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advertising is a whole new level for gamedev and artists

very hard to get noticed much for example here on

I get most views from my game engine forum where i post about my games

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Yeah, I agree that Itch io engagement is not what it used to be + Itchio visibility algorithm(if there is such a thing) favorizes only the same old established games leaving very little for new titles but don't forget about Discord communities and Twitter.

As for forums, there is also Tigsource.

Yeah, but onfurtunatelly most sites seem to have the same aproach where they promote already popular stuff. I understand it as a financial decision, but from perspective of someone whi tries to promote stuff, it's like running into a brick wall a lot of the time.  I have been posting art in mulpitple sites for around 10 years, and in most cases it seems to be the same as well

Yea, I think in current day and age you must have your own established community and fan-base otherwise you are on the mercy of others