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@CloneHD We all had to start somewhere. it's daunting when you begin, but if you stick with it you will get there and beyond. Just keep pushing yourself. I recommend Unity (amazing) and doing online tutorials. Learn C# and read about game design as much as you can. The rest will follow. :) 

Me too :D :D :D

Heya! A game dev just like you :) I like playing games and also making 'em. It's a wonderful medium. Making a good game is hard as you know! That's why it's so intriguing. Great to share a space here with you all :)



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@Moga, Sounds like I'll need to make it harder. You've got the win items already... :D Thanks for playing.

Hi Fengol, your game brings back nostalgic memories of games like Lands of Lore and other similar titles. What I liked about those titles were the feelings of mystery and exploration they conveyed so well. Their claustrophobic nature brought feelings of unease and prompted the player to progress and find a way out of the dungeon. Would like to see how development continues.

I loved the relaxing (one with nature) experience of this game. Coming from a windsurfing as a sport background, this felt very close to the real thing mechanically. The artwork is spot on too (retro 70's as seen on surfboard designs of that era). 

Thank you for reviving my interest in wind sports with this and well done on a flawless execution from a game/experience design perspective. 

I managed to get to the end point before the sun set too. Awesome!

I loved that carnival vide. I couldn't believe when it said game over, way too soon.
I then went looking for the next tent. Maybe one with rotating clown heads where I had to throw a ball? I'm still looking...
Good job with this.

Graphically this looks fantastic. Those models and that trampoline texture...drool.
Couldn't find someone to play against unfortunately, but a good solid fun entry.
First round I was jumping and spinning while lazy opponent just lay there... he won.

Actually this reminds me of that time...nevermind :)
Haha very cool. I laughed so hard when he fell over and I couldn't get him to stand up again. Great to see you get some points too when a washing machine lands on you. Haha!

The ragdoll antics had me in stitches. Did you create all the 3D models?
I tried for quite some time to beat my very first attempt, but couldn't do so for some reason.
It must have been beginners luck!

Great concept. Loved the music too, very appropriate. Finished the level! :)