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Thanks so much! Good luck on beating's the best attempt at an Othello AI I can make on PICO-8.

I saw the stream where you played this, BTW, and I've added the feature you suggested where the player level shows on the results screen!

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Connect 4 (2 Player): 1XIX-MDPV

Press left and right to go between the different slots, then press down (and continually press wait) to place your chip.  First one to get 4 in a row wins! A tie game destroys the whole level.

(This is my first custom level for Baba Is You, by the way! I worked really hard on it.)

Connect 4 (2 Player)

The powerups are available to Easy and Normal players, and completing 4 rooms in a level in Easy mode gives you another magical powerup at random. Of course, they aren't necessary to beat the game...but they can help!

And thank you for giving it a try!

X/V/M to bring up the options and confirm an option, Z/C/N to to go back. Arrow keys move your cursor.

It is based on a Japanese-exclusive 8-bit title, but I did rework it as much as I could to give it its own special feel. Based on what you're saying, I've done my job! 😉

Sweet, you beat it on the hardest difficulty! That takes some dedication, I'm glad you were able to see the true ending so quickly!

Short, but sweet. I'd love to see this fleshed out with more complete levels; I love this gameplay style.

Heh, I literally made them a few minutes before the jam started. I guess he liked them enough to put them in that fast. 😛

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I've created some forward and backward facing sprites of Jelpi (the guy in the sample minigame, and in the transition screen) for my own minigame, and I thought you all could get some use out of them. They are all in this cart.

Also included are two functions which I found useful: a function for drawing ellipses (stretched circles), and a function for fading out the palette. They're also copied here, if you want to copy-paste directly from here.

--fill ellipse
function elipfill(x,y,rx,ry,c)
 for i=y-ry+.5,y+ry-.5 do
  local p=flr(rx*sqrt(ry*ry-y*y+2*y*i-i*i)/ry+.5)

--fade palette
function fadepal(fade)
 for j=1,15 do
  local c=j
  for k=1,mid(0,flr(fade*100)/22,0x4.bba2)+j*0x.10fd do

Alright, I can simply make the text static if you want.

I saw that video. You give some pretty nice reviews to all of the games.

If you wanna have a little preview of what is to come for the full version of Descent, check out my demo here.