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Very cute, I agree a little bit of music would be a nice addition!

I'd be more surprised if you did still test against that old of a platform. :v

Just figured it out with the help of a hex editor and examining the level data file! The interactable part of the element that contains the cord only covers a tiny portion of said element, you might want to take a look at it and expand it to cover the entire thing.

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The phone cord puzzle seems impossible, I noticed even the youtube vid posted yesterday got stuck there and was unable to progress. Is there an element missing from that level?

Specifically I'm playing the windows version.

Can I just say I am extremely happy that I was able to sneakernet the latest version over to my Windows 98 machine and not only did the game run flawlessly but it even still supported LAN multiplayer?

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Can you defuse the bomb  before it goes off?  Edit:  Four solutions, collect them all!


Definitely not finished seeing as there's no gameplay at all yet but it looks neat and sounds great!

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Well that's a cute glitch if you get all the endings in one go.

Oh hey they fixed it! There weren't downloads for this game on that page before, unlike all the other games in the list.

I got this game in the bundle for racial justice and equality but there's no download link? What's up?