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Baba Is You level editor beta

A limited-time beta version of the upcoming editor of Baba Is You! · By Hempuli

Level codes Sticky

A topic by Hempuli created Jan 12, 2021 Views: 6,474 Replies: 179
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Post your level codes here! It's usually a good idea to include a picture and the name of the level to help others check it out.

Suspicious Graveyard: LN6P-QRUF
It Is Cold!: 99BT-3L6C

Good levels! Suspicious graveyard as of now has me stumped, but I am determined to beat it! The second one, though, I did beat! :)

Baba.exe: 9MHQ-IRG2

Beat it! :)

Shovel is dig: 3UG4-6NYM         It is definitely harder than the previous one

Tight Corridor: CBWD-PFUN

destroy the belts!

Tricky Vines: 3EX8-C3T1


Hi, I give up - how to solve it?!

the walking text: 1C4U-UVUI

can you solve this challenging level?

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my first level so its pretty bad M4UV-2LET (and I have never played baba is you before) 


why are you here

I have no idea how to solve this, nor what the point of keke is more


A very funny level!

That was an amazing level

Thank you XD

Very hard; Are you up for the challenge of Baba, inc.?



Yo! What's the word?

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for some reason i solved it too fast

I beat it but I feel like it was with an unintended solution.

Is a "cliff is cliff" missing ?

Nope, if you solved it that way then you are correct :)

If you bored and have baba is you level editor. Play my new level: "Trapped"

Level code: 2442-2AU1

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i like it is a fun puzzle and i beat it

A good way to start the day is with baba is you.

Play this easy level to exercise your puzzle abilities!-F4RK-79B6

it's so simple, push the jelly into the wall and get on top of the flag, nothing hard.

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Empty Promises: 7ZH9-NCA4

I spent half an hour trying to solve this level the wrong way, the solution was SO SIMPLE! Great level

Thank you! That happened to me too while creating the level, actually.

Really cool

Wow! Great level!

Overcooked: CL4L-FFE8.

Warning: not difficult, but potentially infuriating!

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Connect 4 (2 Player): 1XIX-MDPV

Press left and right to go between the different slots, then press down (and continually press wait) to place your chip.  First one to get 4 in a row wins! A tie game destroys the whole level.

(This is my first custom level for Baba Is You, by the way! I worked really hard on it.)

Connect 4 (2 Player)

This is not a level, but however, I believe that it is relevant enough to belong here. I am both a Lego fan and a Baba is You fan, so I thought I'd have the best of both worlds and make a Lego Baba! I followed with Flag, Keke, Me, and the word BABA. I hope you like it, as I put a lot of work into making it! :)

That is nice :)


this noice, can u teach me how to make lego baba pls ?

Well, I mean, most of the individual pieces are visible, so I think you could just use it as a reference :)

okie dokie

A level where color is everything!

Baba is Hue: RCKU-1LCL

baba is 2d ZW7I-JM6B

Can anyone make a platformer

Hempuli made one a while ago

Sorry for posting twice, I refined my original level and added a sequel.

Northerly Winds: BWIY-HN7C

Northerly Winds 2: FT9Y-ACMC

not not not not not not not not - You won't imagine how bored i was while making this level...



One Line

My first designed level, but not my first published one. That's why the subtitle says "Whoo, first level!"

 That level was great!


Cool level! It was pretty easy though.

PJ9D-4RV1 guide fire statue. you need a lot of patience to beat this, but i think it's creative!

(hint: sometimes you can do it normally and backwords by pulling the text and go to the right way!)

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hi pp


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Fofo make level! : 7X7U-N1TD

(Not a puzzle level)

That was unexpected and really fantastic

Vending Machine : EVF1-PLIGEasy level :3

Good level!

Jiji is mad. : MFZE-UUTL

(Also not a puzzle level my brain doesn't work)

I defeated jiji but I can’t win

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2048 : IYWL-MB7M

My first level

It's kind  of messy

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Escape from the pit! : M9RA-FZ3WN o t    a    p u z z l e   l e v e l

But fun

Q6C1-6E7H BabaTD 3.5 A tower defence . Here is my discord if need help. (because there is a lot of gameplay here)


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That looks pog man!

i havent played it but it looks cool!

Baba is dig! : F611-URR4

PGKE-FYL2 . Keke is playing baba. You need to make path for baba. Stay in tile to make and destroy stone.

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Strengthened LAKE-13: WLZA-WTN8

This level is based on the original LAKE-13, but with fewer objects to solve the level

how are you supposed to pass this

N3IX-G28A: Patience

Undo if you want to

Rigid words - ID: CU8L-N3YN

This is my first attempt at making a puzzle and I'm pretty happy with it! :)

"Be Mine"- a special level for Valentine's Day :) Level code: UAPC-TILC


Contagion simulation - ID: TVEX-N3LX

My first cellular automata. The "code" is very simple. Since it's RNG based, it isn't rare for it to end after a few turns so I recommend playing again if that happens.

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I made another (much less uncreative) cellular automata. Langton's ant - ID: RI8K-H3MX

(updated version due to the different way music works in the new version: NV4T-DI64)

  • it breaks a little because of the level borders :(

Five - YDAI-27FH

the first level i actually worked on and not just- vomited it onto existence like the other ones

the weirdest take on 15 i'll ever make

also idk if i'll be able to make more numbers so sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

cool level! :)

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I did it! :)

wait it wasn't that hard was it?

Not really :)

bruh :P



its my first level 

name\ diagonal



This is a good level :)


Clover is Luck, a short but sweet level for St. Patrick's day. Code: FXF6-THVQ

Puzzle level: "Flooded temple"

There is probably an unintended solution.


yeah there was... i will be uploading a secondary level where you actually have to use my intended solution

Puzzle: "Burning temple"

This time you have to do the not easy solution >:D

Hopefully the measures I took to prevent the unintended solution are decently elegant. I also made the colour scheme less drab this time.


Lost in dimensions
(seizure warning)
This took 2 days to make lol

this level is really cool! :D


Really great stuff here! Thank you everyone for your creativity :)

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My first good level, Stubborn Key. It's simple and not too challenging, but I'm pretty proud of it!
Code: J4G9-1Y3D

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My new level called Super Good Level:TJYM-EJ81

is it an unintended solution to form the statement "level is end", which beats the level immediately?

it's a fun anagram level if you use what I assume IS the intended solution BTW

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Thanks! And yeah, level is end  is an unintended solution.

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Abandoned  building
This one took me 3 days
There's also a bug that I can't fix because of the level size

Here's what to do:
kill ghosts 
get a cog to cut a non-flammable thing

this is one of the coolest levels i have ever seen in this game :D

Abandoned building (fixed)
I fixed a bug on my level

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level name\hold the skulls !!!

level code\ 77DF-FMYB

I am very proud of this level :)

enjoy :)

heres a easy level: J9ME-187V

Start a fire today!

Burn stuff I guess
I made this for fun

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I made a level where if you save the level and put robots on the road pieces, you can input 1s and 0s into and, or, xor, and not logic gates. Delete the pillar in the logic gate you want to use to pick it. Here's the code: LCNG-3QCV.

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A World Divided:YLW6-JQQD

You need to cleverly use Move to cross a deadly lava river.

my levels ._.
Explaination: B[x] means BONUS
02 7MJ7-91F7
03 P683-QZRV
04 9F49-GITQ
06 DJ8W-HR4V
08 QGEY-P3P6
09 G9NH-FII8
10 Q3EJ-7BKK
12 93ZC-GPMC
15 K147-GEY7
17 QDJW-41WZ
B1 483U-6WF1

Please complete them in order!

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Author: KillerIKY#0849
Solution: survive planes! To exit go to flag.
Code: JKKD-43ZU

I was exploring the "Safe" property, and I ended up making two levels based around it.

Reincarnation: GVA4-QKY4
This one isn't too difficult.

Reproduction:  N3ZT-B738
Think of this like the "extra level version" of Reincarnation. It's a lot harder, and I recommend that you play it after solving Reincarnation.

I'm pretty sure you can't cheese either one, but let me know if you find a suspicious solution...

Ultraheist: A level based on the base level of a similar name. Level Code: HKTD-EIWF

- World Breaker -
- 4QQ6-H7X6 -
Description: A puzzle where it doesn't seem like anything you do will help you solve it.
Note: This puzzle is hard to fail as long as every word is retrievable. That said, actually carrying out the solution takes a nontrivial amount of time to achieve.

Baba's House


Not a puzzle level, but   it  still took quite a while to make

(2 edits)

Can you defuse the bomb  before it goes off?  Edit:  Four solutions, collect them all!


Out at Sea 2- The Sequel: 2PGA-IY8Q

The mechanic is muddled, I wish I didn't make this

(4 edits)

Melting Mystery - KNUE-4FKM

Note: Water is Hot, Rock is Not...

(Edit: Patched out potential alt by adding "Water Eat Rock")

(Edit2: Patched out other potential alt by adding "Water Eat Text". Yeah, I think you get what happened at this point... :P It should be totes actually functional now, though.)

My new level   called   Going Full Circle: UZN8-YRW1.  

Baba is poor :( 9C6H-CDA4

I wish I never made this

2XHI-7K4M: Control Panel

PMY8-E3RH: Tomb Of The Baba

Tomb Of The Baba

The code to play is: PMY8-E3RH

heyy this is cool haha

Sadly, this is not original, it is from tomb of the mask

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i know, i know

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This is Hard

Edit from like 1-2 years later: Code - AKBC-MQUI This is HardThis only needs 2 moves


I didn't include the code T-T

I remade it now

100% copy even overlayed the image

How to make FIRE:  7XU1-G62UHow to make FIRE

You can change the distance of the Cog and Robot, you can change them entirely as well!

I think I forgot something...


Really not a hard level, but I had a lot of fun making it ! :)


"WHAT ?" : 3LNA-14IJ
For this level you have to ask : "what could be win ?"


Just Bomberman+Baba is You, Press Space to make a Bomb.
Babaman: 6ZXC-FB62

It's better when you go to the next frame, it's better

100% good grammar very good


No image bc it will spoil how to do the maze,

It's a simple maze and you have to find the key and find the door to win,  you need the key to open the door for the flag.

TCEF-6NN7 : Trespasser 

Level.01          F3LC-BQG6 (just verified!)

my SECOND level! (won't let me put pic :( ...)

"game" by me:          YRM6-RJ6U

no pic

blockade:          1JZE-2FUG

grid is big:          DATQ-ALVV

survival is key: IT97-C2T9

3 ways 2 win: CAYK-1PDE

baba on keke is G O N E:          ING3-1GDG

bank heist:          ZPRW-16QN

What?!:   KFB3-8iiM

fr wat




som preview here

have fun waiting, remember to pet your cat
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I just got the editor and I think I have made one of the worst and most annoying levels possible.

The Long Pull

Code: PXU6-48UL

The level involves a bit of strategy with your text placement and you having  some gaps to escape but otherwise it's just annoying. Hope you like it! I also reported it so people won't play this thing ever.

how do i see a level code?

how do i check level code

my level code, baba is not needed is xq73-a9te, i dont know how 2  share pictures, be sure to save the level

baba is not needed: xq73-a9te

APBD-MWJQ short level i helped my friend make after they took a long break from baba

Frogger: Baba Edition AFDB-173Q

Level is auto rule is here.  Also the text is hidden and cannot be pushed.

Jiji is pet - 68R1-8AXG

(2 edits)

PMTE-UJNL level is not not stupid
too lazy to take a screenshot, it's a level you'll probably be done with in two seconds anyway

I just completed a custom level set inspired by Squid Games. I hope you enjoy!

r/BabaIsYou - Jelly Game - A Squid Game inspired level set

Red Light, Green Light: PE2M-6772

r/BabaIsYou - Jelly Game - A Squid Game inspired level set

Honeycomb: 1EY7-6ZCL

r/BabaIsYou - Jelly Game - A Squid Game inspired level set

Brawl: QXW9-2T69

r/BabaIsYou - Jelly Game - A Squid Game inspired level set

Tug of War: PWUL-7ZUV

r/BabaIsYou - Jelly Game - A Squid Game inspired level set

Marbles: J6GT-XJVC

r/BabaIsYou - Jelly Game - A Squid Game inspired level set

Glass Stepping Stones: KTBM-MJTE

r/BabaIsYou - Jelly Game - A Squid Game inspired level set

Squid Game: NRR9-J7UJ

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The Legend of Baba 4PG8-9E68

687L-ABBX is baba really you?

sorry i dont have a picture of the level and its my first time with baba is you or the level editor :(

anyone played this yet?

VNV3-P27J watch out game boy time

this was so dumb..... btw i still have no screenshots of the level :(

also yes it kinda looks like a gameboy

GLV7-K3IB Baba in maze

still no picture

B7P8-K2ZH Run From BaBa

yet again no picture ;-;

for everyones info, i have no idea how to take screenshots, anyone mind telling me how?


pokemon level (you play as porygon and white box is upgrade, pink is dubious disk.)

My first level (sorry i coudnlt take a pic) XVPY-JTB6

Just a basic tutorial : 1I4D-TTBX


Baba's Tutorial








Moving Day
i cant provide an image because i play on switch

You is Baba
cant provide image since a i play on switch

the backrooms:level "Run For Your Life",aka "level !"
cant take pictures cuz im on switch

The Backrooms

if you're wondering how i made it,here is the version without any hide text NKEM-C1J7

Baba is outside 3 1TNI-69I4

(1 edit)

MNLZ-8CKU - Hello. This is the first full-fledged level that I have created, I will be very grateful if you pass it and tell me about your impressions


Baba is now confused

Trees and wolfs

The level is simple, all you need is to  come to the fire(place)

The code is: TDRA-TWR1(i didn't know what the level was gonna be about so it's named amogus)


im to lazy to put the image lol

baba is youflag is not winbog is stop
leaf lock algae grass - flagfence is stophedge is stop