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Thank you very much for the kind words, glad you're loving the game!

It's really easy to accidentally press E and jump back a level when trying to restart

Yeah, just drop the .chex file into the game window

This was a tough one to wrap my head around at first, good game!

I was recommended this game once, played it, couldn't screenshare it so I stopped, forgot about it, found it again today, and couldn't stop playing.
After all this time, I can conclude that this game is very good and something I'd recommend to any enjoyers of Snakebird or Puyo Puyo.

I'm not in a position to try it out but you can probably deal with the small window issue using gamescope

this is a common itch launcher issue when the game isn't properly claimed. people seem to be having issues with that because of the 100% discount

This is apparently because of how Multimedia Fusion 2 plugins work (the game is made with Multimedia Fusion 2)
You can add an exception in the Windows defender settings by going to recent protections, selecting the game (probably the most recent detection) and under the action dropdown, selecting "allow"
this should allow you to download, extract, and run the game

Rules are generally only applied when the unit stops on a tile.

You're not supposed to mess with the files. Baba has an ability that allows them to launch other units over hills. I'm pretty sure this was part of the solution of an earlier level

Windows Defender likely quarantined it. You can try adding an exception by going to the recent protections, selecting it, going to actions, and then selecting allow
Redownloading (or maybe re-extracting? if that works) the game then should give you the executable file

You can open Windows Defender, go to the recent detections, select the game (probably the most recent one), and then select "allow" under the actions dropdown
Then you can redownload the game and you'll be able to play it

It's windows only, yeah. It says so on the page

Praying for the return of the strongest idol 🙏


We have a few more upstream- some will be included in the next update!
If you want to try them right now, you can check out the game's GitHub!

Thank you!

You can either play the web version, or pick the download relevant to your operating system if you look right above the comments section.

I hope this helps! If not, could you please let me know what operating system your computer is using?

The looping is a bug! Sorry about that.

Go ahead!

Blame Firefox- I tried both Firefox and Chromium during development and Chromium didn’t stutter a bit.

I very much enjoyed this absolutely ordinary and totally run-of-the-mill and totally not strange block pushing game

Sparkly eyes!




While I can't speak for the others, I am a bit busy right now - I'll go ask the others again when I have the time!

If you are on Android you should probably download the .apk file from the downloads instead of playing the web version - mobile devices don't like web games that much

Uh oh, which version are you trying to run?

You hit harder if you aim further away from the ball!

Congratulations on your win!

Cool to hear someone doing local two-player!

> I think its a little slow and having no control over power is a little frustrating.
You can aim your mouse further away from the ball to shoot further!


The game looks interesting! Sadly, input doesn't seem to work for me, pressing 6 on my keyboard in level 1 does nothing.

Nice idea, but the in-game font is kind of hard to read so the "how to play" section isn't of much help.

Also, it looks like part of the screen gets cut off in non-16:9 aspect ratios.

You can aim the cursor further away from the ball to shoot further!

Q-T1p is like the Cue tip of the Pool Cue (the shooting stick)!

The fact that you made this in Desmos is fun and all, but it generally wasn't the best decision, sacrificing overall visuals, and being a pain to control (plus several other issues including having to turn on an undocumented tick function to actually start the game for the first time)

If 2 sides of 2 objects overlap (and are equal in length and orientation), a yellow button will appear