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Amazing, haha

Those are fair points! The first thing was meant to concern cases where a unit is in the middle of the player's formation so that they can't move anywhere no matter how the opponent changes their formation. I'll add a clarification.

There should already be a statement towards the end of the rules stating that the player may move only one unit on their turn if they have only one non-exhausted unit left; I guess I could add an extra point about it earlier in the rules to make it clearer.

It's mentioned in the description!

I'm sure there'd be interest to be able to link e.g. Mastodon accounts instead of Twitter accounts in one's profile. It'd be nice if the "Twitter account" section on the profile page could accept more options (maybe an arbitrary "social media" link, similar to the website one?)

Oh shoot, thanks!

Ooh! Great catch, how silly of me. Thank you!

Thank you for the information, both of you!

I think someone else brought that up, and while it's not strictly intentional, I think I'm ok with the rule that the solitaire side works by standard solitaire card values while the poker side works by standard poker card values.

Oh shoot! Interesting that that's the case; I thought I added the necessary check against multiple cards. Thanks!

Yeah, the game doesn't have any balancing so situations like that are unfortunately possible.

Hmm, interesting! It worked (I think!) previously, but I did some quick changes to it yesterday and probably broke it in ways that I didn't anticipate. The joys of testing a change only too little before assuming it works, apologies.

Thanks for the feedback! I wonder if reducing the offset between cards when the stack gets high enough would help - it'd make the cards lower in the stack harder to read but would be a bit more elegant than a scrollbar.

Could you give an example of a situation where the red colour breaks?

We haven't yet run in a situation where that'd be possible; you can put one of your units in an unreachable position with the Spire, but the opponent only needs to curse 3 of your units to win so it's not an effective strategy.

Most of these issues are caused by the sprite using RGB colour mode instead of indexed colour mode. Also check that the black outline isn't pure black (0,0,0) since that might be read as transparent.

Thank you!

That's the intention, but there *is* also a bug that caused there to be an uneven number of face/back cards. Sorry about that.

I want to test out making builds for other platforms once the game's done, but I'm not sure if Android is one of those because I haven't yet looked at the porting process.

Yeah, I've been aware of the bug; I haven't really properly turned my attention to fixing it yet, but I fear that finding the exact cause will be tough due to the "sometimes" nature of it, haha. Apologies for the issue & thanks for the report!

People have mentioned Shobu to me a couple times but I've yet to check it out in any way; apparently it's very well-liked, though. Also Entanglement looks cool! Funnily enough, when making this I pondered on a game where your opponent moves one of your units after moving, which is slightly similar but not quite as elegant as Entanglement's design. Nice work :)

Yeah, there's no point; I should update the wording.


If you can find a way to reliably have that happen (e.g. it happens and you can make it happen again), that'd be extremely helpful for tracking the cause down :)

Thank you! Glad to hear  the theming works :)

Thanks; I'll try something for a future version! :)

What's your resolution?

Ah, thanks for the report! That looks like an issue with the chained transformation rules; I'll look at it once I get home from a thing

I'll try to release the full version on Mac :)

The character sprites are included with the tool so modding in a Temmie sprite should be easy :)

Nope; if I remember correctly I made this really quickly and just made up a structure.

This was a really cool take on marble maze level design. The way the bumpy terrain had been generated from the images was really interesting, and in some cases also led to very neat movement puzzles. However, in some other cases the source images were a bit too noisy and as a result navigating to the goal felt more like rolling over a randomly uneven terrain. I think with some more guided design this could make for a very cool variant of the usual marble-navigation.

The sonar-like screaming was a cool mechanic - I could see an expanded version of the game include things like walls you need to detect in the darkness. I also liked how the scream effect seemed to favour the direction I was facing, meaning that while I could affect monsters "behind" me, those in front would get the brunt of the scream.

The seemingly-unlimited space combined with the 360-degree attack meant that I could avoid the monsters and slowly defeat them without worry until they became so large that they spawned right on top of me. That said, I think it's nicer for a jam game to feel somewhat too easy than somewhat too hard.

Interesting! Understanding the logic behind the movement took a bit of trying and I'm not sure I quite grasped it in the end, but once the gameplay started clicking, it was neat to try to tease the climber into reaching new heights. The music was also nice, and I liked the very clear presentation. It would've been nice if the game wasn't quite so zoomed out; as it is, it's quite difficult to accurately grab the limb I want, especially when doing a maneuver where most/all of the limbs are at the same grabbing point.

This was fun! I had to try a couple times to realize that the jump was the optimal way to traverse, since it prevented me from tipping over. The low-fi aesthetic worked well, and I liked how intuitively the car controlled - the physics and driving felt very good. A quick restart after falling off or ending up upside down would've been great. The music was also cool!

I wasn't sure if there was meant to be a sound effect associated with the scream'n'jump; first time I'd press space there'd be a short freeze after which things would go back to normal, but there were no sound effects then or later. Also it seems that the game window is half the intended size in the browser version (using Firefox).

Classic idea well executed, it would seem! The minimalistic visual style works well with the similarly minimalistic gameplay. I could see a slightly expanded version where the lights-out mechanic was explored in more depth, with the theme of trauma incorporated in some way; perhaps in a puzzle game format?

Also thank you for providing the video, since I don't have access to an android device.


I just now went and tested, and can confirm that in the version where the button room is one tile taller (i.e. 3 tiles tall in total), you can get through the gate with 16 girth. I was able to do it somewhat jankily with 12, and then less jankily with exactly 16.

I've nerfed the amount of girth you can get because girth ended up being a *really* powerful upgrade that trivialized some puzzles. The game has been balanced so that you shouldn't need more than 14 girth to get everything; however, that particular blue room was initially set up badly (and the layout seen on the AuthorBlues video is the old, bad layout); there should be more vertical space for maneuvering there.

However, there's also a semi-unintended trick for that specific room - once you enter, the golden teleport activates, so you can teleport to it and skip this particular puzzle. It's not the intended solution but might save some frustration.

Welp, should've realized. Thanks!

Ohh! Sadly they're baked into the executable and can't be changed because the game wasn't designed to support mods like that. There are some unused sprites though in the source if you tinker with the object data