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Thanks for the content...

Just a gameplay...

ohhh, ok.... Thanks anyway,


This game looks awesome, i will still play on web, but it would be good if you publish it for MacOs too.

I see, can you guys make new games about tetris like this, but can it be finishable? :x because i played the game sooo long, every time i placed a block wrongly, i started over by closing and opening the game, anyways, i'm trying your new games right now. You guys deserve to have more players at least. And PLZ make new tetris based puzzle games!!!

how big is the map tho?

Thanks for the reply, and thanks for motivating me.

I tried Unity, but it was harder than i thought thanks for the advice!

Thank you very much.

Thanks for recommendation!

Hi, im Clone.Everyone that is probably going to read this are developers, and i want to be one of them, but i don't know how.

I did a lot of researches about it, recently im trying to learn Python, i learnt very simple things about the language.

Do you guys have any suggestions, about what program i can use to start doing my own games or What languages do i have to learn, and the way i can learn them.

I'm trying to find a coding game that can help me learn coding by a game, so i can learn coding and enjoy the game. do you guys know any game like that?

Well i know its kind of funny but yeah, i want to be a developer. And create my own games like everyone in this community.