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The Airline Project - NEXT GEN

Become the CEO of your own airline in this tycoon game. · By Tjoeker, Tomcatter, pjank42

Another Issue Again

A topic by ThatMike created Apr 19, 2020 Views: 184 Replies: 4
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I Started Normally And When I Try To Assign a Plane  It Wont Appear and Lighthning Will spear + I lose the Plane No Matter What


There can be various reasons why this is happening.

If you purchased a plane directly from the manufacturer you have to wait until it is delivered to you. You can check the delivery dates on the fleet page as well as the manufacturers page.

If you are using the semi-automatic scheduler (the one to schedule to a specific route), the dropdown list of aircraft only shows aircraft that are available at the selected departure time. It is possible it doesn't show your airliner because it's already flying a different flight at the time.

The 'Quick assign' or auto scheduler is still in development and doesn't always behave as intended.

If it's still something different that's going on, can you send me some more information? (including images or even a save file + an explanation of what you did)

Quick Assign Is Glitched And It Happens In A Random Chance.  I Checked They Are At My Fleet  I'll send a video later this day


The quick assign issue is a known issue. Try to avoid it for now. You have two different options to schedule flights:
Using the airliner icon next to the route, or selecting routes -> airliners in the menu.

We will rethink how we handle the auto scheduler for TAP NG.

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I Fixed It By Building A Terminal (getting slots works)