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Congrats, you are certainly the holder of the world record! \o/

My answer : I'm glad you like it! We probably won't make a sequel as it was a one-shot project. I agree the general atmosphere of the game is very nice :)
WickedWormwood's answer: "About the interactiveness : we provided you with the incredible possibility of waiting as much as you want to click yourself into the next image, and it was already way too much effort to write the whole lot of 1 (one) very decisive and tweaked choices ; therefore, it should be enough for y'all."

When not in fullscreen, the character is continuously spining to the left. And the game "stutters" when I move. I have a recent computer but maybe I need to update my drivers…

a good ol' thorny classic... always nice to play some. Good level design. Nice rats (rats !)

Simple yet effective!

Anti-hugging propaganda!

I dit it! :D Nice work!

I finished it :D At the beginning I didn't understand I could double-jump, though.

Anyway, nice little low-effort game!

Easy game: get out of the screen to win :D Nice low effort.

Another not-so-low-effort submission! :D

I really like the fact that the town evolves as the player does tasks. Mining is a bit boring though, due to the menu "Collect XXX ? Yes/No".

Really cool. Nice ecological metaphor too, very philosophical.

Please do a Any% speedrun of this game.

So difficult to play :(

Nice! I love the sounds

this is no fun… very good low effort

Such low effort, many fun, wow

(cool music and nice cactus!)

My record is 43! :D Nice game with an upbeat music!

It got out of hand ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Well done!

This game jam is not even ranked, how can the winners brag and the losers despair? /s

Yeah, this jam is a really good idea! I can't wait to read the letter of my giftee :)

Yes, calling it "advanced AI" was totally a joke :) The code is simple indeed.

Sound design could clearly be enhanced. I blame my lack of skills and the short duration of the jam :/

(1 edit)

Congrats on your first game! That's fun and beautiful too. The command swap is well done: challenging and chaotic but not unplayable.

Sadly, I didn't understand how the objects works or how to use them. And the rocket launcher is really weak. Did I miss something?

Thank you for all the good suggestions about the sound design :) I didn't spend much time on it and I did the bare minimum :/ (And, to be honest, I never really worked on the sound design on my previous games. That's a skill I still need to learn)

It was hard to communicate the idea effectively and I'm glad you think I did a good job!

I will probably test it again with the new controls! Thanks :)

I didn't mean to make a confusing game! But yeah, I know it is. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

I'm glad you liked it! I'll try to find a Windows computer to try your game during the weekend :)

I achieved a score of 576 :) The idea has some potential but there is not enough variety between two runs.

I had a hard time at the beginning to understand what I had to do. But then, the game became fun :) (Oh, and I didn't understand until late that you could get an upgrade at the end of the day)

For a game about meditation, it's pretty nervous! But I enjoyed it :)

Is it possible to kill the enemies ? :(

The game is fun but needs more balance. It has an "enter the gungeon" vibe that's very nice.

I came for the Swordfish II, I stayed for the gameplay. But my keyboard don't use WASD and since you don't support the arrows keys, it was difficult to play :/

Anyway, there is clearly the potential for a great game :)

Nice twist on a classical game ! :) The swapped controls were too hard for me :(

Fun game! But I think you should have use less time on developing upgrades and more on balancing. But hey, the rabbits are so cute <3 Isn't that the most important?

Level 4 is my maximum… The inertia on the rotation of the spacecraft is really hard to deal with and the gravity modifications are really steep. That's a fun game but it needs more polish :)

Ok, I believe you :D

This game must be so easy to level design! Just throw some planets and mark where they pass… And yet it's so hard to solve! I'm stuck at level 5 :/

That's a very nice concept, very chaotic.

Wow, I didn't know the accident really happened with a screwdriver.

Nice and fun little game !

The battle cutscene is too long. When does the game start?

That's a nice take on the theme, but the interactivity is too low and the game too complex to be really fun ^^'

Great atmosphere, art and music. They work together really well.

I survived!! (That's my achievement for the day)

Nice but unforgiving game :) And I'm pretty sure that's not a real double pendulum…

PICO-8 + sheep + puzzle = <3

A very fun game with beautiful, minimalist art. In the last level I though I needed to contain the sheep with the boulders to be sure I had enough time to go the portal, but there wasn't enough boulders… So this part is a bit luck-based: you just hope the sheep won't leave the zone before you access the portal.

This game has one flaw, though: it's too short!

(and sheep going out of the screen is a bit confusing too)

During the first minutes, I found the game rather unplayable (notably because there is no air control). But at some point I understood how to plan my move, place mines where they are needed and hope for the best. And when I found my soulmate robot, I was sad the game was over.

(I still think that a bit of air control would be useful, though)

I really enjoyed your game and it fits perfectly the theme.