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Thank you!

Hi, Thanks for giving the game a run through!  I've been gathering feedback and implementing them to create a post 7DRL release and your feedback is super helpful! Thanks!

oh no, it seems you kept getting sent to the "procedural generators" screen, which is just a little demo reel of how the levels are created.  You can hit the space bar to exit that screen.  on the main screen are two options to start a new game.  I think what might be happening is the mouse drift is placing the cursor over the "generators" button and then its loading that screen instead of the game.

You can try putting the cursor over the "New Game" button before hitting the space bar or mouse clicking.

I've had reports of the drifting mouse issue from Firefox users and I was able to replicate it but I'm still trying to figure out why its happening

=D  I thought about getting a FIST team onto a space station but couldn't figure out how to get the A-Team and a Van into space but you've figured it out in the most FIST like way!

A neat dive into a fun horror trope.  A wandering deamon, an ancient villain, an unraveling mystery, and possible PC transformation is waiting the players in this detailed mission.

A glimpse into how "the other side" works in the FIST universe.  A great setup for some hard times for the PCs.  The concept is great but it took me a good while to figure out what I was reading between the mood setting quotes from the actual new rules and agents :\ Once it became clear to me _how_ to read it I was able to dig in.

Wow!  This made me want to fish out my old leathers and crack my knuckles.  Clean and clear and full of style with a layout and art that is fully spot on.

A full conversion based on undead skeletal racers, their machines, and the Returners who are chasing them down.  It has everything needed to get started including a quick background of the world and its attitudes, a starting example scenario, and how the scenario can spill out into more sessions.

This one's getting printed and put on the shelf

Thanks!  The diving helmets and eldritch creature are A.I. generated with some filters, and touchups to get them to fit the FIST art styles.  The rifle is a real soviet underwater assault riffle, the APS, and the image of it is from the rifle's manual.

grid based movement, turn based combat, strategic play, procedurally generated levels, exploration based discovery, run based playthroughs, single character, new character per run.

Roguelike is more apt than any other description. 

a dungeon crawler, gridder, blobber, and so on usually have static maps with puzzles, party management, real time movement of enemies, real time combat, and don't normally fit the roguelike description.  calling this a dungeon crawler because of the camera orientation is a disservice to roguelikes and dungeon crawlers.  This is definitely a roguelike first and dungeon crawler distant second.

Keep up the awesome sauce, this is a real gem!

Congratulations! Well done, it has been amazing to watch you turn all these out.  you going to take a little celebratory break? you deserve it =D

amazing! well done, captured the feel of both gameplay and aesthetic feeling.

fun game, really enjoyed it.  thanks!

thank you!

really enjoy it. thanks

For us laptop sufferers, could you add alternate movement buttons?  Thanks!

fun addictive little game loop :)

Stay safe, hoping you get well soon!

Fixed version is release. It is still a performance hog but at least it doesn't crash.  thanks!

oh yea, one of those "works on my machine" things : (
Testing on another device and I got the freeze.  The CPU madness and freeze without crash looks like an infinite loop somewhere : (
I'll dig into it and see if I can release a 7drl+fix version :thumbsup

Thank you very much for the informative gameplay explanation!
I am  big dwarf fortress fan and the world view follows the same mechanics so I have wrongly assumed people will already be familiar the view mechanics as I am : (

Yea the dragon ai has trouble wrapping through the edges of the map because it will take the closest possible one of its choosable locations, and due to the dragons special movement style it will basically pivot on the spot and try to race back to you.  The Dragon IS Killable, and you get a special shoutout in the end screen if you do kill the dragon and escape but it is pretty hard.  If you escape with the egg you should now have the Dragon as a flyable mount!  Once you fly the dragon you can see why it's so hard to kill, and what it would take to kill it.

Thanks very much for showing so much interest in this little experiment!

oh wow, thats not right... I've played and tested on Chrome 64 on a Mac and its been okay.  Just tried Firefox and it also ran. But Safari is dead on load.  Can you provide more details? Are you on a Windows or Linux machine? Have you tried fullscreen and windowed?  

Racing the other adventures is an interesting concept but I find I get a lot of death messages before I even reach the temple :)  They seem to really charge in head first.  I made it down to the snake but it kept resurrecting, I must be missing something because I couldn't get past this.  I really enjoyed the setting and premise, I'll give it another shot again to try and find out how to deal with the snake.


Fun game!  I liked blending moving the gameboard or the catwizard, or moving the gameboard to move the skellies.  I think kept accidentally using polymorph on the lowest level enemies and they would keep turning into the heavy armour skellies :x  Really well polished, I couldn't get to level 5 in the 30 minutes I have free now but I will come back to this one!

Eearly game is punishing :) I'm usually careless and will let myself die often in the beginning until I find I've had a good start and _then_ will start playing a bit more careful.  I haven't been able to get further than high 70s, I feel like I'd be able to get further if I could _wait_ a turn, I often find accidentally walk into an attack :\  The spell system is fun and so is the level-up system! when all those glyphs showed up I thought I was a goner and then realized what it was :)
Thanks for the game!

Wow, this is a gem.  The atmosphere is spot on for a zenomorph/alien vs marines game.  Moving the marines into position and strafing backwards to keep distance while the others shoot over your shoulder, or my first death: trapped in a room with low ammo and creatures pouring in through vents, I made the decision to rush in to capture health and ran out of bullets.

Very well done thank you!

This is the technique I used, made it down to one hit left on myself but made it through on the first try.  I liked the simple movement technique which could have gotten bogged down in the 3d view, it works really well.

The dragon is tricky and will never stop following if you have her Egg because she's a good mother ;)  A tip I can give is don't get in front of her.  If you escape with the Egg and replay with the dragon mount you will see why =D
Thanks for giving it a shot!  I and am still playing through With Hooves of Fire it' lots of fun!

Thank you!

Crash bug fixed and updated on the game page

Day Seven Submitted!

Yep, lost two days of work, so it was a 5drl this season.  Still had a blast, even if I had to make some cuts to scope.  Thanks Everyone!

Day Seven Post

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Day Four!

Lots of AI work done yesterday, and with the late night I made the post today and slept on the train this morning. 

Ratters are in!  little pooches to chase down and attack the rats on your behalf.  you can spawn then in the tech demo my pressing Z to open the "spells" dev menu and use the Summon Ratter spell.  More info in the dev blog post

Day Four Post

Day Three!

Up late this time. I'm still on track with my goals, which I am slightly amazed by.  Game updated on the page as well.  I'm still using a static seed so the new rats nest is near the tables and chairs in the corner : )

Day three post

Day two done!

Project also updated in the page so you can give out multiple castles a try.

Day two dev log post

Day one done.
Project updated in the page.

Day one dev log post

Noticed a bug after uploading it.  Sometimes when you kill the one  and only rat it tries to load the next castle which isn't a feature thats ready yet.  

That is an amazing concept,  looks to be a great game too!

I've now published it but since I haven't uploaded the game package itself the main page still seems broken.  However you can still get to the first dev blog post.  I'll attempt to upload the current state of the PoC tonight to make the project page a little more interesting.


Setup the project page today, will actually start the dev-work and challenge tomorrow.  I'm taking the 'kill the rats in the basement' trope and running with it.  Play as a rat catcher hired to clear out the castles of the kingdom.  But don't forget your place in society, guards will kick you aside if you get too close, royalty will call guards to have you removed. 
All the while you been paid to do a job. Kill the rats. Destroy the nest. Move on.

I'm starting with a hobby game engine I've been tinkering on for almost 2 years.  My dev time is usually constrained to a 40 minute train commute so dedicating a larger portion of my free time to this should actually turn this PoC engine into an actual game. Hopefully =D