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Alright, The end got me. Didn't expect that or how it knew... Anyway, a short experience and fun :)

It took me 20+ goes but I got there in the end.. Extra difficult because I coughed at the worst possible times. Really good game though and fun to play, developer has something special going on here.

Cyberpunk + game rating = 10/10 from me, I have a weakness for Cyberpunk based games. I wish the devs put more time into the interior of the game. It felt a little jaring going from an outside cyberpunk theme to a generic horror house feel. Either way, it's a good game and worth a play.

I really like the atmosphere of the game and think the art is spot on. 

I do feel like there are some missed opportunities though to make it more creepy.

This game really hates me with a passion, but I can't stop playing it... Happy Birthday Baldi!

For what it is, it's a good little game and got me once or twice.

This is a good horror game (could be slightly more difficult) rather than just picking up a key and getting out. I appreciate it's only the first level though. 

The addition of the room was also a fine touch. Keep it up :)

I really like the game, it's simple but it works. Get's a little more challenging and the difficulty creep is about right for a game like this, I will keep an eye out for the full release :)

Ok this game actually got me a few times, played as part my 3 random horror game series :)

Confusing story but that is probably by design :') Played as part my 3 random horror games: 

Interesting concept. I like that there are different endings :) Played as part my 3 random horror games series.

I really do think this game has the right tone, setting and graphics are spot on. Keep it up.

Played this as part of my 3 random horror games. 

Enjoyed it as part of my 3 random horror games. It's a simple concept but works.

Simple game, has it's moments. Needs a bit of work.

I have played it in my latest 3 random games :)

Played as part of my 3 random games, it has it's quirks and really enjoyed it.

Played this as part of my 3 Random Horror Games, it's got potential but needs a little work. I can see though the developers have put a lot of love into this.

Featured this game in my 3 random games, It's got it's quirks. It's a short experience and does actually get me near the end. Recommend it if you like short unique games.

Great little game to pass some time. Very creative, even if a bit messy.

Played as part of my 3 random games :)

Very charming little game, played it as part of my 3 random games :D!

Played the game and it's a solid one. I highly recommend this game, just FYI to the developer you have some skill. Keep it up:

My latest video covers this game, hope you enjoy. It's worth a play through :)

Thanks for the game, decided to make a video on it as part of my 3 random horror games :)

It depends on the style of game you want to make. 

Construct 2 or 3 is a great way to learn visually and you can create games pretty quickly but it's limited to 2D designs mostly. This teaches you the structure of code and game design, I have used this before and created a few small projects. It helps your brain learn the concept of designing code visually due to the drag and drop style system they implement. It's also great for concept work and designs!

Unity is what I recommend to people getting started. It has a big learning curve but at the same time a great way to start game development if you're serious. It's an engine which is only limited by your imagination IMO. I also recommend picking up C# (I know you talked about learning python), Unity scripting is C# but the skills learned in coding is transferable. But yeah Unity is where I recommend new game designers start because it teaches you tonnes.  (Yes Unity also supports a Java script but it's not real Java so it's just for unity where as C# is more useful outside unity making you more rounded).

As for 3D designs and texturing you can use blender (free) and Gimp (free). These 2 tools have guides online to get you started out and you can design plenty of games with these tools along side Unity.

Hope this helps and good luck! Game design is difficult and frustrating but very rewarding when you get something working!