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How can i learn?

A topic by Clone created Dec 23, 2018 Views: 521 Replies: 13
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Hi, im Clone.Everyone that is probably going to read this are developers, and i want to be one of them, but i don't know how.

I did a lot of researches about it, recently im trying to learn Python, i learnt very simple things about the language.

Do you guys have any suggestions, about what program i can use to start doing my own games or What languages do i have to learn, and the way i can learn them.

I'm trying to find a coding game that can help me learn coding by a game, so i can learn coding and enjoy the game. do you guys know any game like that?

Well i know its kind of funny but yeah, i want to be a developer. And create my own games like everyone in this community. 


Welcome to the club! You have a long way to go, so hang on tight. Python is a good programming language to start with; also look at Pygame. There are also many tools that can help you. What kind of games do you want to make?

Thanks for recommendation!


Construct 2 or 3 are great for beginners, they have a visual interface that doesn't need coding. Their full version cost money. They only make 2D video games. There's a great community to help. Godot is also great for making games, it has it's own script language (GDScript, easy to learn), but it also has visual scripting. It's completely free, makes 2D and 3D games. The community is a bit restricted compared to Construct, but there's still tutorials and documentation, as well as a Discord server.

As a beginner I really suggest starting with 2D video games, endless ones are easier to make. Doing this can help you at being more used to the engine, making it easier to make big adventure games. Also, never forget that learning code and being a game developer is along process, it needs patience. I would also suggest participating in game jams, you can learn a lot in there.

Hope it helps

Have a great day!

Thank you very much.

I found it quite easy to just download Unity and Blender, and follow some tutorials on youtube. Sure it's a lengthy process before you can master anything, but I guess you can get a first grasp easily by just diving in.  youtube is ripe with all sort of tutorials for making games.

I tried Unity, but it was harder than i thought thanks for the advice!

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I'm currently using javascript because html5 is just convenient and I'm a web developer. And also because I once used c, c# and java, so it is easier to switch between them. I learned some python when I was using blender, but never really got deep enough. I also tried lua, but eventually I decided to stick to javascript, because all I need is a notepad and a browser. I can easily try something while at work.

Once you mastered one language, it is easier to learn another(function, if, for, while, etc), and if the tool you choose to use is good enough, you don't really have to write too many lines of code.


Unity is quite friendly to the beginners. And one more plus - there are tones of guides on the internet. 

If you wanna learn some basic things, try Scratch. Very childish, but requires no programming.


@CloneHD We all had to start somewhere. it's daunting when you begin, but if you stick with it you will get there and beyond. Just keep pushing yourself. I recommend Unity (amazing) and doing online tutorials. Learn C# and read about game design as much as you can. The rest will follow. :) 

Thanks for the reply, and thanks for motivating me.

It depends on the style of game you want to make. 

Construct 2 or 3 is a great way to learn visually and you can create games pretty quickly but it's limited to 2D designs mostly. This teaches you the structure of code and game design, I have used this before and created a few small projects. It helps your brain learn the concept of designing code visually due to the drag and drop style system they implement. It's also great for concept work and designs!

Unity is what I recommend to people getting started. It has a big learning curve but at the same time a great way to start game development if you're serious. It's an engine which is only limited by your imagination IMO. I also recommend picking up C# (I know you talked about learning python), Unity scripting is C# but the skills learned in coding is transferable. But yeah Unity is where I recommend new game designers start because it teaches you tonnes.  (Yes Unity also supports a Java script but it's not real Java so it's just for unity where as C# is more useful outside unity making you more rounded).

As for 3D designs and texturing you can use blender (free) and Gimp (free). These 2 tools have guides online to get you started out and you can design plenty of games with these tools along side Unity.

Hope this helps and good luck! Game design is difficult and frustrating but very rewarding when you get something working!

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Hi, Clone .. What i did is that I searched for over a year and a half for a good engine that doesn't require any kind of coding but let's you create a perfect 2d game . so I found Gdevelop (still in beta but has grown a lot) and it just changed my whole life, it made my dream come true :)

Just start here , learn, engage with the amazing community, learn from them, ask questions as many as you like and trust me you'll create your first game in less than 4 months :)

Gdevelop (It's totally free which is the greatest thing ever created) :

Have fun learning and if there is anything else I can help you with just let me know :)

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