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Oh yeah, I noted Avery mentioning being able to do better; I wondered if they  might run faster on later races but didn't test it. That's really neat, too! I guess Avery would need to tone it down a little in the case the player was able to disable the feathers, though, haha.

This game is amazing, I've been enjoying it a lot! Exactly the right kind of relaxing.

I was wondering - the silver feathers make the various races quite trivial - is it possible to turn them off? If not, I think being able to disable them in the inventory could be really neat!

That's probably it. Darn, I wonder what I could do about this...

Ah, that's good to know! Not sure what I can do about it, though...

What OS are you playing on? Which folder did you unzip the game into?

Could you contact me at the e-mail address found on this page: ?

Are you on Windows 10?


This has been fixed, but the game still uses the old folder if it was set up in an earlier version. This could help:

This one:

Been using the same program since 2007 or so.

There should be a title screen when you start. Make sure the game isn't in a folder that doesn't have reading permission; other than that, I might not be able to help much :(

Most of the levels in the jam version are in the final game; some of the rule logic is different and/or more buggy in the jam version. Thank you!

Have you tried running it as an administrator? Sounds like a permission issue.


What are you playing on?

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Could you send me e-mail to the address listed at about this?

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This version only has a Windows build.

EDIT: Oh whoops, I just noticed what I had written above. Sorry, I thought the thread-starter was talking about the full version. 


Thanks for the report! I've fixed the latter but hadn't noticed the former.

The game is already available on Mac!

Hi Enzioquias! Thanks a lot! The game is going to have over 200 levels in total :)

Thank you! I don't think I have written about that anywhere! The names Baba and Keke come from an old psychology experiment where people were shown two shapes, a round and a spiky one, and asked to label one "Kiki" and one "Bouba". I'm pretty sure you can guess which way people preferred the label the shapes. :) Baba and Keke don't really have any meaningful relation to the experiment otherwise, but the inspiration for the names definitely came from there.

Thank you!

I think a bug was left in the code where if a rook has no other valid moves, they may capture straight ahead; I didn't have enough time to fix it. Thanks! :)

Unfortunately the date has been pushed to early 2019 :( I've forgotten to update that in some places, I'm afraid. The reason was that I would have had to rush too much to get it released this year (the release would have had to be in November because December is a very difficult time for releasing an indie game (especially on Switch due to Smash))

Thank you very much!

I think there'll be news about the release dates pretty soon! Possibly not exact dates, but some info in any case. Thank you!

Haha, that'd be funky. I think the main problems would be the compiling-to-exe you mentioned and most importantly optimizing the game to be able to create more than just really simple things. It's a cool idea, though :D

Yeah; I considered updating this using the new engine but thought I'd rather just finish the full game instead.

Thank you! :)

Thanks! I feel that block-pushing-based puzzle games have been thriving more in the recent years thanks to Puzzlescript and such. In case you're interested in Sokoban-inspired games, I recommend Pipe Push Paradise, Snakebird & of course Stephen's Sausage Roll.


Thank you very much! I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed the game to that extent! :)

Yup, that's it for the jam version :)

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You can't; if you push an object into a corner, you can press Z to undo (which kinda looks like grabbing them); the full game will have a separate "Pull" word that works like grabbing an item.

Yeah, that happens if they can't move diagonally and have an enemy in front of them; should make an updated version once I have more time...

Thank you very much for the visibility and compliments! I saw the tweet earlier :)

Yeah, that'd be neat! Also you can force pawns to eat in illegal ways because their logic is so simple. It'd be interesting to polish the chess aspect of the game to contain the full depth of chess (Castling, having the pieces prefer eating opposing pieces if given a chance etc) and see how that affects the snake part of the gameplay. I guess I should do a post-compo build...

Thanks! Should be fixed now :)

The extra pair of hands made me chuckle

I dumbly picked a key that isn't the same on all keyboard layouts for accessing the editor :( Sorry about that