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The file can be found in AppData/Local/I_Wanna_Lockpick. Just copy or zip archive that folder and move it to that location on your new computer and it should hopefully work...

The save file is in AppData, so you don't have to worry about it when changing versions.

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Originally I wanted to get that set up but there seems to be some weird technical difficulties with it. So you'll have to redownload the game and either extract the files to a new folder or replace every file, either will work.

I was thinking probably around 12:00PM EST, so that probably translates to around 5:00PM GMT.

Part 2 testing is being done in private and I don't think I'll be onboarding any more testers.

Yep! Part 2 will not only make ESC take you to an actual pause menu with its own dedicated options menu, but you will also be able to rebind all of the gameplay-relevant buttons to ones of your choosing.

The full version will be available to download for free when it is complete. A Steam release (or any paid release at all) would not be viable because of the music this game uses, and I don't have any plans to ever sell it.

Your Part 1 savefile will be perfectly intact when loading into Part 2, and you will be able to re-experience parts such as the intro which will have been changed from the demo.

Update 3: Made everything for all the intro/ending cutscenes, as well as the credits. This means the game is now playable start to finish! I still need to go on a bugfixing rampage, and there are two tiny features left to add, but wow, I can work fast when I want to, I guess. (This does NOT mean the game is coming out in the next few days, it will still take a while! But this amount of completion is a good sign that it will have a timely release.)

Update 2: Finished the intro (although I haven't tested it yet). My list of things remaining is getting very very short now...

Linux and Mac builds will probably be impossible, sorry. The only way for me to make a build for those operating systems is for me to have a machine that runs them myself, and unfortunately I do not.

Update: I finished the colorblind options too, in a strange burst of energy. So now that is no longer a thing I need to work on before the game is finished.


I dug the dort

You might have muted it with Ctrl+M? Try pressing that combination in a level with the music off. If it's not that, I don't know what it is so you might need to redownload the game.

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It is an experience worth having. Meow

I understand the need for key rebinding, and I've been working on the options menu for a while now for the full release. Unfortunately, the demo version of the game was not maintained as its own version, and it would now be substantially harder for me to make a new demo version with key rebinds (harder than just continuing to work on the full game to completion). There *is* a config file in AppData/Local/I_Wanna_Lockpick which has some (but not all) key binds available to change by changing the ASCII values assigned to the buttons, but some binds in the demo (such as the 'A' and 'H' binds) are hardcoded. I'm aware it's not really ideal, but at the very least, it won't be an issue anymore in the full release.

it is a lovely game!

I'll probably just change that jump.

I'm past the point of adding new mechanics, and while I had actually pondered water before, I didn't think it really fit in with the rest of the mechanics (1-way passages are the most platforming the game gets). Who knows, though. Maybe when everything else in the game is made, I will add a little pool of water just for you. (Maybe don't count on it, though...)

I didn't mention it here but I'm changing Esc to bring up an actual pause menu instead of quitting, and while you'll be able to set the Jump button to whatever you want in the full version, the default will be changed to Spacebar most likely.

This is a common crash that happens if you don't have the DirectX End User Runtime installed with certain graphics drivers. You can look it up and download it from the Microsoft website, and it should be a straightforward installation. (Just disable the Bing toolbar it wants to install, and after it installs the game should run fine.)

Sometimes I do work on the game, but it's pretty mentally taxing, so I usually take lots of breaks. As for the puzzle design process, Lockpick is kind of a unique case since it's primarily rooted in deductions and untangling dependency chains, but more generally, I design puzzles by trying to make the "essence" first, whether it's a new interaction or a fundamental realization about the puzzle which informs how you need to approach it. Then, I try to make a setup for that trick with whatever pieces I can think of, the simpler the better (as more complex puzzles run a greater risk of having an unintended solution). It's kind of up to the designer how to do this part, including whether or not to add bait elements which distract from the solution, which was the case for a lot of Lockpick's puzzles. That's not the only way to obscure a solution, though, and a secondary goal or element which has a different use from the player's initial obvious assumption are also good ways to do it. My first real puzzle experience was Jelly no Puzzle, which is where I picked up this design philosophy from.

I used Game Maker Studio 1.4 to make the game. It's abandonware now though.

Great fun game! Short, but I think in a very good way; it does everything it wants to do, and every individual moment of the experience was a good one. Whether it be interacting with NPCs, listening to the banger tunes, searching for secrets, or trying to deal with the ridiculous basic enemies (which practically turn into minibosses in their own right), I liked it all a lot. If there were ever more like this, I would play it in a heartbeat. Thanks for making!

It's meant as an enforcement mechanism so you cannot reuse the same set of Pink Keys to alter the red count in between trips to the left. It has 12 copies so that you absolutely cannot bypass it.

Solved it! It took me a second to really wrap my head around what the puzzle wanted out of me, but when I figured out how to visualize it (in part thanks to the description text here) it instantly became way easier to wrap my head around. Very cool puzzle concept.

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it. One friend of mine described this game as "brain oil" which I think I'm inclined to agree with. This game sort of unlocks something in a lot of the people who play it, no pun intended. Part 2 development as of recent has been hiccuping a few times, but I'm still making slow progress. Hopefully it'll be out someday.

Was about to blow a gasket, but then I realized the common denominator and went back to chill mode. Employed the exact same strategy I used for my own version of the puzzle and it managed to get me exactly enough to solve your variant.

I went and crunched the numbers on it, there are technically quite a lot of solutions, some even doing better than the given Master Key count. There's a lot of layers to unpack, but there is a general strategy for this problem which, while not giving the perfect sequence (as there are several), will still give you something good enough to solve it.

For several reasons (above anything, the fact that I've already scoped out everything I want for the game), I'll not be putting this in the game. It sounds like a lot to handle from a code/behavior perspective...

Another version of the count-up idea, where you only have to count up to one number.

Solved V4 just now. Very neat puzzle, although quite dastardly as well, especially with all the number crunching I had to work out. My solution ended up not using the Combo Brown+Pure or the Brown Exact -1. Not sure if I got an alt or if those were meant as some form of anti-cheese. If the latter though, then I might be able to implement a cleaner version of it into the game using some new mechanics from Part 2.

For posterity, my solution was (rot13) Terra Erq Checyr Oyhr (Plna Oynfg) Oynpx (Cher +1) Juvgr Tyvgpu Oebja Cvax Benatr

I'm not sure the extent to which I'll make new art for the game, but I've got plans to touch up the pause screen art (it was like my literal first ever character drawing and it Shows nowadays tbh), as well as possibly draw some special art for the ending scenes. I've also dabbled in drawing different expressions for the dialog system, which I won't show off but I think I've gotten some solid mileage out of. Anything else I can't really know for sure until I get to it.

just a self portrait, nothing more

I forget what exactly causes it, but I think that's an intel graphics thing. To fix it, install the DirectX End-User Runtime from the Microsoft website (make sure to turn off the optional Bing install as well). 

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Goodness...This was intense. Not sure what else to say at the moment. I'm glad I read it. Thanks for making.

Feel free to make a server and wiki for discussing the game. I'm probably never going to make my own server, and I might not join any servers either, just to maintain a healthy distance between myself and the game. I wish you luck on maintaining both, should they come to fruition.

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They will be changed when the full game is released. For now, they just remain closed and don't do anything.