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Oh, you're not running this on a native Windows device? That's not possible indeed, the game needs the Windows file structure.

It doesn't even start running? Have you installed .NET? (; download the runtime version)

Have you unzipped the folder after downloading?
Have you tried running the game in administrator mode?
Have you changed anything in the database?
Are you trying to run a savefile that is not yours?

These are the first things that pop in my mind when I see that error. :)

Hi both of you, unfortunately we found the artist we were looking for.

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Applications closed: we found our artist.


We're a team of 3 developers working on our game The Airline Project, an airline tycoon for PC.

We're looking for a new freelance artist. Send me a message with some other work you've done if you're interested. I'll give you some more details and set you up with some [PAID] test tasks.

Your main tasks include

* helping us design the UI and drawing new icons (that fit with our current style)

You can see some examples of our current UI here:

Your first UI task will probably be helping us out with creating graphics for a seat map like this You will provide graphics like a generic outline of the airliner, a couple of top down views of various seats and stuff like that.

* providing some graphics like logos for in-game fantasy airlines and other companies.

* Occasionally you may also need to draw graphics for banners for social media and advertising.

It would be greatly appreciated if you can maintain our current art-style like you see on our website linked above.

You will probably be working an average of 10 - 30 hours / month for us.

We're based in Europe (Belgium and Germany), but you can work from anywhere.

Kind regards

I believe I responded to your post on Reddit about this issue? :)

Aha, ok thanks! It would have been nice to have this announced on Twitter or so? I was looking for it there. :)

I can't upload images to my pages, not even images as small as 44 kB.

Are there any known issues?

Anything else on the internet works just fine for me.

No the new UI is for TAP NG, which will be a paid game.

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Thanks for the info! :)
I kinda like that you went broad first and then go deep now. ;)

I was specifically trying the Wright Flyer and A6M yesterday. (also the Wright Flyer has a listed cruise speed of about 330km/h :D )
The ones that interested me the most are the Wright Flyer, the A6M, the Spitfire and the F16. (I haven't tested the last two yet) But I don't have a preference to what should come first. Follow your own desires/schedule. :)

Are there any plans to upload to They have a useful update notification system.


edit: can you also make the thumbnails consistent with the vanilla aircraft? :)

Are there any plans to update the models with better cockpits and animations? Or is it a quantity over quality type of project?

So they cannot download new versions if they no longer support me? (that's what I want for the Early Access, so that's good. :) )

Are there any plans to read total contribution in the future?

I had previously uploaded a game version 2.14.something using butler.

I am now working on a new version of the game (v3.0). I used butler to push a demo to the game page.
The file has a different name. In the past that meant it uploaded the file as a separate download option.
But now it has overwritten v2.14.

Am I doing something wrong? Or have you guys updated this behavior?
How can I use Butler to have both files available at the same time?

I'm setting up a Patreon to fund my development.

I was thinking to provide anyone who is supporting me on Patreon with an early access version of the game. And as long as they support me there, they receive updates. If they purchase on itch, they just get a 1 time download, unless they pay again. (this is just my early access model)

Right now it seems that I can give my patrons access. But they gain access as soon as their cumulative donations reach a certain goal?

Thanks for letting me know. I'll see what action I take.

I will share the Kickstarter start on our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit), our mailing list and as a devlog here on If you received notifications for our devlogs every month (except this July) via any of these channels, you should be good. You can always save the date in your calendar if you want to. We'll launch on September 23rd.

To avoid the game crashing, I have two suggestions:

-Before saving a game, check whether every airliner in your fleet has a video setting set.
-Avoid making the game recalculate filling degrees short after each other. So avoid these actions: starting multiple routes (with many flights) at the same time, or a single route after: season change, IFS change, seating config change. I suggest to let the game pass a day or two before taking the next action. This is a multithreading issue. It should not come back in NG as Unity handles multithreading a bit different.

The reason TAPv2 is still crashing is because I'm putting all my resources on TAP NG.

I'd be very, VERY grateful if I receive any pledge that big! I assure you can ask me for a refund if the project derails in one way or another and I think it's justified. Honestly, I'd feel very bad about myself if I ran away with the money while delivering a bad product. I already invested too much of my own money to let it fail though. Besides, I'd love to play this game myself without worrying about any crashes.

Can you tell me what settings you're trying to play with?

We will announce our Kickstarter dates this Saturday. :)

I have had no issues making money in TAP, so I think something is wrong here.

What year are you playing in?
Do you offer a lot of different stuff in the IFS (in flight services)?

You can contact us here, as well as on all our social media and forum as well as our email:

Can you send the crashlog? I'm not patching v2 as often any more as I need all resources on TAP NG, but I will release a small patch this weekend. So if you're lucky I can fix it in time. :)

There is currently no way to contribute. You will have to wait until we launch the Kickstarter. Until then you can help us out by spreading the word about the game and the new version.

When editing the theme of your game page, you are given the option to use a background image.

Then you are given the option to align this image, or repeat to fill the page.

I'd like to add an option to stretch an image. I know we can ask the itch team to create some minor custom html for our pages. But this seems so basic I believe it should be standard option?

The quick assign issue is a known issue. Try to avoid it for now. You have two different options to schedule flights:
Using the airliner icon next to the route, or selecting routes -> airliners in the menu.

We will rethink how we handle the auto scheduler for TAP NG.

There can be various reasons why this is happening.

If you purchased a plane directly from the manufacturer you have to wait until it is delivered to you. You can check the delivery dates on the fleet page as well as the manufacturers page.

If you are using the semi-automatic scheduler (the one to schedule to a specific route), the dropdown list of aircraft only shows aircraft that are available at the selected departure time. It is possible it doesn't show your airliner because it's already flying a different flight at the time.

The 'Quick assign' or auto scheduler is still in development and doesn't always behave as intended.

If it's still something different that's going on, can you send me some more information? (including images or even a save file + an explanation of what you did)

The  stock market is still in development.

There are currently no cheats in the game. You can lease a B747 or most of the popular airlines. Flying long haul routes with these big airliners usually generates a lot of revenue if you choose the route right. So after leasing a couple of B747s you should be able to buy your own soon enough.

(1 edit)

I would like to print/download the payout details page (header: 'Payout ID #xxxxx') and give this to my book keeper.

But right now it says something like initiated 46 days ago which doesn't make sense when printed out. (and is generally annoying to me any way)

So can we be given the option to replace all 'xx days ago' by an actual date?


I might want to add a user as a contributor to the game, but not allow them to make changes to the game page, game price, delete admins, moderate the community, ...

I think all of these should be separate options?

Is this on a fresh game? Or a saved game?

Do you have a lot of opponents?

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Hey, you don't have to pay me to get this software running. Can you share your latest crashlog? I suggest you remove your email address before some bots get a hold of it. ;)

You don't have to worry about that for now. We will properly implement it in one of the future version.

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About an hour ago. ;D edit: oh, I forgot to update the name on the itch page.

I hope it is fixed for this next patch.

I'll take another look at it today.

No problem, I'm glad it worked. :)

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The problem is certainly not that you have too many routes or that your system specs are not good enough. :)

The AI is quite passive most of the time, this is something we will fix in one of the upcoming versions.

I will release a patch later this evening (CET time) that might fix the issue. Sadly, it won't fix your save, sorry.
If it doesn't fix the issue, can you give me the crashlog? You can find it in the rootfolder called 'TAPv2.log'.

Thanks for reporting!

Edit: I went ahead and pushed the patch already. :)

It is true that the filling degrees for opponents flights are calculated a lot quicker because it doesn't have to calculate IFS for the opponents. (those are preset values for AI). We have a performance upgrade planned for human players a bit down the line.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience. We'll do our best  to fix this.