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Hmm, thanks! I think I'll need to investigate these reports you've done to get the game working more consistently

The collections on Itch can only fit up to 20 games, the rest require you to look at the collection itself to appear.


Oh yeah, I totally forgot to actually answer the question, whoops! As RedPipe implied, this was made using Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and its HTML5 export addon. It's a janky engine but more powerful than one would expect at first glance.

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Thank you :)

It has seemed fairly easy to me overall; the important thing to note is that you have only 4 of each letter, so once you notice that a letter is involved in the word, preserving the copies of that letter left becomes very crucial. Also since you can't reuse a letter that's known not to be in the word, it can be important to try to "throw away" letters likely not to be useful in cases where that allows you access to more useful letters/cards. It's quite messy.

Haha wow, that's not intended but I like that there's a trick like that :D

Yup, I'll need to adjust them if I want to make them logical

Ah, thanks!

Ah, glad to hear that

If you click on the "Tiny block-pushers" subtitle on my page you can find it; the collections can only show 20 games at maximum and the rest are hidden in the collection-specific view.

There's a silly quirk in how I implemented the game that causes the V thing but it's so minor that I don't think I'll fix it

Control + Q skips levels in nearly all of these to help with the lack of saving!

You can press Control + Q to skip levels to get where you were :)

Thanks! There's no level selection but you can press Control + Q to skip levels (in almost every Covemountlike) to make up for the lack of saving.

Oh whoops, seems like the turn limit fell off. Thanks!

That's a good suggestion; I think I considered during development but was scared of the possibility of it being accidentally used to lose progress; maybe making it a button combination would help.

Mayban's inspiration already came from superposition even if the mechanic ended up being more "traditional"

The way the pathfinding works is that the game has a list of tiles to check ordered by how long the walk to them is and how close they are to the goal, then checks the 4 tiles around each of those tiles, and if they're not inside walls or such they're added to the list as well. There's a priority order in which direction around a tile is checked first, and on a map as small as this, multiple tiles are probably likely to get the same "distance from goal + distance to walk here" score. These factors can create situations where the game can favour a path that to human eye looks unoptimal.

Thanks for these specific cases! I'll need to do further investigating to see what exactly is going wrong here

Thank you very much for the compliment & for playing! :)
- The A and B connections are done sequentially in cases where the A connection doesn't lead further down; so Start -> Move -> End would do the same as Start A-> Move, B-> End; it's effectively just an option for preference (and a way to make the conditional blocks and nonconditional blocks be more similar).
- "Do nothing" is similarly not a necessary thing but way to e.g. stagger actions or organize your code if you so prefer.

Oh! Interesting. There might be a way to prevent the mousewheel functionality since I already found a way to prevent arrow keys scrolling the page but I'll need to investigate

Pressing F3 toggles the level editor, causing this; press F3 again and restart the level to fix the issue.

If there are control schemes you would've preferred or found more intuitive, I'd be interested in hearing them to learn & potentially adjust the ones in the game atm :)

I had mousewheel implemented, but had to disable it because it also scrolled the webpage; I can add the middle-click though!

Yeah, F3 toggles the level editor; press it again to fix the problem

Oh wait, the level should have a limited moves counter. Whoops! Thank you

Oh huh! Sure, thanks for bringing this up!

This issue should be fixed now. Apologies for the trouble

This issue should be gone now (or at least not prevent playing the game).

Yeah, this format really isn't ideal for a programming game due to how much there is to explain (and the right-click bugs). The game-breaking should be fixed now, though.

Ah! I wonder how the pictogram could be better... maybe I should just list all the keys instead of being ambiguous.

Hmmm, I'll have to look at that, thank you; I wonder what the bug is...

Yeah; not super happy about that but sadly I don't think that can be done anything about since the pathfinding has to do them in some order

Ah, bummer that there are still bugs with the reset tile :(

I'm sure an animation or such could be added. What if the card released glitter particles or similar?

Yeah, I sadly don't think I can fix that issue without a lot of javascript nonsense :(

There's currently a bug where the anxious face doesn't reset after Covemonty steps on a waypoint flag; I'll fix that later today.

That's a great point; I think I'll adjust that.

The pathfinding itself should work about as expected, but there's a twist to it that the game might not tutorialize well:
- At first, Covemonty will ignore blocks and water and such
- If this fails, Covemonty will try again but this time avoid all obstacles (the anxious face)