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Bouncing Disks

A topic by jtolmar created Mar 03, 2019 Views: 395 Replies: 29
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Drag your @ to move.

It's buggy and there's no actual gameplay (can't even kill the monsters), but it's definitely already something weird.

Edit: Started at 3pm Pacific

Edit: The link above goes to the latest version, not the one described in this post.

k ball corner pocket.

It literally didn't occur to me that you should be able to bump enemies down pits. That seems like a huge oversight on my part. (Then again getting dunked into lava as the player seems rough?)

I added monster turns, particle effects, sound effects, and shadowcasting

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It's really weird we are exploring the same genre.

Yeah seriously. I was inspired by a different disk-flicking game I made last year (, which in turn was inspired by the board game Catacombs and the shape of the board in Hearthstone (it's an interesting shape; bouncing things off it is more interesting than waiting for your opponent).

You said yours was inspired by Into The Breach... how'd you get there from that? Is your plan to continue doing something like a tactics game, but with bouncy disks?

Updated: things can die, turn order makes more sense, you can tell whether it's your turn

Physics tweaks, more refinement of turn order, a few kinds of monsters. I always update the link when posting these, in case that wasn't obvious.

One of the tweaks I did was to increase the amount of static friction, which shaves off a little time at the end of every disk movement, which adds up super fast and makes the turns much more satisfying. That's one of the benefits of rolling your own physics. On the downside, I'm currently only giving turns to monsters that are within the sight radius of the player, because waiting for invisible monsters to move around isn't fun. I'd prefer for monsters to be actually doing something with their free time, but barring something super clever they're probably going to have to be this way.

I'm using dual-contoured simplex noise for the dungeon right now, and something is off with my dual-contouring that makes some random jaggies. I need to fix that if I keep using this approach. I definitely need to decide on something with more features to show off how walls affect gameplay, but I don't think I'm going to show off as much as I did in Hero Trap. Maybe just a hybrid of caves + subdivisions? Or something something voronoi diagrams.

And that's it for day 1!

Tomorrow I'm planning to do something with abilities and/or items. There will be UI constraints on this so whatever I choose will have to be pretty tightly limited, and trying to do both sounds rough. Items feel more important for a roguelike, but come with the constraint of having to be able to drop things, which requires extra UI. Hopefully I can use tomorrow to get to the point where the rest is just content.

It's pretty fun already. Interesting idea and nice change of pace from the traditional roguelike.

Didn't get nearly as much done today as I wanted, but I did manage to clean up a lot.

It now looks better (found my dual contouring error + added some #s and .s), runs faster (various optimizations + made tiles bigger), and has a cleaner dungeon (need glitches to escape, should be connected).

Wow, this is already really cool!

I thought the day was over but I added some more stuff. I have the UI up. Buttons for two abilities work already, and let you use bombs or a bow instead of hitting things with your face.

I played it on the first day, and it's impressive to see how much you extended it already!

Tried a bunch of things that didn't work, but eventually upgraded the dungeon generator. Currently it's just a little more interesting, but I think I see how to turn this version into  something with enough knobs for a whole game.

This is a really cool idea. I love the non-orthogonal shape of the corridors and the bouncing from striking around.


Working with these dungeons has turned out to be a total bear, so I'm glad someone is enjoying them.

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This is WAY too much fun! 🤣

Monsters are now asleep until you've spent a turn near them. Sleeping monsters don't move, and take double damage. I've done several minor tweaks to turn order to make monster turns slightly faster. And I've added some polish features - hitstun and screen shake.

The dungeon generator has been upgraded.

Dungeons are still way too big. I'll fix this after adding floors, which may be tomorrow.

The generator now handles connectivity much better and should be much cleaner in general. Additionally it's capable of placing monsters specific spaces in a way that forms a rudimentary narrative.

I think I'm just about ready to start filling it up with content.

Added a bunch of monsters with interesting physics.

Added potions, gold, and wands.

Added character classes.

Split the dungeon up into floors.

Added a final boss!

And some new enemy types, environmental hazards, and foreshadowing.

A fantastic concept that is satisfying to play and intuitive! Well done. :)

I've added a few wands and a final score screen.

I might try to cram a bit more content in before the deadline, but I think this is roughly where I'll leave it to submit.

Also, naming it "Pinball Dungeon"

Snuck in a final update with a rather large amount of stuff.

The boss is more dangerous and has a new special attack.

I added some more flair to the ends of floors and the leadup to the boss.

I added an entirely new enemy type ('a').

I fixed the stealth bug. It was embarrassingly stupid in retrospect and I should've looked at it earlier.

I renamed the wizard class to "Regular Wizard." I don't know why I didn't do that in the first place.

Is rogue's ability missing?

The rogue traded their abilities away for two more inventory slots.

Pretty darn rad game!