boost to demons around it and weakens survivors

The Incubator
This creature got eggs growing on his back wich spam demonic worms ... brrrrr...

The Impaler
Best to keep a safe distance from this one

And more but I want to keep some surprises, also if you have any suggestions for enemies please do share with me and maybe I will bring your suggestions to life

Here are some rough estimations:
- 1 month bug hunt and tests that all features work as intended
- 1 month to do extra polish 
- 1-2 maximum of 3 months for building campaign maps and random events scripts
- 1 month for achievements, making a game trailer
and parallel with this marketing and all others

My hopes are to reduce these times on half but to be realistic it is possible that they will take double this amount so I am also planning for a worst case scenario to release game close to Halloween but then again maybe il be lucky and il get a good publisher that will take care of all what does not include game develop, good part is I don't think I need money to finish the game, I already used my own time and money for this development .

Meantime here is the first look at the main travel map, here the gameplay is turn-based.

And random event/encounter interface

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I started this game dev in 2017, I just noticed the devlog itch io forums so I will try to update all progress so far here

Both a bit scared and a bit excited to see your feedback

[b]Story plot[/b]

It was a beautiful spring day, nobody knows the exact order of events during that day but what they do remember is that all of a sudden the sky turned red, all radios and televisions were somehow hijacked by a superior force and were sending only one message: “the ancient one is coming…”.

Then there was a great moment of silence and soon after, they came.

They came from below the earth digging their way out, creatures of nightmare, abominations of unspeakable terror, the army didn’t stand a chance, human civilization fell in a dark age.

You are part of what remains of army forces, your brother, the one who took care of you when your parents died was also part of the army and went missing during a mission a few miles from where you are stationed with the objective to gather information about this underground hole from were these creatures are coming from. You decide that if world is going to end at least to do one last journey of redemption to see your brother one more time.


During this journey you choose what team you want to assemble, you choose the evolution of each squad member, you choose which location you want to look for supplies and where you want to establish a defense perimeter, you choose your route and you decide the best course of action for the events that will present before you.

[b]Aditional information[/b]

- Real-time strategy game mixed with RPG elements. 
- Code in C++ artwork in Windows Paint
- Top-down
- TBS gameplay during travel map
- survival elements
- skills, level up system, inventory, resources
- multiple choices and outcomes
- main inspirations: C&C, Dungeons & Dragons, Heroes 3, Red Alert, Xcom
- Game development started in mid-2016 (artwise, design, prototyping/ part-time) and heavy development started in half of 2017, currently we got a map editor working and some of the basic features done + 50% from art/animations done
- release date: we hope somewhere in 2018 but then again hope is a dangerous thing

[b]General Classes[/b]
Each character in the game is going to be unique but there are some class boundaries. The maximum squad member is 6.

The Medic
Can heal others, interact with medical documents to find cure, buffs

The Engineer
Can build barricades, turrets and set traps

Can use heavy weapons and manual shooting weapons, huge armor but slow

Can use mid-range weapons such as shotguns and close range weapons such as melee weapons

Can use rifle, bow, pistols, also he provides bonuses on travel map 

Popa Cristian Manuel - artwork, animation, game design, marketing, balance, team management, testing, level design
Sergey Dovganovsky - programming, animation, testing, balance
Alin D. - sounds & music
Developed under 16 BIT NIGHTS studio


Discord chat group -
Site -]

If you have additional question & suggestions about the project feel free to ask us here or on our discord groups, interacting with the community is what helps our motivation the most.

Thank you

Laptop, 2 GB ram

Hey, app dose not crash it just frezes laptop, very low performance when i am in fullscreen, i scroll a bar and it scrolls after 10 seconds. If i pres F to return in window mode again then the interface is again to small and i cannot see nothing. I am using windows 32 bit resolution 1366x700

thank you! good part: yes if i go in full ccreen i can see all, bad news: if i go in full screen it frezes my laptop

The interface is very small i cannot see nothing, is there a way to zoom in the interface ? thank you

Multumim !

Versiunea de pe itch a avut un development time de 3 - 4 luni, luna viitoare speram sa facem  release pe steam si un update pe itch

Thank you so much ! We will full release soon :)

Thank you kind sir !

Thank you esp !

We hope to finish it next 2 months

Thank you very much for the kind words RoyEXP



Hi ,

I love retro games , my partner loves Greek themes , we are indie devs so we added in this project what we love most.

As for what will player find , hopefully themselves, their mirror , flashback about their own personality and their struggles with the inner beast, a conclusion , an evolution , defeat of inner fears. We hope to concetrate more on this in the upcoming updates .

And upgrades, treasures , easter eggs, secret rooms, reflex traps, puzzle traps , psychological challenges, tension moments , adrenaline moments ,satisfaction moments and a minotaur .

Physically, you're exploring the labyrinth, avoiding traps, solving puzzles, evolving the game avatar, while the minotaur is always getting closer.

Philosophically, you're re-enacting the fight with the inner animal, through story and overcoming of psychological limits.

Inspired by the greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, but you're mainly playing your own story (bonding with the game avatar).

Game features:

- Stat upgrades (armor, light area, stamina, speed, interaction, hidden ones)

- Traps (automatic & triggered)

- Puzzles (intuition-based & psychological)

- Interaction objects - healing herbs, all-seeing eye, obstacles , minotaur lair and more

- Easter eggs

- Enemy that becomes more aggressive in time

- Semi-randomly placed enemy and level start / exit points

- Minotaur chaser AI

Unique elements :

- One enemy - invincible until the character evolves enough to face it

- The only currency for upgrades is time, time in which the beast gets closer

Thanks everyone !

I think you allready found me on FB

Art was made in windows paint and code was made in unity

Thank you !

Nice to see you here ! :)

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THank you so very much !!!! If we get the greenlight we will make the HUGE version

Thank you so much !!!!

THank you !!! ( inca nu am inceput munca la Flesh Eaters 2 , sper sa strang fonduri acuma sa-mi permit developarea la el ca e un joc mai complex )

Thank you kind sir !

Thank you Lynda !