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Rogue Robs Trains

A topic by Vedor created Mar 03, 2019 Views: 435 Replies: 15
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This year, I'm working on the roguelike about robbing Old West trains. I don't know if I'll manage to add all features I'd like (dynamic backgroud rendering, for example), but as the minimal product I want to create features interesting ranged combat mechanics, good procedural level generation (based on prefabs and templates), and win condition.

 Game will be build with use of Go 11.5, BearLibTerminal 0.15.7, and GCC 8.1.0.

I'm using roguelike template I'm working on since August. It means that I have lots of systems already done - collisions, rendering, sarializing, etc. You can find RAWIG here. It was meant to be clean, easy to expand and modify game template... But it isn't very clean already :F Anyway, it's great help for me.  

Yesterday, ie day before start, I set repository up, and made some small changes to RAWIG codebase. 

Even with advantage of existing architecture, I didn't manage to tinker with content during first day of competition. But there was good reason for that: I spent whole day working on ranged combat. Since game theme is Old West, I wanted to use classic revolvers that need to be cocked before shoot, and that take some time to reload. The player-side of mechanics was rather straightforward, but adding all these cocking, uncocking, reloading, etc. mechanics to AI, and making sure that AI behaviour will remain sensible, wasn't that easy. But - it works now, so I could be proud of me. But, you know, I won't. I'm still, if working under time pressure, terrible coder, and my AI function is monstrosity. I'm gonna go to hell because of code duplication in func HandleAI().  

After first day, my game still uses generic samples as game levels and enemies names. It still looks kind of cool:  

Update 20190303T0155+0100: 

I'm planning to release windows and linux builds. Anyone keen to build RRT for Mac is welcome! :)

That's a super cool theme and I can't wait to see it.

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I hope you'll see something more representative at the end of next day :)

Looks good! I love the setting... old west. Cannot wait to play it next weekend :D

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Second day of 7DRL passed. I'm rather pleased with my progress - 75% mechanics and levels is done already. I hope that I'll finish it tomorrow - I'd like to have 4 days to polish release!

Setting square font is somewhat problematic - using BearLibTerminal "Set" function to force font size to 18x18 didn't work as expected.


Red Dead Roguedemption! Looks great so far.

I hope you'll like it :)

At the end of the day #3, I can't say I'm pleased. I should do much more! But maybe I pressed myself a bit too much yestarday, and I had to take a little rest... On the other hand, I had very nice talk with Brian Bruggeman, author of excellent font I started to use - Deferral-Square.

Obligatory screenshot:  

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Of course, I wanted to do much more today. In fact, I wanted to have finished game, ready for polishing process, after 4th day of 7DRL. It didn't work out, but I think I'm still good at schedule :) TODO: add missing messages; work on simple animation of moving train.

Let me just copypaste from twitter...

I am really tired after 5th day of #7DRL. Earlier this campo, I wrote lots of crappy code, and its debugging is a chore.
But at the end of the day, I have animations (well, *sort of*... you'll see that train is moving, that's all), victory / lose screens and better msg log... And that's all what I really need - for now, at least.

On the other hand, I'm not overly pleased with Rogue Robs Trains. For me, small project like 7DRL needs two things: fun core mechanics, and high replayability. And as I'm happy with the former, RRT lacks the latter...

But, with core mechanics already done, I may follow this trope post campo...

It's finished! I had not enough time to polish start screen, and high scores, there are bugs to fix... But game is complete. I'm going to release more polished post-campo version as well. For now, enjoy:


Love it! I really like the concept and that scrolling terrain while you move on the train from carriage to carriage instills a feeling of dread and excitement. So it your time well invested. This is very unique, the weapons, everything. I haven't played yet as I'm too shattered after this week, but I will definitely come back to this and give feedback when energy has been restored :D

I hope you'll like gameplay as well ;) Thanks for kind words, mr hypnotic :)

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Realy nice work! I like the setting of this game.
Btw, a knife is very overpowered weapon, cause it kills emenies with 1-2 spabs, i've cleared 3 stages only with the melee weapon.

Thanks :)

> a knife is very overpowered weapon, cause it kills emenies with 1-2 spabs

Similarly to revolver on medium (10-20 tiles) range and rifle on long (>20 tiles) range. But I have to agree that it's too easy to lure enemies into melee combat. ...what if enemies, aware of player, would shoot through doors, with accuracy penalty?

It would be cool!
P.S: I think you should reduce a damage of melee weapons, or make them to break fast.

There is no damage - every enemy has 1HP. It's accuracy what makes difference :)