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Terrain: Yes. Actually I tried to add it during 7drl, but I have a hard time on monster AI's aiming.

Dungeon Generation: No. Each encounter will be in a rectangle. (You know I want to make a physics based Into The Breach) Anyway, random generated wall is on my list.

I am focusing on tactical plays (imagine Into the Breach without grid), perk combos, and teamwork. 

I decided to redesign hero skill & perk system into a more flexible one, but not sure what I'll end up with at this moment.

Guess that's different enough.

btw, do you mind if I add a spinning barbarian into my game?


I decided to develop Dungeons & Disks (the other disk flicking game in 7drl 2019) as a commercial game.

Will you keep working on this game?

Is rogue's ability missing?

Monk and Magician are introduced in the final draft.


The game's artwork is a combination of English, Chinese, Japanese, Latin and Math Symbols.

Please tell me if there is any display problem.

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(Weird) artwork and sound effect is added in v0.04.

Maybe I can add some extra heroes tomorrow. (my final day)

Here comes the artwork

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0.03 Update:

We have 9 boss fights (three of them are randomly picked in level 4, 7 and 10) and 20+ differenet monsters now. Hope that's enough for a 7drl game.

I'm afraid I don't have enough time for extra heroes. The final two days will be spent on artwork and interface.

I want to make a "physic-based strategy game".

So aiming should be easy.

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It's really weird we are exploring the same genre.

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I came up with the idea when I played Into The Breach.

Pushing your enemies and dealing collision damage is awesome. How about pushing your enemies (physically) and dealing collision damage (physically)?


v0.01 (19/3/2): A demo with 4 fixed levels

v0.02 (19/3/4): Trait

v0.03 (19/3/6): Random levels

v0.04 (19/3/7): Artwork and music and more enemies

v0.05 (19/3/8): New heroes: Monk and Magician

v0.05d (19/3/9): Warrior redesign, bug fix, renamed into Dungeons & Disks (formerly named Flicking Heroes), also renamed myself into Artless.

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But the rule says

  • You CAN use external libraries, game engines, pre-existing  code/algorithms, pre-existing  art, etc. You can even start your game from an existing game, if you are planning to turn it into something unique.  If in doubt, be clear what resources were reused.

If I want to make a roguelike platformer, and I coded a non-roguelike platformer before.

Is it valid to use the previous game's code?

I started working on it two days ago.

Should I submit on friday instead of sunday?