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this is one of the coolest levels i have ever seen in this game :D

Writing a statement with f4, placing it and then undoing twice causes the text to appear outside the borders, starting at the top right of the level (I put one invalid word at the start to make the screenshot prettier). This is a minor bug and the text is deleted when the test button is selected but it might be worth fixing. The same does not appear to happen with any other multiple object selection.

The text in the screenshot is supposed to say "text s h o u l d not b e h e r e" but some text is not visible for some reason.

is it an unintended solution to form the statement "level is end", which beats the level immediately?

it's a fun anagram level if you use what I assume IS the intended solution BTW

this level is really cool! :D

Puzzle: "Burning temple"

This time you have to do the not easy solution >:D

Hopefully the measures I took to prevent the unintended solution are decently elegant. I also made the colour scheme less drab this time.


yeah there was... i will be uploading a secondary level where you actually have to use my intended solution

Puzzle level: "Flooded temple"

There is probably an unintended solution.


cool level! :)

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I made another (much less uncreative) cellular automata. Langton's ant - ID: RI8K-H3MX

(updated version due to the different way music works in the new version: NV4T-DI64)

  • it breaks a little because of the level borders :(

Contagion simulation - ID: TVEX-N3LX

My first cellular automata. The "code" is very simple. Since it's RNG based, it isn't rare for it to end after a few turns so I recommend playing again if that happens.

Rigid words - ID: CU8L-N3YN

This is my first attempt at making a puzzle and I'm pretty happy with it! :)

a fantastic short story! i liked how the cereal was ants and eating flies was socially acceptable

You probably figured this out by now, but Itch should have emailed you a link to the collection of games from the bundle, which is where you can download them.