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1RL: your first roguelike

A topic by cpiod created Mar 03, 2019 Views: 331 Replies: 14
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Hi ! 

This is my first participation to 7DRL. My game is quite autobiographical: to win the game, you have 7 days to create your first RL!

Core mechanics:

- You have no hit points but 7 days to make your game. Try not to lose too much time!
- You can control the spawn rate of the bugs by choosing how many unstable features you equip at the same time.
- Weapons and features have ego: find the combinations that work best!
- Depending on the feature that generated them, bugs have special skills. Mapgen bugs can phase, RNG bugs rarely fail their attack.

This game is based on python-tcod. For the record, I use a mapgen algorithm I wrote a few weeks ago to learn how to use tcod. I started to work on Saturday 9a.m. CET.

You can follow the project on my github page :

Merry 7DRL to everyone!

Inception :D Is it proper screenshot, or mockup? Looks great anyway!

It's a proper screenshot! The most basic mechanics are in place :) But there is still a lot to do…

It's impressive, then! Good luck :)


I really like the idea of linking spawn rate to objective completion.

That is an amazing concept,  looks to be a great game too!

Weapons and features have ego - brilliant. Looks great, cannot wait to play!

This sounds really good. Looking forward to it!

Thanks for all the kind words! I hope you won't be disappointed ^^'

I enjoy this concept, and it looks good already!

Kind of a weird question, but is that the solarized palette?


Yes it is! Since the hero is a programmer working on a video game, I think it's not out of place.

And the real reason is that without a predefined palette, your eyes would have bleed from my color choices…

Here are some news:

The development goes well. I have all the features I wanted but the game is terribly balanced at the moment. Here are some further explanations about the game mechanics:

- You have no HP but 7 days to complete a game.

- You find features in a dungeon. Each feature starts unstable: an equipped unstable feature generates bugs. When bugs attacks, you lose time (remember, time is your life). When you slay a bug, the corresponding feature becomes more stable. Tactically, you need to balance the bug spawn rate: too slow and you lose time, too fast and you are overwhelmed.

- Features grant you resistance, depending on their level and stability.

- There are 12 features ego. If you have corresponding egos (for example if you have at the same time a Lovecraftian mapgen and a Lovecraftian RNG), there is a synergy and a resistance bonus. The 12 features ego don't have equal probabilities, so it's not so hard to have some synergy (but these probabilities varies from one run to another).

- There are 4 weapons ego. There is a link between feature egos and weapon egos: for example, the "Lovecraftian" feature ego is linked to the "mythical" weapon ego. A bug generated by a Lovecraftian feature is weak to mythical weapon. This is shown on the UI, don't worry.

- Furthermore, each weapon ego gives a special skill. Mythical weapon are faster, telepathic weapon grants telepathy, basic weapon grants a caustic aura (bugs that attack you suffer damage) and paradoxical weapon confuses the enemies.

At the end of the game, there is a final boss. I won't tell much about it to keep the suspense :)

I hope you will like it!

PS: new screenshots are coming in a few hours.

I forgot: there is a logo!

(I'm not the artist. Source:

It's finished ! To be honest, I'm quite proud of the result. I had time to balance the difficulty and tweak the user experience.

Please tell me if you have any problem running the game.

For linux player, you need glibc >= 2.27 (so it won't work on older distributions, like Ubuntu 16.04). If it's your case and you really want to try the game, the instructions for manual compilation are here:

I hope you will enjoy 1RL!