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A new devlog should come some time in the next week. It should have been here this week already, but we were both busy at work. :)

Does the crash generate a crash log file? You can find it in the main directory, named 'Tapv2.log'.

No worries. Thanks! ;)

I think you misunderstand. The integrated Google Analytics feature on Itch analyses visits on your game page on This is before you download the game. This happens as soon as you click on a link to the page on Itch. I don't have any power to ask a person permission before they enter my page.

Anyway, the question was not what I should do to make it legal. The question was whether this is what the GDPR is about or not. It turns out it is not, as what I wanted to do is seen as an exception. (n° 5 mentioned earlier in the topic)

I'm not trying to bypass the law in any way. If it's illegal, I'm not doing it. 

So it wouldn't be illegal if I don't share the data anywhere if I understand correctly?

I would only use it to see what the interests of my community could be for other games. And where my community comes from (what is the best time to share a devlog, new release...). Certainly not for personal advertising. I think this falls under n° 5?

But what if it's a hobby project with people across the planet, earning only $50 (random value) a month? It's probably not worth digging into the legal stuff, but it's still fair to share with the other team members..

While, in my eyes, for Itch it would be just paying out different people. I don't think it adds much to the legal stuff they have to get into.

People that want to handle it internally still can.

How do you ask consent for your itch page? Anyway, if it is a violation of GDPR, I just won't move into that area. :)

I was wondering whether using Google Analytics on itch is allowed by GDPR.
I think Itch wouldn't offer it if it's not legal, but I figured I just make sure it isn't illegal in the EU.

I'm also wondering how it is perceived by the average player.
I personally don't care if somebody would gather information about me (like my home country, ...). I just see myself as a dot in a database with thousands of dots. No way somebody is going through them all individually right?
But I don't know how the average player thinks about this..

I think a nice little feature would be to be able to split the revenue of a single game with other developers that work on the game.
This would really help small teams.

I found this idea to be submitted a couple of times a few years back (2015, 2016), but it still isn't implemented. (Or I can't find it?)
Is there any reason this isn't added yet?
I just wanted to add a voice to this request, and I'm sure many others would like this too.

Great to hear.

Have fun! ;)

Hey, have you taken a look at our FAQ? (the first point)

If that doesn't help, please report back. :)

hmm, where does it show the same distance? I tested it creating routes between ATH-LHR and ATH-IST. And for me it showed different distances.

Can you provide us with a picture?

Currently, we can see how many times a file/version has been downloaded.

I don't know if this would be possible, but can we also have statistics on how many of these people already had the game and just updated to a newer version or if they are completely new players?

That's what I was looking for, thank you!

Was is there all along? if so, sorry.. :)

Could it be possible to have a single link to the latest devlog of our game?

So we don't have to change the link on our site each time we add a new devlog.

I hope you mean decompressed/unzipped? It won't run if it's still in the zip file.

Does it create a crash log? (look for a file in 'TAPv2' named TAPv2.log or TAPv2.txt)

I believe these files will solve your problem. It's just a temporary solution. We'll fix it in the next version as well.

Paste Europe.xml in data/airports

Paste Egilsstadir.xml in data/general/weather

I hope this works. :)