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Press Alt+Click on a key, door, or other object to open up a code editor. You have to set their variables with code to make them function properly, even single keys/doors, or else they break in the editor. How it typically works is you set variables with code formatted like "variable=value;", with the semicolon at the end of every line of code. The most common variables are "count" for key/door count, "w/h" for door width/height, "c" for door lock color, "cs" for door base color, and "type" for key/door type. You can read more about them in the instructions file attached.

Key counters work a special way. Basically, the counter itself is the "list" of key counts to show, and you add the different key colors to that list, which it then auto-generates the counter graphic with. The basic code looks like such "s0=COLOR;s1=COLOR;s2=COLOR;" etc, with each "s" being the first, second, third row of the list (starting from 0), and "COLOR" being replaced with a number which correlates to the key color, which you can find in one of the readme files. You can also set "long=(Either 0, 1, or 2);" to make the counter longer.

This is some good stuff! I haven't seen some of these before. Some others I actually have considered at one point or another in development.

Here it is. I'm not sure if Mediafire links are OK on this site but here it is:

I'll note that this editor was originally only for personal use, so it's gonna be hard to learn and use, and it's also a mod of a different level creation tool. It comes with instructions, so hopefully those can help somewhat with figuring it out.

Maybe for the full version, but not for the demo.

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It's true that there is a lot going on, and you are given an overwhelming number of options. I suggest breaking it down by color. Specifically, all of the colors in the forced(!) chain of doors at the very end have more interesting logic than initially meets the eye. It's a little harder to construct a clear picture of the other colors, as well as where certain Master Keys are used, but I believe it generally becomes something reasonable once you've understood the other constraints well enough. If you aren't going to attempt the puzzle anymore, though, then that's OK. Thanks for playing the rest of the game up until now!

Just to quell your worries immediately, no, there are never any puzzles which hide things from you. 5-3 has a perfectly normal solution. All I'll say is, there's something to learn in that one.

As for which place to explore next, you're free to either play the Finale puzzle right away or save it for later. Once you've completed World 6, you already know all the stuff you need to know to solve it. I think I did actually design that puzzle before I started working on most of the rest of the game, to answer that question.

Hope you continue to enjoy the game!

Wow! I don't have Tabletop Simulator, but that's very cool. I really appreciate that you made this!

Go ahead! I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Even if you can't link the game, crediting the title should hopefully be OK. Heck, I'll even play it if/when you release it. I've got a Roblox account.

rot13: Vg unccraf jura haqbvat nccylvat Znfgre Xrlf/bcravat pbcvrf bs n qbbe juvyr univat gur Oebja Xrl nhen npgvir.

Use Rot13 on these hints:

Hint 1: Lbh pna bayl hfr 2 Znfgre Xrlf ba gur znva cneg bs gur chmmyr, fvapr lbh zhfg hfr bar ng gur fgneg juvpu sbeprf lbh gb cvpx hc gur 8 erznvavat barf gb bcra gur 8 Znfgre Xrl qbbe.

Hint 2: Ybbx ng gur Oyhr Xrlf va gur chmmyr naq jurer gurl ner va eryngvba gb qbbef jvgu gur Cnvagrq nhen (3k Oyhr). Lbh nofbyhgryl zhfg trg gung nhen rssrpg gb fbyir gur chmmyr.

Hint 3: Lbh jvyy arrq gb hfr gur Oynfg Qbbef ng gur fgneg va beqre gb bcra fbzr Oynax Qbbef.

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The keybinds in the demo version are super messy, technically a few buttons *are* configurable but a few are also hardcoded, including the A and E keys, so WASD might do messy stuff. If you go into Appdata > Local > I_Wanna_Lockpick then open "config.ini", under the Controls section you should see stuff you can change. Setting Jump to 32 instead of 16 will let you use Space to jump. If you see any other binds you'd like to change, you can try plugging in numbers from this post:

Unfortunately, as I said before about some hardcoded key binds, the A and E keys are "force set" to certain things, so WASD might mess up by overlapping it. For the time being IJKL is the main alternative I could suggest, but I can't fix controls in the demo anymore since I don't have the files for it. I'll be making sure that you can properly set the controls you want in the full version, but waiting for release for that might be unsatisfactory. Regardless, I hope this post could at least slightly help.

Yeah, I think there's a bug that happens in 8-A in very special circumstances. If there's some other bug that happens elsewhere though and still doesn't get undone properly, do tell me the steps to replicate it so that I can fix it properly later.

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The tilesets and 90% of visuals (not including KeyPick assets) were made by me, and you can feel free to use them. I think the quickest way to nab them would be to get a GMS decompiler such as UndertaleModTool, unzip the game exe (it's a self-extracting exe so you can do that), and then open the file with UndertaleModTool to look at all the assets. As for the songs, those are credited in a readme file, and you can probably find them through more conventional means.

I haven't been measuring the playtime for Part 2, neither in my personal testing nor in the actual closed testing. But it definitely will take more time than Part 1. That's all I'll say.

Don't worry, I've already been thinking of how I'll retroactively do story stuff for people who've completed Part 1. It's handled a lot more passively than you'd expect.


Sbe 5-3, gurer'f gjb znwbe uvagf: Svefg, gurer'f n arj zrpunavpny vagrenpgvba lbh fubhyq or ybbxvat sbe. Naq frpbaq, vs lbh gel n pregnva cngu guebhtu gur chmmyr ohg vg qbrfa'g jbex, znxr fher lbh'er orvat rssvpvrag.

Sbe 5-4, lbh cvpx hc rirel xrl, ohg qba'g arprffnevyl bcra rirel qbbe. Gurer vf nyfb fbzrguvat arj gb yrnea urer jvgu gur Oebja Xrlf.

Thanks for playing! I don't intend to ever monetize or sell this game. Maybe I'll set up some other means of contributing/donating someday, but I don't really have the know-how or the motivation for that at the moment. As for Steam, I'd rather not pay the fee for putting a game on it. Workshop support would certainly be neat, but really the endgame with regards to custom content to me would just be A) putting a usable level editor in the game with the potential to save and load levels for personal sharing, and B) open sourcing the game so anyone who wants to take it further can see how I did the stuff I did. For now, though, my focus is on the more immediate stuff such as level design and addressing certain demo features.

F4 key should toggle between fullscreen and windowed.

You're good! About the first thing, I don't really put an effort into maintaining the update log, but I'm always working on the game (albeit at an irregular pace), I did also note that I hadn't written anything new for a while. Maybe I'll make another update post soon after I've finished up a certain milestone in development. As for the second thing, I'd also love there to be an editor! I technically did make one for Part 1, but it was a separate "game" from Lockpick itself, and also was largely for internal use as opposed to public use. I did have thoughts about making a proper ingame editor, although I don't have intent to make a level hosting server or anything. It's certainly something I'd like to see, but it's not too high priority on the list of release features.

And don't worry! Asking about the game and development isn't offensive. I'm not exactly the most organized in where I post information/updates/plans for the game, so it's only reasonable to ask.

Yeah, that's a big one, and I intend to have a proper sophisticated keybind system (and potentially controller support) made for the full version. Technically there *is* a config file in AppData/Local/I_Wanna_Lockpick which has the key binds for certain (not all) buttons, but it uses numbers to represent which keyboard key is assigned to the bind. If you can find that file and open it up, see if you can't hack the binds. Go to the "[Controls]" section, and change around some numbers according to this list: . The ones you'll want to change are: Skip, which is actually an important toggle key that's normally bound to S, Jump (normally Shift), Undo (normally Z), Camera (normally C), and Action (normally X). There are unfortunately some hardcoded keybinds (E to toggle auto-run, and A which is a hold-button action after you get a certain item in the game), but I hope you can use this to make your experience slightly better.

It's the Backspace key. Sorry about the Esc key hard quitting the game. That's something I'll be working on in the full version, but for now that's the way the controls were set up.

I don't have a Linux environment, but GameMaker *does* have a Linux export target. I can't make promises, but when development on the game concludes, I'll see if it's in the cards to make Mac and Linux builds. In the meantime, I've heard people say they managed to work it into running on WINE with some effort, so hopefully the same would be possible for you. Thanks for the concern!

This is actually already a planned feature for the game! I intend to eventually add pencilmarking by clicking a key/door and assigning a colored number, letter, or other symbol to it to assist the player in solving it. I can't update the demo, so it'll have to be for when the full game is released, but I hope that will be satisfactory.

This game is incredible.

I used Game Maker Studio 1.4 with YoYoYo's I Wanna Be the Guy fangame engine as the base for the platforming, saving, and assets. The keys and doors were programmed from scratch, although the visual assets and sounds were pulled from I Wanna KeyPick 100 (decompiled GM8.1 game). I also made a mod of an IWBTG level creation tool to implement the Lockpick mechanics, which was what I used for a large amount of mechanic testing and level design. If you want that, feel free to ask and I'll link it. Directly editing the game itself would likely be very difficult, half because GMS games are hard to decompile (I think UndertaleModTool is the best that currently exists?) and half because GameMaker Studio 1.4 is deprecated software that is no longer available for purchase or usable without a license.

Also thanks for teaching me about the word "eggcorn", this is an incredible discovery.

I don't intend to sell the full game for money. Definitely not even *possible* either with the amount of copyrighted/licensed stuff I yoinked (you can see a brief overview in the credits file). Anyways, thanks for playing! I'll respond to a few choice things:

Backside & Finale: Backside is pretty easy to find as soon as you're feeling even a speck explorative, but I've seen people *actually* miss Finale, even solving Graduation first before they knew about it. I'll probably try to err on the side of more obvious in the full version.

Picking Favorites: This puzzle is constructed of a lot of "micropuzzles" for each individual color, weaved together. It's definitely a bit of a tangle, but I figured one that, at this point, the player probably knew how to untangle anyway.

Confusign: This puzzle was actually sort of a risk in my eyes, because this technically teaches you about the Underflow mechanic used in World 11, but could be easily confused as implying "doors with negative copies do not have their locks changed" unless you hovered your mouse over the door and saw the negative lock count. And, honestly, this one's mechanic is as simple as doing the thing to the thing anyway, so I'm not sure too much is lost from outright explaining it. I'll give it another look though. I like to be very blunt about certain mechanic introduction puzzles.

Lens of Truth / Imaginary Doors: The only reason I dump the lens on you the way I do is because I didn't want players to have a button that made the doors look all weird in the earlygame and then think it could be applied to the early puzzles somehow. (In fact, that's why it exists at all.) I *do* intend to add spiffier graphics for all the Imaginary Doors to fully 1-1 match the special lock graphics for Real Doors. Honestly, the graphics of these mechanics in particular is jank as all hell.

Prose: First off, "adore" is a door pun, and you will NOT be hitting me for it. I will catch your fists and judo throw you into a Combo Door whose locks consist of your every last fear and regret. Jokes aside, I see what you mean by the prose dropping off (I distinctly remember the ones which mention that the narrator is running out of new things to talk about), I'll probably be redoing a few choice ones both to be less awkward as well as to retcon a few details.

Again, thanks for playing!

The thing about math problems is that some times there's no faster way to solve them other than to do the math. I think this is actually one of those instances, although the means of producing an answer by hand can actually be quite quick. You can start with a wrong answer and then tweak it until it becomes a correct one, and even generate a comprehensive list of solutions after you've got a correct one. Either way, congrats on solving!

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Backspace is the puzzle exit key, you're told in 1-2 and can also see it in the readme file. I'm well aware of the color mixups that happen between Pink/Orange, Green/Cyan, and Purple/Blue. As for that jump "eating", that's a bug of sorts with the IWBTG engine I'm using called jump cancelling (Quick enough rejumps where the button is both pressed and released on the same frame, even though the latter happens before the former, will cancel the jump as early as possible), it's not a piece of tech that is relevant in any way to the game so I'll look into removing it. Thanks for enjoying everything so far!

The game has credits in the "Game Information + Credits" readme file, which includes crediting that song, but it would definitely be a good idea to add an in-game credits as well. Thanks for the heads-up on the license as well. I get the feeling there are probably some copyright conflicts with other songs I yoinked for the game which are far less resolvable than that (which has a rather generous license all things considered), and replacing all the music in the game isn't an immediate priority right now (I don't have the old game files anymore so I can't quickly update the demo build either), but at the very least I will try to more properly credit my sources.

That's reasonable. When I start implementing the new options menu for Part 2, I'll be sure to include a setting to tone down intensive/visually distracting effects like that. Thanks for the report!

A really good time!

hahaha i feel like a mad genius for getting the second level as fast as I did

this is a fun little silly puzzle

After thinking about it a bit, that's actually a pretty good idea! I probably won't use it for level design purposes, however an option to make every jump a full jump would definitely be a good step for accessibility. I've seen a good number of people have trouble with high jumps and 4 block jumps, so I know it'd definitely be useful.

The text for "light purple" looked the same to me as the second color in the palette, so I was confused for a second when I seemingly solved it without any trouble. Now that I solved it for real, though, it's quite nice!

I remember someone also got that error, and subsequently fixed it by installing the DirectX End User Runtime. I believe it's just something that happens with certain GameMaker Studio games. See if this helps:

Good point! I'm not sure how many of those I'll implement, but corner correction and possibly some very slight jump buffering/coyote time sound good, especially for a few slightly grody ledge jumps that appear every so often in the level design. Thanks for the link!

Yell at me about the game here. Game won't run? Game does run, but doesn't want to? You want to run, from the game? Do it here!

If you have a feature request (usually in the form of QoL improvements), feel free to suggest it here, although I can't guarantee I will be able to deliver on some of them, much less in a timely manner. (Just to clarify, I'm well aware of the colorblind situation. I have some ideas about it, but it's going to take a while. Other planned features include doodling/pencilmarking, key rebinding, and maybe savestating.)

If you are going to complain about a specific puzzle or section of the game, maybe try to spoil it? I dunno if spoiling is a thing in itch message boards but if it is then do it!!! If you don't, then a 5-nanometer spaghetti monster will crawl into your ear and play mariachi trumpet songs slightly off-key. You don't want that to happen, do you?

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Melting Mystery - KNUE-4FKM

Note: Water is Hot, Rock is Not...

(Edit: Patched out potential alt by adding "Water Eat Rock")

(Edit2: Patched out other potential alt by adding "Water Eat Text". Yeah, I think you get what happened at this point... :P It should be totes actually functional now, though.)