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Yeah; I guess it makes sense. I'll keep this thread around though just in case some kind of a larger discussion space is needed.

I have two different objects, both with the Cloud sprite; one is just always Move and the other has two Babas (or somesuch) moving back and forth and activating a Move rule every other turn. At the right edge of the level are objects with the rule Cloud On (Object) Is Fall (Left), and at the left edge of the level are objects with the rule Cloud On (Object) Is Hide.

If you want to leave a comment on someone else's level, you can do it here! Mention the code and name to make sure others can check it out. Keep the rules in mind when commenting on other people's levels, though.

Did you run into a bug? Did the game crash? You can report it here!

Post your level codes here! It's usually a good idea to include a picture and the name of the level to help others check it out.

Hello! Share your levels and discuss levels made by you & others here. Also if you run into bugs or issues, you can report them here.

- No bigotry/racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia etc, I think you get the idea
- In general, be a good person
- If you don't like a level, offer constructive criticism or don't say anything at all; no need to be mean
- That also means don't harass/bully others
- Don't spam

What do you mean by "see" in this case?

If you go to the editor settings, you can enable "Advanced words"; I made this so that people who still want to play the full game can avoid some spoilers.

At the moment that might be the case; but I can help the situation in the next update by increasing the timeout time (it's currently 10 seconds.)

Hmm! Haven't seen that error yet; could it be related to a slow internet connection at your end?

Thank you!

This is now fixed! Had an old version uploaded, sorry.

I might at least clean up the game a bit :) Congrats on the WR!

There is nothing to install, the game is playable directly from the zip file. Hmm.

I've never used the Itch App so I don't know. This would be for Win10, right?

Hi! Glad to hear that you enjoyed the game on Switch! Unfortunately we don't currently have an ARM build available, though. Sorry about that.

There was recently an anniversary sale, the timing of which differed slightly between marketplaces; perhaps you mean that?

Looks like it! Thanks for the report, looking at the problem

Where did you extract the game zip? Or are you playing the game straight from the zip file?

Oh yeah, I noted Avery mentioning being able to do better; I wondered if they  might run faster on later races but didn't test it. That's really neat, too! I guess Avery would need to tone it down a little in the case the player was able to disable the feathers, though, haha.

This game is amazing, I've been enjoying it a lot! Exactly the right kind of relaxing.

I was wondering - the silver feathers make the various races quite trivial - is it possible to turn them off? If not, I think being able to disable them in the inventory could be really neat!

That's probably it. Darn, I wonder what I could do about this...

Ah, that's good to know! Not sure what I can do about it, though...

What OS are you playing on? Which folder did you unzip the game into?

Could you contact me at the e-mail address found on this page: ?

Are you on Windows 10?


This has been fixed, but the game still uses the old folder if it was set up in an earlier version. This could help:

This one:

Been using the same program since 2007 or so.

There should be a title screen when you start. Make sure the game isn't in a folder that doesn't have reading permission; other than that, I might not be able to help much :(

Most of the levels in the jam version are in the final game; some of the rule logic is different and/or more buggy in the jam version. Thank you!

Have you tried running it as an administrator? Sounds like a permission issue.


What are you playing on?

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Could you send me e-mail to the address listed at about this?

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This version only has a Windows build.

EDIT: Oh whoops, I just noticed what I had written above. Sorry, I thought the thread-starter was talking about the full version. 


Thanks for the report! I've fixed the latter but hadn't noticed the former.

The game is already available on Mac!

Hi Enzioquias! Thanks a lot! The game is going to have over 200 levels in total :)

Thank you! I don't think I have written about that anywhere! The names Baba and Keke come from an old psychology experiment where people were shown two shapes, a round and a spiky one, and asked to label one "Kiki" and one "Bouba". I'm pretty sure you can guess which way people preferred the label the shapes. :) Baba and Keke don't really have any meaningful relation to the experiment otherwise, but the inspiration for the names definitely came from there.