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This is caused by the sprites using RGB instead of Indexed colour mode. E.g. Aseprite can adjust that.

The tiny Baba is the default sprite if the program fails to find a sprite folder. However, when that happens Baba also fails to load a proper size and defaults to 0x0, causing the platform detection to fail.

Hover over Baba with the mouse and move it rapidly back and forth for a bit, it's a bit finicky.

Thanks & thanks for the report!


There's a switch you're missing; you need to leave the dark area to find it. And you can you hang on any edge, grassy or not, and jump from them.

What monitor do you have?

It was definitely one of those moments where I made a gamedev joke and then went "waait... I actually want to make that for real"

The crumbly blocks being annoying to jump off of wasn't part of the joke

The levels are stored in the levels\ folder so pancelor *could* send it to you... if they dare

Congratulations! And sorry

Thanks! I pondered that for a bit but I think the game's mean enough as it is, haha

You must be on a ladder, not below it. However, if it feels like the game's broken, try restarting; that helps sometimes.

Fixed now!


This should now be fixed!

Thanks! Fullscreen isn't supported atm, but I could probably implement it somewhat easily

Thanks! Will look into that in a bit


Sorry, that one was impossible in the jam build :(

There's one now!

This should finally be fixed now...!

Yup! Once the editor is officially out :)

Really great stuff here! Thank you everyone for your creativity :)

Hi! Apologies about that; I recently started reworking the Group word and that turned into a large ordeal, belating updates.

Nope; this freeware editor is meant for betatesting the level-sharing functionality, and since levelpacks can't be shared in-game when the editor releases, that feature isn't functional.

The latter; I'll probably eventually remove this editor from itch to avoid confusion, but it will stay functional apart from the level-sharing.

Thanks a lot for all the reports!

Yeah; I guess it makes sense. I'll keep this thread around though just in case some kind of a larger discussion space is needed.

I have two different objects, both with the Cloud sprite; one is just always Move and the other has two Babas (or somesuch) moving back and forth and activating a Move rule every other turn. At the right edge of the level are objects with the rule Cloud On (Object) Is Fall (Left), and at the left edge of the level are objects with the rule Cloud On (Object) Is Hide.

If you want to leave a comment on someone else's level, you can do it here! Mention the code and name to make sure others can check it out. Keep the rules in mind when commenting on other people's levels, though.

Did you run into a bug? Did the game crash? You can report it here!

Post your level codes here! It's usually a good idea to include a picture and the name of the level to help others check it out.

Hello! Share your levels and discuss levels made by you & others here. Also if you run into bugs or issues, you can report them here.

- No bigotry/racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia etc, I think you get the idea
- In general, be a good person
- If you don't like a level, offer constructive criticism or don't say anything at all; no need to be mean
- That also means don't harass/bully others
- Don't spam

What do you mean by "see" in this case?

If you go to the editor settings, you can enable "Advanced words"; I made this so that people who still want to play the full game can avoid some spoilers.

At the moment that might be the case; but I can help the situation in the next update by increasing the timeout time (it's currently 10 seconds.)