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The Airline Project - NEXT GEN

Become the CEO of your own airline in this tycoon game. · By Tjoeker, Tomcatter, pjank42

Game freezing

A topic by tjw172 created 36 days ago Views: 87 Replies: 3
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Just wanted to say I'm really enjoying the game so far! It's really the only offline airlines management sim I can find. I am however having an issue where the game seems to freeze after about three years. 

Thank you for any help! 


Is this on a fresh game? Or a saved game?

Do you have a lot of opponents?

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It is a saved game and no, I don't have any on this most recent download. From the first time I encountered the issue I only had 2 opponents. 

Hello! I'm just touching base to see if there's anything I could do to fix this issue?