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A topic by ibGoge created Mar 02, 2019 Views: 235 Replies: 11
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Setup the project page today, will actually start the dev-work and challenge tomorrow.  I'm taking the 'kill the rats in the basement' trope and running with it.  Play as a rat catcher hired to clear out the castles of the kingdom.  But don't forget your place in society, guards will kick you aside if you get too close, royalty will call guards to have you removed. 
All the while you been paid to do a job. Kill the rats. Destroy the nest. Move on.

I'm starting with a hobby game engine I've been tinkering on for almost 2 years.  My dev time is usually constrained to a 40 minute train commute so dedicating a larger portion of my free time to this should actually turn this PoC engine into an actual game. Hopefully =D

good luck!

I'm not sure if it was intentional or not, but you haven't published your game page so it's just a 404 for us!

I've now published it but since I haven't uploaded the game package itself the main page still seems broken.  However you can still get to the first dev blog post.  I'll attempt to upload the current state of the PoC tonight to make the project page a little more interesting.

Day one done.
Project updated in the page.

Day one dev log post

Noticed a bug after uploading it.  Sometimes when you kill the one  and only rat it tries to load the next castle which isn't a feature thats ready yet.  

But I like rats :( Anyway, good luck!

Day two done!

Project also updated in the page so you can give out multiple castles a try.

Day two dev log post

Day Three!

Up late this time. I'm still on track with my goals, which I am slightly amazed by.  Game updated on the page as well.  I'm still using a static seed so the new rats nest is near the tables and chairs in the corner : )

Day three post

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Day Four!

Lots of AI work done yesterday, and with the late night I made the post today and slept on the train this morning. 

Ratters are in!  little pooches to chase down and attack the rats on your behalf.  you can spawn then in the tech demo my pressing Z to open the "spells" dev menu and use the Summon Ratter spell.  More info in the dev blog post

Day Four Post

Day Seven Submitted!

Yep, lost two days of work, so it was a 5drl this season.  Still had a blast, even if I had to make some cuts to scope.  Thanks Everyone!

Day Seven Post

I think I'm getting a crash when i press Z, then space, then Z again.

Thank you!

Crash bug fixed and updated on the game page