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Four minutes to complete it! That’s a really nice concept you have here, you should expand it. Congrats!

Nice game with great art. Too bad it crashed :(

Really nice idea indeed! The AI pathfinding good be better however, so we could lure some adversary and do more advanced tactics.

Oh, another PICO-8 game! 8-)

Nice concept! A bit too hard and math-y for me tho. Small oversight: the timer starts when the game is still on the rule page

Really nice art and atmosphere. Aaaaaand… my miners are all dead.

I really like the mechanics and the art =) My main issues right now are some bugs (I got in a state where my attack all do 0 damage and the enemies don’t attack…) and the lack of tutorial (you have great mechanics, but they are not easy to understand). Anyway, good job!

I had fun playing your game. I agree the puzzles could have been harder, and the game doesn’t really fit the theme.

Hi! A linux build is planned and should be out in a few weeks :) I can run it with wine and proton in the meanwhile!

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World record is currently floor 32 :) But congrats for that impressive score!

I play this game with Proton, it works well :) You can add non-Steam game into Steam. Come to our Discord if you need some help!

Thanks for the comment! I encountered various PICO-8 limitations in this project (source code size, CPU performances, etc.) that cost me too much time, so it was definitely not the most appropriate tool for this game jam. But I still like its coziness :)

Thanks for the kind comment!

Armor is a flat damage reduction with some adjustments when the armor is greater or equal to the damage (with 20% chance, the blow is avoided and with 80% chance, the attack inflicts 1 HP). I agree that the game is difficult to read though. I wanted a minimalist UI (due to the limited screen size) but it makes the game more difficult to grasp.

You can hover a blob to know its HP :) It's now written on the game's page thanks to your comment.

Thanks for the comment, I'll go there :) I plan to participate to the next picoCAD jams and hopefully propose more ambitious models!

By the way I love your model :D

Some remarks on my submission:

- This is my first model. I don't expect high ratings, but advice are more than welcomed :)

- Link with the theme: cotton candy is called "barbe à papa", literally "dad's beard", in French.

Try level 4, it may be easier !

Thanks for playing :)

I agree: a "restart" button would have been better. With more time, I would have done a "undo" button as well (a must-have for puzzle games)… I'm glad you liked the game :)

Well, thanks for trying :) I agree the mechanics are not easy to understand. The game would need simpler rules and a gentler difficulty progression.

Thanks! With more levels and a better difficulty scaling, it would have been better. But creating puzzles is not as easy as I thought!

 Well, level 3 is bad design :/ But I'm glad you enjoyed the game nonetheless :)

Thanks for the review! This is a my first puzzle game and I agree I was not very inspired during the level design. But I'm glad you liked it :)

Another PICO-8 game :D ! It's simple and very effective. I played until the very end, and I was really pleased by all the mechanics and the level design clever ideas. Congrats!

The collision is (rarely) a bit off:

Congrats, you are certainly the holder of the world record! \o/

My answer : I'm glad you like it! We probably won't make a sequel as it was a one-shot project. I agree the general atmosphere of the game is very nice :)
WickedWormwood's answer: "About the interactiveness : we provided you with the incredible possibility of waiting as much as you want to click yourself into the next image, and it was already way too much effort to write the whole lot of 1 (one) very decisive and tweaked choices ; therefore, it should be enough for y'all."

When not in fullscreen, the character is continuously spining to the left. And the game "stutters" when I move. I have a recent computer but maybe I need to update my drivers…

a good ol' thorny classic... always nice to play some. Good level design. Nice rats (rats !)

Simple yet effective!

Anti-hugging propaganda!

I dit it! :D Nice work!

I finished it :D At the beginning I didn't understand I could double-jump, though.

Anyway, nice little low-effort game!

Another not-so-low-effort submission! :D

I really like the fact that the town evolves as the player does tasks. Mining is a bit boring though, due to the menu "Collect XXX ? Yes/No".

Really cool. Nice ecological metaphor too, very philosophical.

Please do a Any% speedrun of this game.

So difficult to play :(

Nice! I love the sounds

this is no fun… very good low effort

Such low effort, many fun, wow

(cool music and nice cactus!)

My record is 43! :D Nice game with an upbeat music!

It got out of hand ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Well done!