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I found it quite easy to just download Unity and Blender, and follow some tutorials on youtube. Sure it's a lengthy process before you can master anything, but I guess you can get a first grasp easily by just diving in.  youtube is ripe with all sort of tutorials for making games.

Is it automatic? I mean is it possible for new tags to start appearing there on their own,  whenever they become used by enough pages, or does each and every tag require a manual input, by the people behind, before it has a chance it can be found in the 'browse all tags' page.  I assumed the latter, and by 'special status tags', i was referring to those tags which can be found there.

The portal would perhaps benefit from a tag search of the kind I meant, anyway. for example, for my game I  considered adding an 'history' or 'historical' tag, but having no way to see which one of the two is already the most shared by the most projects, if any, I decided to stick with suggested tags, even though they were less relevant.

There is a tag search, you say? I've been looking for it before, didn't find it. I guess it was hiding in plain view the whole time.

So, correct me if i'm mistaken, the only use of adding a 'personal' tag to your game, would be to wait and see if it would be given special status anytime in the future. The special status tags are the thing bringing the most views, at least in my analytics - and after the game appears on the front page in case it manages to. Because the search function doesn't seem to care about personal tags, it just seems to care about the title and subtitle.

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I visited the page, and for a start I'd suggest you try using better tags.  Try the tags suggests, instead  of inventing your own.  Notice that if you search for 'new-2019', your game doesn't appear. Only things with 'new' or '2019' in the title will appear. I could be wrong, don't know exactly how it works yet, but i guess coming up with new tags, other than those provides, doesn't do anything.

Also, i'd suggest you improve the description a little bit, and everytime you upload a new level, be sure to post a devlog.


well as they are now, i think the shape is a little bit too 'vague'. i don't think it would add character to your game. i'd suggest something more recognizable, like the conifers you posted 45 days ago.  but the art style and technique is better now.

yeah i think it looks better than the trees you posted 45 days ago. they had too much black in the details,  catching the eyes a little bit too much, for what i suppose should be background art. but i like the old shape for the trees better. 

this is genius

wonderful artstyle. congratulations.

nice idea, and very good work in 72 hours.

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Hello people.

After struggling for almost a year,  I managed to finish this project and just released it for free on this portal. Here's a link.

It is a walking sim set in the front lines of world war one. It plays in first person. The player has a trench to go through, and he'll find several characters along the way. These people will have a little story to tell.

It's aimed at those people who don't mind reading, and who enjoy story-rich and atmospheric adventures.

The art style is abstract and slightly pixelated.

"casque adrian" was the name of the metal helmet issued to french troops to sobstitute the cloth cap they were wearing until late 1915.

Feedback is very appreciated. Suggestions as well. I will probably work on a second, improved version sometime in the future.