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We will announce our Kickstarter dates this Saturday. :)

I have had no issues making money in TAP, so I think something is wrong here.

What year are you playing in?
Do you offer a lot of different stuff in the IFS (in flight services)?

You can contact us here, as well as on all our social media and forum as well as our email:

Can you send the crashlog? I'm not patching v2 as often any more as I need all resources on TAP NG, but I will release a small patch this weekend. So if you're lucky I can fix it in time. :)

There is currently no way to contribute. You will have to wait until we launch the Kickstarter. Until then you can help us out by spreading the word about the game and the new version.

When editing the theme of your game page, you are given the option to use a background image.

Then you are given the option to align this image, or repeat to fill the page.

I'd like to add an option to stretch an image. I know we can ask the itch team to create some minor custom html for our pages. But this seems so basic I believe it should be standard option?

The quick assign issue is a known issue. Try to avoid it for now. You have two different options to schedule flights:
Using the airliner icon next to the route, or selecting routes -> airliners in the menu.

We will rethink how we handle the auto scheduler for TAP NG.

There can be various reasons why this is happening.

If you purchased a plane directly from the manufacturer you have to wait until it is delivered to you. You can check the delivery dates on the fleet page as well as the manufacturers page.

If you are using the semi-automatic scheduler (the one to schedule to a specific route), the dropdown list of aircraft only shows aircraft that are available at the selected departure time. It is possible it doesn't show your airliner because it's already flying a different flight at the time.

The 'Quick assign' or auto scheduler is still in development and doesn't always behave as intended.

If it's still something different that's going on, can you send me some more information? (including images or even a save file + an explanation of what you did)

The  stock market is still in development.

There are currently no cheats in the game. You can lease a B747 or most of the popular airlines. Flying long haul routes with these big airliners usually generates a lot of revenue if you choose the route right. So after leasing a couple of B747s you should be able to buy your own soon enough.

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I would like to print/download the payout details page (header: 'Payout ID #xxxxx') and give this to my book keeper.

But right now it says something like initiated 46 days ago which doesn't make sense when printed out. (and is generally annoying to me any way)

So can we be given the option to replace all 'xx days ago' by an actual date?


I might want to add a user as a contributor to the game, but not allow them to make changes to the game page, game price, delete admins, moderate the community, ...

I think all of these should be separate options?

Is this on a fresh game? Or a saved game?

Do you have a lot of opponents?

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Hey, you don't have to pay me to get this software running. Can you share your latest crashlog? I suggest you remove your email address before some bots get a hold of it. ;)

You don't have to worry about that for now. We will properly implement it in one of the future version.

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About an hour ago. ;D edit: oh, I forgot to update the name on the itch page.

I hope it is fixed for this next patch.

I'll take another look at it today.

No problem, I'm glad it worked. :)

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The problem is certainly not that you have too many routes or that your system specs are not good enough. :)

The AI is quite passive most of the time, this is something we will fix in one of the upcoming versions.

I will release a patch later this evening (CET time) that might fix the issue. Sadly, it won't fix your save, sorry.
If it doesn't fix the issue, can you give me the crashlog? You can find it in the rootfolder called 'TAPv2.log'.

Thanks for reporting!

Edit: I went ahead and pushed the patch already. :)

It is true that the filling degrees for opponents flights are calculated a lot quicker because it doesn't have to calculate IFS for the opponents. (those are preset values for AI). We have a performance upgrade planned for human players a bit down the line.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience. We'll do our best  to fix this.

Have you already made reservations for slots?

If not: go to the airports list. (click on 'airports' in the menu) and rent slots for the airports you want to fly to.

If you did: some airports are slot controlled which means you can't fly to them immediately. You have to wait for the next season. To create these routes in advance you have to select 'for next season' at the top of the route create window.

I hope this helps.

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Hey, Developer of The Airline Project here.

The Airline Project is a tycoon game. In this game the player manages an airline. In this game, realism is key, we're only cutting edges where real-life would mean boring gameplay.  We're currently a team of two active developers.

We're looking to take our game to the next level. To do so we will rewrite the game from scratch in Unity. This will allow us  to present a more graphically pleasing game, and more easily port it to MacOs and Linux.

To achieve this we need some help. We're looking for:

  • Artist: you will be designing the UI, icons and graphics (2D), a new website, banners for social media and perhaps some advertisements.
  • Developer (C#): you will mainly be working front end, but we will occasionally deploy you back end too if help is needed. Preferably you have experience in Unity.

Both of these functions will also help us with designing the UX.

If you're interested in any combination of: Aviation, tycoon games and game development, please contact me. We will discuss further details using discord. You may apply until December 6th, after which we will choose who is the best fit for the job.

See you soon,

The devteam.

Like I said on your post on Reddit, we're discussing our possibilities for a version on Mac and Linux. ;)

Thank you very much!

Putting our savedata elsewhere is indeed on our to do list. :)

But we're also using a separate sqlite database for storing somewhat customizable game objects.

Today we released another patch, and it caused the same issue. May I suggest butler to replace all .sqlite files no matter what? (so completely remove the old file and put in the new file, even if there is no difference between the two.)


I've been using butler to update my game for a while now and I love it.

But today we pushed another patch and I received a bug report from a user.
            System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteException (0x800007EF): database disk image is malformed
(which is our database, not something from Itch)

Is it possible that the butler updater / itch desktop app corrupts our database? (doesn't properly replace it or doesn't delete files I deleted from the folder?)

I tested the game on my system before pushing via butler and after updating via the itch desktop app. Both work fine on my system.

The game is in an early alpha phase, meaning that things are bound to break at one point or another. The game is free at the moment, so I don't really understand what you're complaining about.

Now how am I supposed to fix your issue if I have no details on your issue?

The forum is up and running again, post away! :)

I don' t know about Steam, maybe they have a branch in Europe(/brazil?, I doubt it ;) ). If they do have a branch in your country, you won't have to pay the tax cut I guess.

But with Itch (and I assume steam as well honestly) any payment (either by US, European or Brazilian citizen) is made to an American Company (Itch, Steam, ...). So the money you make, is made in the US. This means you pay this tax on all money you made.

oh, that's hefty indeed. sorry to hear that. :/

I mean, you have to look at the trade deal your country has with the US. For me, being from Belgium this is in my advantage. If I didn't pay taxes in the US, as a freelancer I'd have to pay 50% of my profit as taxes to Belgium. But thanks to the trade deal that is now 30% to the US and 0% to Belgium. ;) People living in the US don't have to pay this tax, but they probably have to pay sort of an income tax at some point, which is unrelated to Itch, hence not mentioned.

The way I understand it is that you pay this tax as soon as you transfer profit you made in the US to a country outside the US. All money you made is made in the US as Itch is an American company. So this means as soon as you initiate your payout, and you live outside the US, you pay this tax on all of your profits.

Thanks for reporting! It's a known issue, and we hope it will be fixed in the next patch. :)

I manually activated your account on our forum. Maybe you can check again if your email is correct? :)

And then please apply through a message on the forum with all the details. (language setting and screen resolution). See you soon. :)


thanks for playing and testing out our game! As you noticed, the AI is quite passive in the current version. We prefer to finish all basic features first before we properly implement AI. Writing a decent AI takes a lot of time, and we'd rather not spent our time rewriting the AI over and over again. :)

The AI will come soon enough. But first we will have a couple of versions without a smart AI. I must say however, the issue is less visible when you use 'start with start data' when creating a new game. (if the AI has startdata defined).

A new devlog should come some time in the next week. It should have been here this week already, but we were both busy at work. :)

Does the crash generate a crash log file? You can find it in the main directory, named 'Tapv2.log'.