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The Airline Project - NEXT GEN

Become the CEO of your own airline in this tycoon game. · By Tjoeker, Tomcatter, pjank42

Cheat Engine

A topic by ThatMike created Apr 19, 2020 Views: 477 Replies: 3
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I suck at Managing. Prices Increase So Much And I want to Get a Boeing 747 But Cant Since I Suck At The Game And Go Bankrupt if i get credit + cheat engine doesnt work in game there is any cheat option ?

all i want is getting the plane that i want


There are currently no cheats in the game. You can lease a B747 or most of the popular airlines. Flying long haul routes with these big airliners usually generates a lot of revenue if you choose the route right. So after leasing a couple of B747s you should be able to buy your own soon enough.

thank you for answer. keep going on !