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I mean this with the upmost respect, but your game contains the red cross, you can't use that symbol, it's protected under the Geneva Convention.

Holy crap on a cracker, you made that in ClickTeam Fusion! That's amazing! I used to make tons of games in ClickTeam software.

I may have caused a sequence break when I went to get some health from zone 1 and killed another couple of red skels. Regardless, I really had a blast!

No worries. I mean them. I lost so many hours to Another World, I know yours isn't a side on game, but the the environment you've crafted is what draws parallels with Another World, it's very atmospheric.

Add this to the style tag of your canvas:

image-rendering: -webkit-crisp-edges; image-rendering: -moz-crisp-edges; image-rendering: -o-crisp-edges; image-rendering: crisp-edges; image-rendering: -webkit-optimize-contrast; image-rendering: optimizeSpeed; image-rendering: pixelated;

Ok I'm so impressed by this. Lights out with a twist. Very cool. Shadowcasting is such a neat feature and I feel like it's rarely used in the 2D world. Kudos!

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Awesome gameplay! Really nice idea. I do like the fake 3D dungeon crawlers of old. I'm a big rogue-like fan after all.

I noticed however you're not snapped to a grid (sub pixels), your intro animation rotated the wand and it was super smooth.

Thanks. I'm not up on tutorials, I always feel the game should teach you by letting you play. The idea was to let people fail, the levels were designed to guide you through each Hero. Like Fissure; there were 2 levels, one with a single hostage and one with a single enemy. The idea was to teach the player that Fissure could save hostages and kill enemies through those.

That was my idea to play "It's hero time" every round. Maybe not my best idea.

Haha! Sorry

Very cool. The power ups make this game, very satisfying.

I think you've won this. So good, I do love these types of shop running games though.

It's not that easy however. The margins are super tight. But I guess without it, the game would be too easy.

I just used apples, 2 coins profit, but cost 5. I could buy 14 a round and sell them all. 24 profit and 17 to the loan. Other items weren't as profitable.

Oh and Phaser, I used that also. Never used it before. it's a really nice engine.

This is such a cool idea.

Took my a while to get the gravity game is actually a flappy bird game.

Lovely design, audio and gameplay.

The art is astounding! I love it. Many have mentioned that better telegraphing would help. But it's still fun.

Really fun, I love the Axe mechanic. Reminds me of 3 Vikings in a way.

Really cool. I found the health icons hard to understand.

I love the gameplay and graphics! The whole tell thing is really cool. Very satisfying.

Graphics were outstanding. You have some sub pixels however.

Interesting idea of a runner/platformer. The jumps are unforgiving!

Very cool. I love MGS style espionage gameplay.

You went for! Man, if only there was a game like this back in the 90s.

I kept forgetting the shield. Really is much harder than it sounds. Really snowballs as more tanks appear. Super fun though!

Really fun to play. Reminds me of Phantasy Star with the dungeon on rails (kinda).

Love the art. Interesting idea too. Does the grease decrease the motion decay?

Really nice, minimalistic, but works in this format. the maps are a thing of beauty. Reminds me of Another World in a way.

Really nice looking! The animations could have done with being a bit faster, but it's a lovely game!

Really REALLY good for your first game. Very cool idea. Awesome music, great gameplay!

I loved the graphics! Very cool art!

Haha, Old tape deck software. if only there was an MMO in the commadore days.

The blurring is something you can fix, but it's finicky. You have to use canvas rendering and tell the browser to resize the game.

I loved this. So good! But I got all the ingredients and the cabin witch said nothing to me, is that as far as the game got (I got the spider fang)?

I'm not sure if it was intentional, but the map looked like tiles were missing or water.

I can see the idea behind this. Cool soldier sprites.

Really good concept. Feels really atmospheric. I wish it had more gameplay though.

The mouse annoyed me though, it was hanging outside the window and even though clicking did nothing, I tried it and it switched focus. Haha!

That track is the MVP, kudos, I think it'll be in my head for days! Good little game, interesting concept and cute art.

Good for a one hour turn around. But yeah, I can see the seeds of something there

Really good restrictions on the palette. Fun game, very hard though, reminds me of the old arcade tables.

I loved the art! Absolutely awesome!

Amazing stuff. Brian is my spirit animal.

Great humour and lovely GFX. Good luck!