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it's possible

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when I read the description i thought scoring the backboard pieces were giving the "score * game level", maybe write it another way to be easier to understand

also i kinda found a similar way after knowing how the backboard pieces work, i was doing with 2 balls at once in level 2 like it was level 3, my score was 899, I'll try that tip!

makes sense, after that explanation i was testing the points and now i understand the backboard pieces, i thought you were supposed to throw it in the hoop to score too, since "Scoring Backboard Pieces *   Game Level", now that i understand i'll try to get a better score

limiting the backboard pieces at a time won't fix unless it's to 1, also the game improved a lot! I still remember when it was like the thumbnail

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if you hit a backboard piece like half way to the right, you will have an infinite score machine, it's slow but still free score

i thought of 2 good ideas and i think i'll make both since they aren't that hard to make, can i submit both to the jam?

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in the browser version you can't space, i knew the solution but took more than an hour to realize it was impossible without it

I couldn't fix the movement for the other and i think I can't anymore, it needed it to be this other keyboard layout because of the game jam

feels like easier to understand, and even has a story now apparently, nice!
also, you can still rewind after winning a level, and if you die you'll have the zoom until you win any level

yes, also very good for the first game! I like more this double jump physics now apparently, i didn't like it when i made games with physics because it was weird that double jumping low was higher than double jumping higher

very fun! It took me some time to get used to the double jump physics, but after it i got 6:51 minutes with all gems

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yes, after I commented i saw i could Fullscreen, but it was weird the window starting at top left, i'll see if it fixed

edit: it still goes to up left when it's not on fullscreen

the game window was in the top left so i couldn't see the entire game but very fun!




then make things that makes the player teleport to each other

make portals


nice! I still don't know exactly how to use physics in GMS2 but i really like it too

liked the physics


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Very nice for the first game!

I think you made like that to fit more the theme but, if you couldn't turn off the switches it would be more challenging, and fun (at least for me)

ok, thanks!


can you make a tutorial on the scale thing?

if it's used like scale: easy inout, start scale: 1(%), end scale: 50(%), it creates a lot of tabs, is it on purpose? It looks like it never ends

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like,  you're using game maker right? There's 2 options when you click it, you packed it as installer, but for smaller games i think zip is better since it's easier to install

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nice game! I really liked the idea

also you could make the executable in the zip form so it's easier to download 

it was hard but i did it

nice! It was confusing at the start since it didn't really told what the rewind really do, but after it was really fun, still couldn't beat the last level

That was the best jam! The first game jam i made with a team, i  learned more about art and animations, how to make dialog, maybe better code? It was very fun

i found how to see, it's 93 brightness, just to see, what brightness do people play?

wow, my screen is really that bright? Also thanks!



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thanks! I learned a lot about drawing in this game jam! Even that i didn't drew all, i liked what i drew


i didn't know making a story for a game was hard, since i never made before i wanted to try for this game jam, thanks for the advice too!