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Something Like  Pan Am Did For 747 
Designing The Plane And Making It Built Will Cost 10X or 20X Of Per Unit Of The Plane. 
But You will have 25% Discount Or Much You Can Build Biggest Plane Or Smallest Plane Or A Normal Plane.

(Custom Plane)

is there anywhere to contact other than here ?

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I Fixed It By Building A Terminal (getting slots works)

Okay. Keep Going !

Quick Assign Is Glitched And It Happens In A Random Chance.  I Checked They Are At My Fleet  I'll send a video later this day

I Started Normally And When I Try To Assign a Plane  It Wont Appear and Lighthning Will spear + I lose the Plane No Matter What

Why We Can Just Buy "Free" Shares

thank you for answer. keep going on !

all i want is getting the plane that i want

I suck at Managing. Prices Increase So Much And I want to Get a Boeing 747 But Cant Since I Suck At The Game And Go Bankrupt if i get credit + cheat engine doesnt work in game there is any cheat option ?